Top 4 Timesheets that Support Spanish

timesheet that supports spanish

It’s not easy to find an hourly employee timesheet (or hoja de tiempo) that fully supports Spanish. Despite the steady increase in speakers of the Spanish language in the United States, developers of timekeeping apps are slow to add different language formats. The need was so great that even the U.S. Department of Labor decided to intervene, creating a basic gov-sponsored DOL-timesheet app for Spanish speaking workers.

All this said, all business owners deserve options and the ability to make an informed decision about tools they use in the workplace to manage employees/empleadores. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the few high-quality timesheet apps that you and your employees can you use in either English or en español. Hopefully, by the end of this post you’ll have found one that works to track work horas at your business.

1. Buddy Punch

Numero uno on our list of timesheet apps that support Spanish is our very own Buddy Punch. We’ve always prided ourselves in being able to grow our tool to provide anything and everything a business owner could need, and that included adding a language functionality so that you can switch between English or Spanish at will.

Swapping to Spanish in Buddy Punch

Whenever you open the Buddy Punch app, you can use the Language Selector option (represented by a flag) to switch between the English or Spanish version. After you make your selection, Buddy Punch will automatically update to the chosen language. Swapping languages is this easy whether you’re using Buddy Punch on a Desktop or on an iOS or Android mobile device.

Buddy Punch’s Features

The language you choose for Buddy Punch reflects across our entire device, which means you can make use of our strong work hour tracking features in either language. This includes functionalities such as GPS Tracking, Geofencing, Automatic Breaks, Overtime Calculations, Drag & Drop Scheduling, Customizable Reports, Built-In Payroll Processing, and more.

Next, we’re going dive into these features to show how useful they are for managing your staff members.

GPS Tracking

Buddy Punch’s GPS Tracking feature has been in heavy demand ever since the pandemic, and for good reason. Business owners allowing team members to work from home or at remote locations use this feature to ensure that everyone is where they claim (and need) to be. Buddy Punch’s GPS Tracking marks down where your team members are on an interactive map so you can monitor their location throughout the work day. Location data is saved onto time cards that can be accessed by you and your administrators at any time.


Buddy Punch’s Geofencing feature allows you to monitor employees at remote locations in a more hands-off method than GPS Tracking. With this, you can set up a radius (called a Geofence) around locations on an interactive map. Once set, any employee that attempts to start time tracking while outside one of your designated locations will receive an error notification and be denied. In other words, this feature requires employees to be at your approved locations before they can punch into Buddy Punch’s time clock. This keeps your remote employees accountable for their time and effort without requiring oversight on your part.

Automatic Breaks

Want to control how your employees take breaks? Buddy Punch’s Automatic Breaks function will allow you to set up rules to automatically deduct time from an employee’s timesheet. Simply create and name an automatic break rule, specify how you want it to trigger and for how long, and assign it to as many employees as you’d like.

Overtime Calculations

Most business owners understand the importance of keeping overtime hours under control. To that end, Buddy Punch has our Overtime Calculations feature to keep you in full control. Use over a dozen built-in overtime types to determine how overtime pay is to be calculated for your employees (or contact us to have even more overtime types added). You can assign different overtime types to employees on a per-person basis.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Tired of the tedious process of scheduling your employees on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis? Worry no longer. Our app is equipped with a streamlined Drag & Drop Scheduling function to make it easy to set up your schedule for the week. Simply drag employees and place them in the weekly template in seconds. Through Buddy Punch, you can also configure it so that all scheduled employees are automatically notified of when they’re working. This awareness helps cut down on employee absences and missed shifts.

Customizable Reports

Our Customizable Reports feature allows business owners to export collected employee data in either Excel CSV or Adobe PDF format. You can export a Payroll report, Hours Summary, PTO Summary, Employee Details report, and more, all to help ensure you have a broad understanding of your workplace and how it’s functioning.

Built-In Payroll Processing

For business owners who don’t want to rely on third party payroll software that may or may not have Spanish-language functionality, we have just the solution for you. Buddy Punch has Built-in Payroll Processing available as a paid addon, allowing you to turn our software into an all-in-one solution for all things employee management.

Our payroll comes with features such as:

  • Automatic Payroll Tax Filings and Payments
  • In-depth Data and Reports
  • Employee Self-service Options
  • Access to Pay stubs, W2s, and 1099 forms
  • Management Anywhere and Anytime
  • and more.

All of these features add up to an easy time managing payroll at the end of each pay period. