Simple Employee Time Tracking Software

Managing your employees in real time is simple. Your employees punch in online or using one of our time clock apps.
Easy integration with top accounting software and other custom billing or invoicing systems. When it comes time to run payroll you download their time entries. Easy for you, easy for your employees.

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Easy time and attendance for a simpler, cost-effective business.

Just ask our existing clients! We consider Buddy Punch the most intuitive and easy-to-use web based time clock for small, medium and large sized businesses alike as compared to other time clocks.


Not only is the software easy to use, but the customer service is excellent! If I have an issue it is always taken care of within 24 hours if not within a lesser amount of time.AK Dake, HR Manager, AXPM

Integrate our time tracking data with your existing software

Buddy Punch integrates with various scheduling, invoice and payroll processing software so you can simplify your entire management process and record workers billable hours thereby increase their performance. This is ideal for small business owners looking for a scheduling software to track employee time and attendance or shifts. Connect us with these leading companies to make your life easier all for a low monthly fee.

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Buddy Punch has built-in support for many popular payroll vendors, an API, and can be configured to work with over 1000+ websites and apps via Zapier.


How Does It Work?

Buddy Punch is a cloud-based online time clock system that will simplify collecting timesheets for your business in 2018 and beyond. You can get users started very quickly! Your employees just visit the website for all their punching needs – and our site can be viewed from any internet connected device. You can use the web or our apps for Android and iOS.

Simple steps to use the system:

  • You add your employees to Buddy Punch.
  • We email your employees their usernames & passwords.
  • They login to punch in and out.
  • You login to collect their time at the end of your pay period.

Track time on multiple devices with our online time clock

Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone

We give you flexibility and control and save your precious resources. Buddy Punch works on any internet connected device – we even have an app for both Android and iPhone phones.

You can even specify which IP addresses your employees can punch in & out from. Do you have people out in the field or do you just need them to be able to use their phone to punch in/out? Buddy Punch works great on iPhones and Android phones alike.

  • Need to set up a tablet for your employees to punch in and out from? You can do that too.
  • Watch our mobile video on how to use Buddy Punch on a smartphone or tablet.

Login Options

Login easily with username and password, email address, facial recognition, or unique QR Code. You specify how your employees punch in to the tracker, but you have several options to pick from.

The QR Code (QRC) Option:

  • Each employee is assigned a unique QR Code.
  • They can scan the QRC using any webcam, smartphone or tablet.
  • The system punches them in/out, takes their picture, and that’s it! (it is pretty neat)

Buddy Punch is very helpful in tracking employee hours and setting up multiple worksites that can be tracked by location and individual.Sean, Director Of Operations, Street Bean Coffee Roasters

Save hours tracking time with our features!

Save time and don't waste another second - simplify your timesheets online and see how you can save thousands on the costs of expensive human resources without needing any extra hardware. Our web-based time clock software has a fully customizable interface and is ready to be integrated with most payroll management products. You can manually generate a weekly report with details of the time spent on a project, set reminders or notifications and account for any budget expense based on task time


GPS Tracking

GPS Coordinates are available for every punch in and out. Find out where your employees are punching in and out from! Our comprehensive online time clock software can track and audit every single shift of each day, week or month for easier timekeeping.


PTO/Sick/Vacation Tracking

If an employee needs to take sick time, vacation, or personal time off you can do that with Buddy Punch. Your employee makes that request on their time card. You can set up Buddy Punch to require your approval or approve it automatically.


Automatic Breaks

In ensuring employees' rights to breaks, if you need your employees to automatically be punched out after a set amount of time we have an option for you to do that. Just create a rule and assign it to any number of employees. That way you'll know anytime which employees are always late clocking back in from their breaks.


Overtime Calculations

OT, Double OT, and CA Overtime? You can specify how you want your overtime calculated. Don’t want OT calculated? No problem, that’s an option too.


Project and Job Codes

Do you have several projects that employees work on? Do you need to know how much time they’re spending on each? To help in project management, you can assign specific jobs to your employees – they select which ones to punch in/out from so as to easily manage their workflow and progress.

How Buddy Punch can help

If you’re looking for better employee scheduling, management and monitoring of your remote labor workforce right from your computer, you’ll need a tool to help. Buddy Punch is an advanced timeclock program that makes not only tracking your employees easy, but also tracking their time worked. We automatically calculate time worked and split it into regular time, overtime, and double time. You can setup a unique overtime rule on a per employee basis, making employee management flexible, reliable, and easy to use. We also offer help with time off tracking, including banks of time that help employees manage PTO available. Use our built in calendar to schedule employees time off, or have them use a calendar to request it for you to approve.

Search no more. Sign up today for a plan to make payroll easier, and time collection faster and more reliable. I’m sure you’ll agree that this will give you a complete experience that you’ll fall in love with 100%

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Best Employee Time Clock Software

Here at Buddy Punch, we are committed to keeping things simple and affordable. Also, we know and agree that time is money and whether you're a new business or have been going for decades, increasing productivity is the key to success.

That's why we've created the easiest time clock software, which helps make tracking time spent working as simple and efficient as possible.

We know how important it is for your business to save money and time wherever you can. We know that you need to make sure your employees are working when they say they are, and you need to use your valuable time to work on the business rather than on time-consuming administration. Easily scheduling and organising the teams that do the tasks that provide the services will go a long way. If you can do that while being able to monitor their work and keeping down costs, your efficiency and cost-effectiveness will dramatically improve.

That's why we make the process as easy as possible with Buddy Punch.

So, if you want to send accurate invoices, automate payroll and save money for your business - we've got you covered.

Important, Powerful Features Of Our Online Time Clock

Get accurate time tracking software to coordinate employee timesheets and payroll. Employees can easily clock in and out from anywhere while including their location via GPS coordinates every time they punch in to the system! Our software is easily accessible in real-time through our mobile apps or your Mac browser

Webcam and Facial Recognition

With our facial recognition feature, employees have the option to punch in and out just by looking into a camera. If using our webcam feature, when your employees go to punch in, Buddy Punch will automatically take a photo for them, which will pop up on your dashboard so you can see who's logging in. This means security in the workplace is made easy with Buddy Punch as we have found a way to eliminate that problem, and you will never need to worry about friends or colleagues logging in on their behalf ever again. It also makes the process of logging in for your staff easier, which means they are more likely to punch in, especially if they are in a hurry. These features are optional, but should you want to use them, they are compatible with many platforms. You can use them with Firefox or Chrome, and if employees want to use it on the go with their smartphone or tablet devices, they only need to download the app.

Time Card Approval

Employees only have 24 hours a day, so it is imperative that employers track their time, and Buddy Punch has developed a time card approval system to help keep your employees accountable through permission from administrators. This means that whenever an employee punches in and out of the system, the appropriate managers will be notified so they can check if the time clocked in is correct.

Alternatively, you have the option to set up rules where the time clocked in is automatically rounded up or down, or employees can enter a duration of hours worked per day, keeping you in control and giving you plenty of options to choose from depending on the nature of your business.

GPS Function

We know that employees may need to leave the office or work from different locations. The problem is that it can leave management unsure of where their staff is and if they are working because it's all reliant on their word. That's why we have designed a GPS feature to help you keep track. The way it works is that whenever employees punch in or out, the GPS feature will gather coordinates so you can always see if your employees are where they say they are. You also have the option to view each individual punch in, or you can view them all together on your dashboard. To give you even more control, you can choose which employees must use this feature so that they can't log in until they share their location with you.    


If your staff is required to work from several locations, management or administrators can create locations within Buddy Punch. Once you've set the locations, you can assign as many as you need for each employee so they can select the location they are working from which will show up on their timesheet. Buddy Punch is available on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops so no matter where you they are, you can also ensure that staff can punch in and out as long as there is an internet connection. If staff cannot get access to an internet connection, you can always have them use the “text to punch” feature, which allows staff to send a text message instead. All these records and employee activity will be saved. 

Job Costing

Whether you're a freelancer, sub-contractor, construction company, or you generally need to track time spent on the job; Buddy Punch has hourly time tracker solutions that you'll love. It allows you to create any job for your employees to punch in and out of. When you go to check the reports, each will display the amount of time working on the job, so all staff is paid correctly since you set hourly rates and can review performance based on hours worked 

Duration Entry

While Buddy Punch can log time accurately, we also have a feature to keep track of your salaried employee’s time. With salaried employees, the specific amount of time spent in the office is less important, so they can enter a set amount of hours completed each day, which will automatically be recorded on their time sheet for the end of the month. All you need to do is grant your salaried employees the ability to enter a time duration, and you’re all set to track down to the minutes.


Buddy Punch offers an array of reporting options that can be downloaded into Excel or PDF.

Being able to save and export data into PDF and Excel means you can create datasets to send and analyse however you like.

You can use our reports feature to get a detailed view of each employee, the time worked in the office, any overtime or time taken off, the location of your staff or the jobs they've been working on.

You can also get a breakdown of the total hours worked per month without the punching in and out times displayed, so you can see if the hours correspond with what is expected of staff. It breaks down even further down where you can see the number of hours employee's work each day, which will include any PTO, OT, break times, time out of the office or their location so you can verify payments.

Since all of this is done automatically, Buddy Punch takes the hard work out for you so you can focus on spending your time where it's most valuable. The software requires little training and is available at a flexible cost depending on the number of employees

Payroll and Other Integrations

Buddy Punch has partnered with a number of providers that work together seamlessly to ensure you get the most out of your business tools. Some of these integrations include:

If there are any other tools your business uses on a daily basis, let us know, and we will contact the business and see what we can do to make sure Buddy Punch is compatible.

Punch-in On Any Device With Our Mobile App

With Buddy Punch, employee time tracking couldn't be easier or more accurate. Any user can install our Android app or our iPhone app so they can clock-in on their smartphone.

With features including time card approval to assist in accuracy of time punched in, the compatibility it has with any device, PTO and OT calculations and alerts, GPS and location tracking, you can be sure you know exactly what you're employees are up to and when. 

About Us

Back in 2012 before Buddy Punch began, Eric was using paper cards to track his own employee’s time. Exhausted from the lack of accuracy and extra administration he had to deal with at the end of each month, he knew this could not be the only solution. Eric set out to try several alternatives and to his disappointment found that most were either too difficult to use or they were too expensive.

Frustrated with the situation, he decided he'd need to come up with his own solution, and that's when Buddy Punch was born.

See, we believe that all software should be straightforward and user-friendly to make the process as simple as possible. That's why Buddy Punch strive to be the easiest and most intuitive software available at the most affordable price.  

Read more about us to discover the Buddy Punch difference or why not try us free for 30 days? Our software has unlimited applications and features.

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We think Buddy Punch is the most affordable and easy to use time tracking solution on the market, but don’t take our word for it. Manual reviews from our online community and Facebook speak volumes. Check out some of the client testimonials we’ve received from our customers and industry experts:

“We tried the rest, we went with the best… We tried several other companies, but none were as user-friendly, flexible and on point as Buddy Punch.”Donna Brewer, Farmers Insurance Agency
“Overall a great, easy to use platform to use to keep track of employee schedules. Will recommend.”Rachel Min, Rayno Window Film
“The QR punch option is great. My guys would not be able to remember a password, so just scanning a card works well. Also great is the feature to take a picture of someone as they punch in so that we know they are actually on the job.”Anthony Loayza, Paint A Part
“Easy to punch in/out, Support is quick to respond, Time cards and reports are easy to compile/download.”Carmen Armamento, Vantage PR
“Before = nightmare, After = Heaven. That simple.”Aaron Samuel, Zelda Enterprise
“Overall, we have been beyond satisfied with the product and any questions we have had were quickly addressed by the Buddy Punch customer service team.”Peter Viebrock, SPH Analytics


If you need any assistance, reach out to us. There is a live chat feature located at the bottom right-hand corner of this screen. If you’d like to start your 30-day free trial, click the button below.