Geofences Feature

What are geofences?
The Geofences feature gives you the ability to make sure your employees only clock in and out while at the correct job site. Once you create a radius, employee time tracking will only begin when an employee’s location matches the designated area. If they’re not within that radius, they receive an error notification and can’t track time.

What can I do with geofences?

Outside of Geofence Notification

Multiple Radius Options

Auto-Assign Locations and Departments

What are the Benefits of a Time Clock with Geofences?

Other Features

We know how important it is for a time & attendance tracker to have a robust set of features and functionalities to help you better manage your employees. We pride ourselves on offering many features that are not provided by several other time tracking systems. Whether you are looking for simple yet powerful features such as time off tracking and payroll integrations or more advanced features such as Job Codes and QR Codes – our time tracking software has you covered! Make sure to check out all of the Other features we offer.

Single Sign On

Looking for a time tracking app that lets you and your employees sign in quickly without hassle? Our Single Sign On feature can help you achieve that! You can easily link your Google account with Buddy Punch in just a few simple steps. In addition to Google single sign on, we offer several other single sign on options including Okta, OneLogin, and Saml 2.0 to ensure we cover all the needs of your business. Make the punching process easier, more secure, and hassle free by taking advantage of our single sign on feature.

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