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Would you like to keep tabs on when your employees punch in or out of work from any device and location, in real time? Sure you would! Due to the common problem of time theft, companies have learned that they stand to lose a lot by letting their employees log hours manually. Also, employees have been known to suffer unpaid hours as a result of outdated systems. For these reasons, online time tracking software has become extremely popular in the past couple of decades.

Business owners who need to streamline employee time tracking opt for other time clock apps for several reasons. Instead of spending time gathering written time cards and checking whether they are accurate or not, they can simply share an employee time tracking app with their team and let the software do all the calculations. In the end, the software provides them with reports that aren’t just automated and fast, but also as accurate as it gets.

Buddy Punch is a software specially created to meet the needs of small businesses and enterprises alike. Get more control over managing your workforce as well as your own time. This punch in punch out software provides an accurate and neatly organized attendance tracking system for any number of users, all in real time.

Mobile Timesheet Tracker

Buddy Punch’s mobile tracker allows users to track time from any device and location. Users can download iOS and Android mobile apps free of charge, and SMS messaging keeps employees accountable during their work hours.

By using any device available to the employee or managers at the moment, everyone can have real-time access to their hours and reports, which can be exported to payroll software such as Zapier, Quickbooks, or ADP, and can be viewed as an Excel spreadsheet. Employees can now track their time quickly and easily, request PTO, verify hours with biometrics, and much more.

Buddy Punch is Available on Any Device

With Buddy Punch, employees can punch in and out on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Since everything is online-based, users can access their data from anywhere and any device of their choosing.

Track the Location of Employees

In addition to the easy-to-use punch-in software, Buddy Punch has implemented GPS for mobile and remote employees. This time clock software works by providing the manager with the exact GPS location of an employee who has punched in or out to track hours. When an employee clocks in or out, GPS locations are automatically attached to their timesheet.

Manual, Custom and Punch Timesheet Entries

From manual to custom and punch-time entries, Buddy Punch will track everything down to the second. No matter how many employees there are in your company, this software can provide you with the solution you need for tracking and managing time.

Employees can clock in and out in numerous ways. They can enter time manually in a timesheet, use the punch-in system to clock in and clock out, or enter a time duration, which is perfect for salaried employees.

Track Employee Payroll

Buddy Punch offers users a simple way to manage PTO, vacation time, and sick time. Whenever users need time off for personal days, vacation or sick days, they can send a request in real time and wait for approval from their manager.

No need to wait for managers to receive and approve requests with the Buddy Punch software! Employees can use their app on any device to send a request, and you can approve those requests within minutes. Everything you approve or add to the system will appear on a PTO calendar as well as in highly accurate payroll reports.

Facial Recognition

The feature that Buddy Punch is most popular for at this point is the Facial Recognition feature. When an employee goes to punch in or out, the camera will compare their face to a picture that is associated with their profile. Once their identity has been confirmed, they will be allowed to punch in or out. This is an excellent feature to have as it will enable you to ensure that employees are only punching in or out for themselves, and no one else.


With Buddy Punch notifications, you and your employees won’t miss a thing. You can easily setup notifications for overtime, when an employee forgets to punch out, when there are changes to PTO, and much more. Receiving such notifications ensures that you won’t miss any important information, and in turn your payroll information will accurate saving you money.

Time Theft and How to Prevent It

Time theft happens when a manager pays an employee for hours that they didn’t work. In many cases, employees put the wrong times in when filling out a timesheet manually, either intentionally or by mistake.  Other mistakes that cause inaccurate time tracking include an employee forgetting to punch out for a break.

Buddy Punch software does not allow for such errors. Not only is time theft impossible with the system due to features such as GPS Tracking and facial recognition, but even unintentional errors are impossible. With alerts, geofencing, and real-time reports, employers can have complete control over managing their employees even on mobile devices.

Employees also enjoy a flawless, accurate system. Many times, when a time tracking system is flawed, employees need to estimate the total time worked based on a written schedule or round times up and down. In many cases, it is the employee who suffers losses this way, not just the employer.

Before the advent of automated time tracking software, employees used to punch in hours for other employees. And while a couple of minutes or an hour seems harmless when you notice it, the time adds up and increases the costs for payroll. According to research, such time theft costs US employers over $11 billion yearly.

How to Prevent Time Theft

To eliminate time theft, the Buddy Punch system implemented a mobile time tracking system with a variety of features such as GPS location and facial recognition. With such innovations, the number of companies who still use paper and pencil to track time is very small. If not time theft, they are often victims of human error.

The best and only way to eliminate human error and time theft is by taking advantage of an employee time clock software to handle all punch in and punch out entries and leave accruals. Buddy Punch is accurate to the second and fully automated, making it possible for users to get real-time reports for everything that is happening in their company.

How It Works

When an employee uses Buddy Punch to punch in or out on a mobile or desktop device, the software records their location automatically in enabled. If you choose to use the webcam feature, the software will take a photo of the employee whenever he or she punches in or out and will upload it to the Buddy Punch system. This way, managers are provided with all the information they need to keep tabs on their employees and pay them for exactly the time they have worked. Nothing less, nothing more.

Such attendance software creates an error-free record that can be viewed, evaluated, and edited by the admin or the manager. If you run a larger company, you can even use the platform to assign managers and employees to work together on specific project.

To prevent time theft even further, the software allows employers to restrict their employees from punching in by using different devices. By setting an IP address lock for employees, admins can now require the use of a single device for punching in and out. This is a sure way to prevent online time theft.

Selecting an Effective Punch Clock & Timesheet System to Record Employee Hours and Track Project Time

If you finally eliminate human errors and time theft from your timesheets, you will reduce an incredibly high amount of labor costs due to such errors. Fifteen minutes inaccurately added on a timesheet per employee can add up to a lot of expenses on a yearly basis, even thousands of dollars in waste. Therefore, you need to choose an effective timesheet system and an automated punch clock to track employees and projects efficiently.

Using Buddy Punch will not only save you from the trouble of having to do it all manually but will also help you save a lot of money with only a small monthly investment. This is by far the most affordable, quality time tracking software on the market. For more information, check over here. Pricing is extremely flexible, depending on your desired functionalities.

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