Facial Recognition Feature

No more worrying about buddy punching!

By using our Facial Recognition feature, your employees can punch in and out or login by using a live image from a webcam. No longer worry about buddy punching as our system guarantees an employee is punching time for themselves and no one else. Our face recognition time clock works on Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and is usable on any device as long as you have internet connectivity. It’s available as a web app (usable on all mobile devices) or if you’re on iOS or Android you can also download our mobile apps.

Punch or Login with Ease

Our Biometric Facial Recognition feature makes punching time or logging in a breeze. Employees simply need to select the facial recognition option on our website or within our time clock app. They then will need to decide whether they want to punch time or login. As employees clock in their picture is taken and compared to the image we have on file.

If you have multiple locations or department codes assigned, your employee will have the opportunity to select them from a list. If only one department code or location is assigned, then no selection will be needed. After the employees image is taken, it is stored next to the punch on their time card in real-time making it easy for you to review their image anytime.

What are the Benefits of a Facial Recognition Time Clock?

When we first created Buddy Punch, our goal was to solve every issue business owners had with managing employee time – a desire born from our own frustration with juggling manual timekeeping as we expanded our business. Our experiences with attendance systems, as well as feedback we received from our clients with their own time clock system concerns, led us to add upgrades to our vision of Buddy Punch. One thing we noticed high on business owners’ priority lists was a biometric time clock.

It makes sense – even with some of the best attendance software, there are always going to be crafty employees looking to bypass your access control. Even with touch screen time clocks, sometimes you get employees willing to hack the software. That’s why we decided to invest in something that’s a little harder to change – an employee’s face and their unique facial features.

A facial recognition clock has an advantage over a fingerprint time clock because even if an employee manages to get past the automated systems, you can always go back in and see for yourself whose face showed up when they clocked in (plus, you can also use our photos on punch feature). Also, with the pandemic increasing awareness of hygienic procedures, you get the comfort of knowing that facial recognition technology is completely touchless.

No More Buddy Punching!

If you constantly having to worry about employees punching time for one another, then our Facial Recognition feature can help! When an employee goes to punch time or login to their account, their face is compared to that of the image we have on file. If Buddy Punch doesn’t recognize the employee, they will receive an error notification and won’t be able to punch in/out or login to their account.

Save Thousands Per Year

When it comes to running a business and ensuring it thrives, it is important to make sure there are no unnecessary losses and that every penny spent is accounted for. Buddy punching costs big and small business owners alike approximately $373 million each year. By taking advantage of our Facial Recognition feature, you can virtually eliminate time theft in your work environment, saving your business thousands of dollars per year – perhaps even more!

Other Features

We believe in providing our customers with a robust time clock solution with varied functionalities to ensure the time tracking process is as easy and seamless as possible. Whether that be with features such as PTO Accruals, Automatic Break Rules or more advanced features such as Facial Recognition or Geofences – we have got you covered. Be sure to check out a comprehensive list of all the other features we offer.

Automatic Brakes

Are you tired of having to manually track and document your employees break times or lunches? By using our Automatic Breaks feature you can specify how long into a shift a break rule should trigger, the duration of the lunch or break, and which employees the automatic break rule should be applied to. Have multiple employees with different lunch and break times? Add as many break rules as you need to ensure that to ensure that your employees break times are properly accounted for.

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