GPS Time Tracking App

Buddy Punch’s real-time GPS tracking feature is designed to provide administrators and managers with accurate location data for their team members, but only when it’s truly needed — while they are on the clock.

Respect for Privacy

Your team’s privacy matters. That’s why our system stops monitoring locations as soon as employees punch out. This thoughtful approach ensures that we track location only during work hours, respecting the privacy of your employees.

How it works

Easy setup

Setting up GPS is straightforward. Simply enable the feature, and your team will be ready to go.

On-the-go monitoring

Whether you’re in the office or on the move, you can access real-time location data with ease.

Flexible options

Choose which employees you want to track with GPS. Turn the feature off or make it required or optional.

Empower your managers

Live location updates

Keep track of your workforce in real-time, ensuring that everyone is where they need to be.

Map view

Visualize the locations of your team members on an interactive map for better coordination and planning.

Enhanced accountability

Real-time GPS fosters a transparent work environment, enhancing accountability among your team.

Why choose Buddy Punch for GPS tracking?

Privacy-first approach

We monitor only during working hours, guaranteeing privacy for your employees outside work.

User-friendly interface

Our intuitive design makes it easy for both administrators and employees to use the GPS feature effectively.

Reliable and accurate

Depend on precise location tracking to manage your workforce more effectively.

Other time clock features

Whether you are looking for basic features like time off tracking and payroll integrations or more advanced features like GPS tracking or facial recognition, Buddy Punch has you covered.

Mobile apps

Buddy Punch’s web app works on any internet-connected device, but we also have individual apps available for iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices.

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