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Is Referring Buddy Punch Worth It?

What can you gain by referring a third-party app like Buddy Punch to your clients? Is it worth your time to set up mobile time tracking with your clients? What benefits can your business gain by doing so?

We’re glad you asked! While referring clients can feel uncertain, understanding the benefits and value for you and your clients can make a significant difference in how you feel about encouraging your clients to give a real-time time tracking solution a try.

When weighing the benefits of referring, keep these main points in mind!

Your Clients Need Buddy Punch!

GPS Tracking

Buddy Punch comes equipped with a GPS tracking functionality that lets you know when and where employees are every time they clock in or clock out of work. Whether they’re on-site or working remote, you’ll always be able to review employee locations and monitor what’s going on when they punch time.


Buddy Punch builds on the GPS tracking feature further with Geofencing, which enables you to create designated zones where employees can clock in or out. If they attempt to clock in while not in your designated zone, they receive an error notification. This helps keep employees accountable without you needing to hassle them on your own.

Facial Recognition

Our time clock solution also brings biometrics into the mix, with features such as Facial recognition enabling you to ensure that employees aren’t skirting around your timekeeping measures. With this, employees will have to scan their faces before the system will accept their punch ins or punch outs.

Integrations with Payroll Providers

Buddy Punch gives you real-time insights into your employee’s hours. You’ll get an alert when an employee is nearing their maximum for the day or week so you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Payroll Reports on Demand

Speaking of Payroll, Buddy Punch lets you calculate all the data you need for payroll automatically, which can then be exported as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF report. No longer will you have to manually review, input, and verify your employees’ timesheets one-by-one.

Simplicity & Ease of Use

Buddy Punch Can Be A Consistent Passive Revenue Stream

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