Best Apps To Log Work Hours (5+ Options)

5 Best Work Hours Log Apps

Are you looking for the best apps to log work hours for yourself or your employees? Here are the top 5 picks 👇

Best Apps To Log Work Hours | Top 5 Picks 📜
Buddy Punch | Best Work Hours Tracker With PayrollRead The Full Review
Connecteam | Best For Communication & SchedulingRead The Full Review
Clockify | Best For User-Friendly Time TrackingRead The Full Review
Hubstaff | Best For Project TrackingRead The Full Review
OnTheClock | Best For Time ManagementRead The Full Review

Discover the essential role of work hour log apps for small businesses, streamlining time management and enhancing productivity with ease.

These apps offer solutions to common challenges faced by both employees and employers. 

  1. They address accuracy issues by ensuring precise work hours tracking and reducing errors in payroll processing. 
  2. They foster accountability by allowing employees to monitor their own productivity and managers to track team performance effectively. 
  3. They promote efficiency by automating time tracking processes, freeing up valuable resources for other tasks. 

In this post, we’ll detail how dedicated software like Buddy Punch (our work hours log app) can help you:

  1. Increase employee accountability. Buddy Punch can help ensure your employees are honest about the number of hours they’re working and where they are punching in from through features like Geofencing and IP Address Locking (more on these later), preventing employees from clocking in outside certain designated areas. Our software also helps to avoid buddy punching through features like Facial Recognition Punching, Photos on Punch (requiring a photo at punch), and more.
  2. Save time on payroll. Buddy Punch also saves you valuable time on payroll and helps to eliminate manual errors through features like On-Demand Payroll Reports (employee hours are automatically calculated), Payroll Provider Integrations (allowing you to bypass manual data entry work), Buddy Punch Payroll (we’ll handle direct deposits to employees, tax filings, etc.), Time Off Tracking (in-app time off requests and time off balance reports), and more.

We also included features and reviews of four other work hours log apps at this article’s end to inform your research better.

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Why Tracking Work Hours Is Important?
Tracking work hours is crucial for businesses of all sizes. 

1. It ensures accurate payroll processing, reducing errors and disputes over wages
2. It enables businesses to monitor employee performance and identify areas for improvement. 
3. It helps in compliance with labor laws and regulations, avoiding legal penalties. 

Additionally, tracking work hours allows businesses to allocate resources better and manage project budgets effectively. 

Overall, it promotes transparency, accountability, and efficiency within the organization, leading to improved performance and profitability.

Top 5 Best Work Hours Log Apps

  1. Buddy Punch 
  2. Connecteam 
  3. Clockify 
  4. Hubstaff 
  5. OnTheClock

1. Buddy Punch | Best Work Hours Tracker

Buddy Punch is a comprehensive work hour log solution across diverse industries and business sizes. 

It allows employees to clock in and out seamlessly, whether they are in-office or remote. 

The platform provides real-time tracking of work hours, simplifying payroll processing and ensuring accuracy in timekeeping. 

Its user-friendly interface enables easy adoption by employees from various backgrounds and technical proficiencies. 

Moreover, Buddy Punch offers features like geolocation tracking and mobile access (iOS or Android), enhancing flexibility and accountability in time management. 

Buddy Punch stands out for its simplicity and efficiency compared to manual methods and other work hour log solutions. 

It eliminates the need for manual timekeeping, reducing errors and saving time for employees and employers. 

Additionally, its cloud-based platform ensures accessibility from anywhere, making it a convenient and reliable option for modern businesses.

High-Level Overview: How Our Work Hours Log App Works

Here’s a brief, high-level overview of how Buddy Punch works:

1. Employees can quickly punch in and out on their preferred device
Buddy Punch works great on nearly any mobile device.

Buddy Punch makes it easy for workers to record their hours. 

You can clock in and out using your phone, tablet, or computer (Windows or Mac), just log in, punch your hours, and efficiently track your time. 

Managers can see who’s present right away and create detailed reports for paying employees. 

This smooth functionality enhances efficiency and accuracy in tracking work hours, benefiting both employees and employers and using our easy-to-use interface, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

2. Buddy Punch automatically calculates regular hours, time off, overtime, and more
Manage hour log and payroll in the same platform.

