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All plans include: 
Unlimited Administrators (no charge)
iOS & Android Smartphone Apps
Job Codes
GPS Position and Geofences
Facial Recognition



Employees punch in and out,
you report on their time.
  • PTO/Sick/Vaction Usage & Accrual Tracking
  • Automatic Overtime Calculations
  • Timecard Approvals
  • Reporting & Payroll Provider Integrations
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Set a Schedule, send
it to your employees.
Time and Attendance, plus:
  • Schedule notifications
  • Schedule based automatic punch outs
  • Shift Lockout
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have 2 separate products, ‘Time and Attendance’ or ‘Time and Attendance with Scheduling.’  All plans include all of our Time Tracking features: GPS Coordinates, Web Cam Integration, IP & Time Stamping, 128-bit AES Security, iPhone and Android compatibility, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, Time Card Approvals, Reports, Flexible Pay Periods, Manual Time Entry, and the QR Code Punch Option. To find out more about our additional features please visit our Time Tracking features page or our Scheduling features page.