Automatic Breaks Feature

Are you looking for a way to accurately keep track of your employees breaks? The Automatic Breaks feature will automatically deduct time from an employee’s time card if the specifications you setup are met. Add as many break rules as you need to ensure that to ensure that your employees break times are properly accounted for.

Have Time Deducted Automatically


Name your automatic break rule.

Start off by creating a name for your automatic break rule. The name is there to help you differentiate between different rules.


Specify the hours before rule triggers.

Specify the hours your employee needs to work before the automatic break rule triggers.


Specify break time.

Specify how long the break time is in minutes.


Assign the rule to employees.

Assign the break rule to as many employees you’d like.

Add and Edit Breaks Anytime

Forget to add a new employee to a break rule or perhaps you forget to move an employee over to a different break rule? Don’t worry – we have got you covered! Easily add or update break times for an employee directly from their time card. All changes can be easily viewed in the Revision History so you can keep track of who made what changes.

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Why use the Automatic Break Rule feature?

Administrators and Managers have a lot on their plate when it comes to tracking their employees times. They have to make sure that it is being tracked accurately week over week – why not let Buddy Punch take over? By taking advantage of the Automatic Breaks feature you can let Buddy Punch do all of the heavy lifting for you. We will automatically apply the correct break rule to each employees time card based on your specifications. Save time, and in turn money, by having your employees break times be automatically deducted.

Other Features

We know how important it is to have a robust set of features and functionalities to help you better manage your employees and their time. We pride ourselves on offering many features that are not provided by several other time tracking systems. Whether you are looking for simple yet powerful features such as PTO Accruals and Overtime Calculations or more advanced features such as Geofences and QR Codes – we have got you covered!  Make sure to check out all of the Other features we offer.

Duration Entry

If you have salaried employees and want to have them enter their total amount of hours worked per day, then the Duration Entry feature can help you achieve that.  The feature can be setup on a per employee basis so you can ensure your salaried employees will be able to take advantage of the duration entry while your hourly employees can still punch in and out. The duration entry feature is also useful if you are wanting to track the time spent on a particular client.

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