Online-Based Work Hours Tracking Software

Switching to an online-based software for tracking your employees’ work hours can be very beneficial for your company.

Of course, any change can be stressful for your company initially, first in the selection process and then in the implementation of the change.

Sometimes though, change is necessary. Switching to an online timekeeping method is a smart idea.

Online-Based Software for Tracking Work Hours

This sort of software is, in its most simple explanation, a digital punch card, and time clock.

Instead of your employees physically clocking in, they can log in through a website or an app and track their work hours fuss-free.

This article here says nearly 40% of businesses still use outdated systems for tracking employee hours, so there’s a vast untapped market for practical digital solutions.

Some companies have switched to in-house software that allows their employees to punch in and out each day, but what options exist if your employees don’t all work in an office setting? Perhaps you have teleworkers, workers in the field, or freelancers around the globe. How can you properly compensate them for the work they do if they are unable to clock in each day physically?

To make the task of tracking your employees time easy and seamless, software companies have created online solutions so that work hours can be captured easily. Online time tracking solutions are an excellent option if your organization needs a flexible tracking tool.

Rather than having to be present to manually log their time, your team of employees can log in to a website from anywhere and clock in. This ability can help to alleviate many of the downfalls of traditional methods of tracking hours worked while allowing you full control over the data.

Selecting An Effective Punch Clock & Timesheet System To Record Employee Hours and Track Project Time

When looking at purchasing online based work hours tracking software for your company, there are many things you must take into consideration.

You don’t want to waste time and money chasing down a tool that doesn’t align with the needs of your business.

There are 100s of options to choose from in the arena of work hours tracking software, and you’ve already made one crucial decision by focusing on online-based tools.

Many of these solutions have the same features, whether they are cloud-based or installed in-house. To help you determine what would make the right choice for your team, read this article.

Now, we’ll delve into some of the common features you can expect from these online software tools for tracking work hours.

Individual and Team Tracking Capabilities

While teamwork undeniably helps to get projects completed more rapidly, it can be confusing to work out who is pulling their weight and who is slacking off. Online software for tracking work hours helps to solve this problem.

You can easily keep track of the time your workers spend on individual tasks as well as on team projects. Often, the software allows you to customize how tracking is categorized. You can set it to track time spent per project, per user or per task depending on what works best for you.

Report Generation

The majority of online software companies will give you the ability to create detailed reports so that you can make full use of the information at your disposal.

You can pinpoint what your employees are doing and when they are doing it by checking what they have logged in their work hours tracking software. This removes any element of time theft from the equation and ensures your data is accurate.

By analyzing these reports, you’ll be in a stronger position to make changes and enhance productivity through deploying resources more effectively.

Remove Strain on IT and HR Departments

With in-house software, your IT department will need to make updates and adjustments on an ongoing basis, and your HR department has to deal with the hassle of tracking everything appropriately.

When you opt for online tracking software, this is no longer within their realm of responsibility. IT can return to ensuring the network is running smoothly, and HR can go back to hiring and making sure employees are doing well. Everything software-related is now handled by the software company, which can reduce the workload on your team.

Considerations You Must Make When Purchasing Online Time Tracking Software

  • You should consider how customizable you need the program to be. Usually, the simpler the software package is, the less it will cost you. Often, there are free products to meet the most basic needs of work hours tracking.

Of course, if you want more options for customization in your software, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Different companies allow for varying levels of customization.

  • Think about how many employees you need to be able to use the software. Some companies prefer that each employee have access, whereas other companies grant access only to heads of departments to track the time of their teams.

This might seem strange until you take into consideration that most work hours tracking software companies charge for the number of employees that have access to the system. If you have hundreds of workers, you could be looking at a hefty price tag. Determine what will best work for your business and purchase accordingly.

  • Integration is also worth spending the time to think about. Some software companies create their programs to sync with a diverse number of other programs. You have the potential to link these programs together and alleviate a substantial administrative headache for your human resources and payroll staff.

If this is important to you, be sure to check out the integration capabilities of the programs you are considering before you click Buy Now.

  • One of the most significant deciding factors for anything a business does is cost. These programs for tracking your team’s work hours are extremely beneficial, but the price for them can vary considerably. Only you know what your budget will stretch to, so formulate this and stick to it rigidly.

Also, be sure to pay attention to how the software companies bill for their services. Some companies charge monthly while others want payment quarterly or even yearly. It’s all about what works best for your business and your team workers.

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