Reports Feature

We offer several different customizable reports to meet the needs of your business. This includes the more commonly used Excel and PDF exports.
Get a bird’s eye view of everything you need to take your project management to the next level. Before we get into time tracking reports, included below is an example of how team member timesheets appear in our software. You can export these custom reports in one click via various options.

Payroll Export

You’ll get a detailed Excel view of your employees, their hours, overtime, locations, and departments. You can select prior pay periods if needed..

Hours Summary

If you want a quick report of total hours in a given time (any time) and do not want the in and out activity, this report is for you. Completely accurate invoicing for all billable hours, and you can export it as a PDF or Excel CSV.

Daily Hours

This report gives you hours by Day, per employee for stronger budgeting. This report includes PTO.

In/Out Activity

This real-time tracker will show you all the in and out activity for every employee in a set time period. View every single time entry in your team’s work logs.

PTO Summary

You specify the date range and this report gives you all employee time off taken (Sick, Vacation, Personal and Holiday) per employee.

Employee Details

The Employee Detail report is a PDF export containing each employee’s in/out activity and total hours for the date range.

Other Features

We know how important it is to have a robust set of features and functionalities to help with time management. That’s why our project management software comes with a wide variety of features to better empower you to control your workforce. Buddy Punch operates on three main principles:

1. Streamline Payroll (Achieved through payroll processing automation and integrations with APIs)

2. Increase Employee Accountability (Achieved with a variety of features such as Geofencing, GPS tracking, and other add-ons)

3. Simplify Scheduling (Achieved through an easy-to-use clock in/out system that doesn’t disrupt employees’ workflow, hassle-free scheduling to manage billable time, and adjustable permissions for your employees own control over scheduling and shift swapping).

With just a focus on these three goals, we created an employee tracking tool that provides many features that other apps are missing. Buddy Punch works as both a Desktop App and a Mobile App – compatible with both iOS and Android – and can be used anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

All of these features are simple yet powerful, and would have come as third-party plugins in another time tracking software. We decided to cut out the middle man and bake them directly into Buddy Punch for your convenience, to be used or discarded based on what would best increase your business’s productivity and profitability.

Make sure to check out all of the Other features we offer.

Single Sign On

Need a way for you and your employees to sign in quickly without hassle? Then our Single Sign On feature can help you achieve that! You can easily link your Google account in just a few simple steps. We have several other Single Sign On options including Okta, OneLogin, and Saml 2.0 to ensure we cover all the needs of your business.