Buddy Punch helps businesses manage time better, it gives you a PDF or Excel file you can download with all the essential time info. 

This saves a lot of time and helps prevent mistakes in paying employees. 

The app makes it easy to keep track of time by doing the math for regular hours, overtime, and more. 

Managers get detailed reports that show how productive the team is.

Increase Employee Accountability

Buddy Punch promotes transparency and accuracy in employee attendance and work hours by ensuring accurate time tracking and eliminating unauthorized overtime or buddy punching.

Key features such as GPS tracking and facial recognition verify employees’ identity and location and provide managers with detailed reports for monitoring purposes. 

Buddy Punch fosters a culture of accountability within the workforce through these capabilities, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

If you have any questions about Buddy Punch or would like to explore its functionalities further, feel free to reach out via live chat.
You can also test Buddy Punch via a free trial and request a one-on-one demo call.


Set geofence.

Geofencing is a valuable tool for managing remote work, Buddy Punch has a vital Geofencing feature, which lets you customize the areas with different sizes, from 150 to 5,000 feet, to fit diverse workplaces. 

Employees get notified in real-time if they try to punch in or out from outside these zones, which makes them more accountable. 

By using Buddy Punch’s Geofencing and its integration features, businesses can track time accurately and manage labor costs effectively. 

Buddy Punch is an excellent choice for businesses that keep time records precise and manage their workforce well.

Buddy Punch also works well with IP Lock and auto-assign features, making it easy for both employers and employees to use.

Geofence error message.

IP Address Locking

Set an approved IP address.

IP Address Locking is another way punches can be restricted by location, particularly via a specific Wi-Fi network or device. 

For example, if a company has a Wi-Fi network, employees can only use Buddy Punch when connected to that Wi-Fi. 

Also, businesses can set it up so employees can only clock in from specific devices, like work computers or tablets.

Setting up IP Address Locking is easy; administrators need to pick the right IP address and assign it to employees, and then they can keep an eye on everyone’s punches.

The system shows which IP address was used for each punch so administrators can manage everything smoothly. 

Furthermore, it deals with issues like changing IP addresses or using VPNs, so there are no security worries.

This feature is especially helpful for remote workers, which ensures their time tracking is secure, which is important for keeping company data safe.

Photos on Punch 

Require photos when punching in or out.

Buddy Punch provides a convenient feature for employees to punch in or out using QR codes, offering flexibility in time tracking. 

Employers can opt to capture a photo of the employee during punching, enhancing security and accountability. 

This function ensures precise timekeeping and deters buddy punching or time theft. 

Admins can quickly review these photos via the Buddy Punch dashboard while checking time logs, adding an extra layer of accountability. 

With the option to use a webcam or a mobile app, the QR code feature smoothly integrates into different work environments, making it a valuable addition to any workforce management toolkit.

See photos with hour logs.
Additional Features to Increase Employee Accountability

Buddy Punch offers several other time tracking tools to help increase employee accountability. 

For example, GPS tracking, facial recognition punching, PIN punching, punch limit rules, and more.

Note: If you feel that Buddy Punch matches your needs, we invite you to test it out via a free trial and request a one-on-one demo call.

Save Time on Payroll

In addition to employee accountability, Buddy Punch offers various features to make your payroll experience fast, efficient, and accurate.

Instead of doing everything manually, Buddy Punch tracks employee hours automatically,  so that payroll can be done quickly and accurately. 

The dashboard is easy to use and gives quick access to important payroll info. 

Employees can even access their pay stubs and tax forms, which helps lighten the load on HR.

Payroll Reports on Demand 

Export payroll spreadsheets.

Buddy Punch uses a simple system that automatically calculates regular hours, overtime, and other essential details like paid time off. 

You can see all this information in clear reports that you can save as PDFs or Excel files. 

With Buddy Punch, you can also quickly get the specific data you need for payroll processing, making the whole process smoother. 

Plus, it works with different payroll systems, making it easy to transfer information accurately.

Overall, Buddy Punch is a helpful tool for managing work hours and making sure everyone gets paid correctly and on time.

Payroll Provider Integrations

Quick integrations with payroll providers.

Buddy Punch makes payroll easy by working smoothly with top payroll systems like QuickBooks, Gusto, and ADP.

It saves time and effort by automatically transferring employee hours, so you don’t have to type them in manually. 

This helps avoid mistakes and keeps everything compliant. 

You can also customize how it works to fit your business. 

With Buddy Punch, HR can spend more time on important stuff instead of paperwork, which boosts productivity and keeps employees happy. 

Plus, it has great reports to help you make smart decisions about managing your team.

How to Do Payroll on Buddy Punch Software?

Buddy Punch eliminates the need for two separate systems (one for time tracking and the other for payroll). 

Schedule auto payroll.

You can now do it all in one central place and increase the efficiency of your payroll process.

Below is a brief, high-level overview of how it works.

Step 1: After opening the payroll dashboard, review all relevant payroll information for your business, such as employee hours, time off, preferred payment method, gross and net pay, and more.

Step 2: Click “Submit Payroll” in the top right corner once you’ve reviewed the information, and we will do the rest. In particular, we will:

  • Provide pay stubs to employees, which they access at any time through a simple self-service process
  • Send out direct deposits to your staff
  • Handle everything you need for your state and federal payroll taxes, including filing and payment
  • And more
Manage payroll from within Buddy Punch.

For a more in-depth overview of how it all works, visit this page.

Time Off Tracking

Manage PTO from within Buddy Punch.

Buddy Punch provides a comprehensive solution for Time Off Tracking, revolutionizing how businesses manage employee schedules. 

Employees can quickly request time off within the app, whether it’s vacation, sick leave, or personal time. 

These requests can be optionally reviewed by an administrator and approved or denied, streamlining the process. 

Customizable PTO types allow for tailored tracking, ensuring accuracy in available and used time off. 

Managers receive notifications for requests, promoting transparency and informed decision-making. 

Additionally, the app offers a summary of all paid and unpaid time off hours, which can be easily exported via Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Explore Buddy Punch’s additional time off tracking features here.


Set custom accrual rules.

The system lets you customize how time off is earned, like how many hours someone works or certain pay periods. 

You can set up rules for how much time off they get and how it accrues over time. 

Plus, it gives you reports that show how much time off each person has. 

Also, If you want to learn how to quickly set up time off accrual rules with Buddy Punch, check out this video and/or help doc article.

See All of Buddy Punch’s Features

Buddy Punch has even more useful features that we did not cover in this article. You can click here to view the complete list, which includes but isn’t limited to:

Buddy Punch Online Reviews

As of this writing date, Buddy Punch has 940 reviews and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra, a popular software review site.

Buddy Punch Reviews: 940 reviews on Capterra with 4.8 stars

Below are several reviews that showcase Buddy Punch’s ease of use and excellent customer service:

“Most folks pick up on it right away. The system is intuitive and those who do have difficulty only need a quick tutorial and they are good to go.”

Click here to read the full review.

“Minimal training for end users (employees or managers). The back end (admin) features are just as simple and intuitive. We wanted a product that was simple to use, cost friendly and allowed us to customize — all of these areas were met. Very impressed!”

Click here to read the full review.

“The area I am most impressed with is with their support — they respond quickly, accurately and offer real solutions.”

Click here to read the full review.

“We signed up for the trial period, and our employees were impressed immediately. They were able to start… immediately with zero training or assistance, which was a priority for us. The system is also very easy to use from an administrator end.”

Click here to read the full review.

“The team is responsive, and eager to assist. Any questions we’ve had, whether using the free trial, or after we signed up as a customer, have been answered quickly”.

Click here to read the full review.

“Their team is knowledgeable about my organization and the way that we use the platform — I have received many helpful suggestions to how we can best leverage the Buddy Punch platform in our sometimes complicated organizational structure. We have had very few issues, but have always received immediate resolutions when anything has come up.”

Click here to read the full review.

“The software is straightforward and well-run, and was easily understood by our team of 55+ non-technical staff of all ages.”

Click here to read the full review.

