Web Based Time Clock Software

Time is money, which means your business can’t afford to waste time. As a small business manager or an individual who wishes to track their own time, you need to understand that time can either be your friend, or your enemy.

The business world is tough these days. In this world, time is of the utmost importance. This means that planning and tracking the time is crucial for any business or an individual’s career. Long gone are the days when managers asked employees to fill in timesheets and submit them within a deadline, or when employees logged in more hours than they really worked. Now, there is an advanced software that makes time tracking simple, effortless, and precise.

What Can Time Tracking Software Do for You?

To make your life simpler and help you avoid waste, the creators of Buddy Punch made a web-based software that tracks time for you. This software will keep you updated on employee work hours, payments, and invoicing as well as productivity in general accross the company. By logging data about employees and payments, you can have software track employees’ activities and report back to you in real time.

Punch In and Out

The punch clock software at Buddy Punch is the most advanced you can find. The latest features exclusive to Buddy Punch allow users to punch in by using facial recognition, scanning QR codes, or using specifically created IP address locks assigned by their managers. This allows for smooth and accurate web-based time clocking, without time theft or errors on any side.

That’s not all. The Buddy Punch software also allows you to check the GPS location of employees when they punch in and out as well as receive requests for vacation, sick days, and PTO. With our mobile phone apps, you can now reach all this information and more from any corner of the world!

Move forward in the business world. Instead of spending hours creating reports, gathering timesheets, and tracking what your employees are doing, simply choose this impeccable time tracking software and let it do all the work for you.

Online Timesheets

Being able to access timesheets from any location at anytime is an important aspect of time tracking. We have ensured this is a possibility by providing a web-based software. Your employees can access their online timesheets anytime if they need to review their punches, request PTO or add a note to a punch.

Time & Attendance Tracking

With the Buddy Punch time and attendance software you can not only track the hours your employees are working, but you can ensure they are showing up for their shifts and working the entire duration. Take away the constant worry about accurately tracking your employees hours and let Buddy Punch do all the heavy lifting.

Time Recording

Recording your employees time is simple – and it should be! Employees can either punch in or out to track their time or optionally you can allow them to enter the total amount of hours worked per day. No longer worry about manually entering your employees time, let Buddy Punch do it for you – it’s the easiest software to record time.

Track Work Hours Online

In today’s day and age, it’s important to be able to have the flexibility to track your employees hours online. Not only does this reduce the margin of error by not having to track time on pen and paper, but can save you significantly by not having to purchase physical hardware. With Buddy Punch, you can easily track your employees work hours from any location and at anytime.

Team Tracking

Do you have project managers that need to be able to track their own teams time? With our Manager feature, you can assign employees to managers and allow them to track the time of their team members. Edit punches, approve PTO, update employee information – Managers can do it all.

Project Time Management

Being able to track how much time was spent on a project is crucial to ensure you are staying on track and within your project budget. Buddy Punch allows you to seamlessly track how much time was spent on a particular job, client or at a location. All the time spent on each project will be available in your reports and directly within your employees time cards.

Who Uses Time Tracking Software?

The web-based applications on the Buddy Punch time tracking software are used by all types of businesses, including small businesses and individual freelancers. This solution is preferred for thousands of people worldwide, regardless of the industry they work in. It makes sense – time tracking is necessary for every business whether they be accounting, hotel management, retail, construction, cleaning services, or office teams and all kinds of companies that work primarily with remote workers.

The popularity of this software owes to its versatility. Because of a myriad of features not found in any other time tracking tool, you can use Buddy Punch to keep track of administrative processes, track time, process payroll, organize and oversee schedules and projects, and much more. Using this valuable information, you can get a clear picture of what your employees are doing, how productive they are, and what needs to be changed for the good of the business.

Employees Love Buddy Punch!

Employees are safer with this software, too. By tracking hours using a secure software, they can be certain that they’ll be paid for every hour worked. Employees can punch in and out without having to fill out a printed timesheet or wait in line to sign in the hours worked book. Logging in and entering hours is now much simpler than in the past, all done with a couple clicks of a button.

There are many facets of business that can be tracked using Buddy Punch. Managers can use the features for reporting, costs, scalability, responsiveness, and more.

Time Management Software

Buddy Punch is so versatile, it can be used for anything and accessed from anywhere. In addition to the mobile apps that can be downloaded on iOS and Android for phones and tablets, the software can also be accessed through web browsers for laptops and desktop computers.

This is without any doubt the most affordable and most effective solution for your business. With no base fees or ridiculously high prices per user, the Buddy Punch software is cost effective for any business, regardless of its size or budget.

Our Software

No longer worry about whether or not your employees time is being tracked accurately with Buddy Punch. Our software does all the day to day calculations needed to ensure time is being tracking correctly. You just need to sit back and wait until it’s time to process payroll. Easily do so by taking advantage of one of our many reports – including our payroll export. With Buddy Punch, you no longer need to monitor your employees hours 24/7 as we do all the hard work for you!

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