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Why Is Time Tracking Important?

Ensure You’re Paid Fairly and In Full

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Identify Idle Time
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What To Think About When Looking At Time Tracking Tools


Budget is always a dominant factor in any decision, and if you start by thinking about money, the advantage is to have your options immediately whittled down, and your choice simplified. While you should consider the cost, it’s also important to frame this in terms of return on investment. By automating this element of your HR and payroll, you’ll free up more time for your staff while also saving money as you squeeze more productivity through identifying easy ways to improve efficiency. Think about all the associated costs of training and changes to the payment plans according to the number of users.


Alongside simple time tracking, it’s nice to look for tools that offer some form of project management functionality. Reporting is also an indispensable feature without which most of your hard work will go to waste. The ability to export data is a fundamental part of the best tracking tools. Don’t forget to involve your workers before making a decision about which solution you’ll select. Many businesses overlook the importance of getting input from those in the trenches. Doubling down on core features is a critical stage in getting the best solution for your needs.

Extra Features

Once you’ve got all the basics covered, it pays to think about what extras would come in handy. Don’t waste your time ogling the apps with the most bloated functionality. Unless these additional features add value to your business, they’re nothing but fat. Make sure the app you hone in on provides everything that you need and nothing you don’t.


Regardless of the tech team you have in place or the skill level of your workforce, it’s inevitable you’ll need to call on the help desk at some stage. Read plenty of honest user reviews to determine which apps offer solid backup when things go wrong and which leave you whistling with long delays on tickets and poor customer service. Certain levels of support such as relationship managers might only be available for designated subscription plans, so do your due diligence.

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