Click here to see the full list of Buddy Punch’s Capterra reviews.

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For more information on Buddy Punch:

2. Connecteam | Best Time Tracker App

Connecteam is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify business operations for both employers and employees. 

It is a multifaceted platform that bridges communication gaps, enhances scheduling, and improves task management within small to medium-sized businesses. 

The tool offers a suite of features tailored to boost efficiency and streamline daily workflows.

Key Features

  1. Time tracking
  2. Employee scheduling
  3. Task management
  4. Real-time communication
  5. Training modules
  6. Checklists and forms
  7. Updates and announcements
  8. Document management
  9. Time-off management
  10. Employee performance reviews

It’s one of the best work hours log apps. As of this writing date, Connecteam has 325 reviews and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

“I have several old-school folks on my team. I tend to get a lot of push back when I introduce a new form of technology. We don’t have a central meeting location therefore I can’t have one time clock for everyone to punch. This app works great.”

Click here to read the full review. 

3. Clockify | Best Free Time Tracking Software

Clockify is a tool designed to enhance time management for businesses and individuals. 

It provides a user-friendly platform for tracking work hours, monitoring projects, and analyzing productivity. 

With Clockify, users gain access to a range of functionalities that streamline the process of logging work hours and managing tasks efficiently.

Key Features

  1. Start/stop timer
  2. Manual time entry
  3. Billable hours tracking
  4. Timesheet functionalities
  5. Activity tracking
  6. Reminders
  7. Project management
  8. Team monitoring
  9. Reporting tools
  10. Integration with other apps

It’s a great work hours log app. Currently, Clockify has 4783 reviews and 4.7 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

“We can easily log in, the software always tracks what kind of task we spend time on. We can also create task names and see where we are at in its realization and time we spent on it. It can also be used in groups, as users can be linked in teams. It’s such a powerful tool at the end of day, as it allows us to see how to be more efficient in terms of time/task.”

Click here to read the full review.

4. Hubstaff | Best Employee Time Tracking Tool

Hubstaff is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline time tracking and project management for freelancers and small and mid-level teams. 

It simplifies the process of monitoring work hours, thereby enhancing productivity and ensuring accurate payroll management. 

Hubstaff provides an array of features to support businesses in their day-to-day operations.

Key Features

  1. Time tracking
  2. Timesheets
  3. GPS tracking
  4. Project budgeting
  5. Payroll management
  6. Reporting
  7. Employee scheduling
  8. Activity monitoring
  9. Online timesheets
  10. Automated payroll

As of this writing date, Hubstaff has 1457 reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

“It allows us to easily calculate the hours worked by our remote team whilst ensuring the team is focused and easily shows us how much is owed at the end of the month.”

Click here to read the full review.

5. OnTheClock | Best Employee Time Clock App

OnTheClock is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline time tracking and payroll processes for businesses.

It provides an intuitive platform for both employers and employees to manage work hours efficiently, ensuring accuracy and transparency in payroll calculations.

Key Features

  1. GPS tracking
  2. PTO management
  3. Employee scheduling
  4. Time clock options
  5. Mobile access
  6. Alerts and notifications
  7. Payroll integration
  8. Time card approvals
  9. Shift swapping
  10. Reporting and analytics

It’s one of the best apps to log work hours. As of the writing date, OnTheClock has 539 reviews and 4.7 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

“Overall it was exactly what I needed. The tools are very simple and easy to manage. The reporting is direct and to the point.”

Click here to read the full review.

Best Time Tracking Apps Honorable Mentions!

When it comes to efficient work time tracking, these honorable mentions of time tracking apps offer diverse solutions for businesses and freelancers alike.

1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets provides a versatile platform for creating customizable work schedules and recording the amount of time spent on tasks.

2. Toggl Track

Toggl Track offers comprehensive features for team members to easily log their hours, monitor overtime hours, and track hourly rates for accurate invoicing.

3. My Hours

My Hours stands out for its user-friendly interface and automatic time recording capabilities, which streamline the process for both business owners and employees.

4. Harvest

Harvest excels in its invoicing functionality, allowing users to seamlessly generate invoices based on recorded hours and hourly rates.

For businesses looking to streamline employee monitoring and record time effortlessly, these apps offer practical solutions tailored to various needs. 

Whether it’s tracking total hours worked, managing work schedules, or facilitating invoicing processes, these tools provide indispensable support. 

With the rise of remote work and flexible arrangements, having an intuitive time tracking app, accessible via platforms like Android or iPhone, is essential for maintaining productivity and ensuring fair compensation for work done. 

By leveraging these apps, businesses can optimize their operations and effectively manage their workforce while staying organized and efficient.

How To Maintain A Work Hours Log?

time tracking software for agencies

To maintain a work hours log effectively, select a reliable work hour log app that suits your business needs. 

Next, ensure all employees are trained to use the app to track their work hours accurately. 

Encourage regular and consistent logging of work hours, whether through manual entry or automatic tracking features. 

Set reminders for employees to log their hours promptly at the end of each workday. 

Monitor the logged hours regularly to identify any discrepancies and address them promptly. 

Additionally, utilize features such as project tracking, billable hours, and reporting tools to gain insights into employee productivity and project progress. 

Are Work Hour Log Apps Suitable For All Industries?

Yes, work-hour log apps are versatile tools suitable for various industries

While primarily associated with office environments, they offer retail, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing benefits. 

In retail, for instance, these apps help track employee shifts and monitor sales performance in real time. 

In healthcare, they ensure accurate recording of patient care hours and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Even in industries like manufacturing, where traditional timekeeping methods may be prevalent, work-hour log apps streamline processes and improve efficiency. 

Therefore, regardless of the industry, these apps can significantly enhance workforce management and operational effectiveness.

These desktop apps offer pomodoro and project management tools that enable users to track projects efficiently. 

Whether it’s a simple time tracking tool or a comprehensive web app like Asana, these platforms cater to diverse needs. 

Moreover, with browser extensions available for Chrome and Firefox, users can seamlessly clock out and monitor idle time. 

On MacOS, these apps offer robust management features, including reporting features for detailed insights. 

Integration with platforms like Slack and Trello facilitates efficient messaging and collaboration among team members. 

With widgets for quick access and support for unlimited users and projects, these apps accommodate businesses of all sizes. 

Additionally, features such as billable rates and a free plan make them accessible to freelancers and startups. 

Furthermore, automation capabilities streamline tasks, making them indispensable management tools. 

Screenshots and time reports provided by these apps offer comprehensive insights, making them the ideal timesheet app for modern workplaces.

Are Work Hour Log Apps Secure?


Security is a paramount concern when utilizing work hour log apps. 

These apps typically handle sensitive information such as employee work hours and payroll data, making robust security measures essential. 

Many top work-hour log apps employ encryption protocols to safeguard data transmission and storage. 

Additionally, they implement authentication methods like two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. 

Regular updates and following industry rules make these apps even more secure. 

But users should still be careful and follow the best ways to stay safe. 

It’s super important to keep these apps secure so that sensitive work data stays private and safe.

Can Work Hour Log Apps Track Offline Hours?

Yes, many work hour log apps can track offline hours effectively. 

These apps often offer features like offline mode or automatic syncing to ensure accurate time tracking even when internet connectivity is unavailable. 

When employees work remotely or in areas with poor network coverage, these offline capabilities become essential for accurately capturing their work hours. 

By allowing users to log hours offline and syncing data once a connection is established, these apps ensure that no work hours go unrecorded. 

This functionality enhances the reliability and usability of work hour log apps, making them valuable tools for businesses operating in diverse environments.

How Often Should I Review My Work Hour Logs?

When it comes to reviewing work hour logs, consistency is key. 

You should review your work hour logs regularly, such as weekly or biweekly. 

This lets you stay updated on your productivity trends, identify variances, and make necessary adjustments. 

Furthermore, reviewing work hour logs regularly helps track progress towards project deadlines and budget allocations. 

By staying proactive with your review process, you can ensure accuracy in time tracking and maintain efficiency in your workflow. 

Remember, the frequency of review may vary depending on the nature of your work and the requirements of your projects, so it’s essential to find a schedule that works best for you and your team.

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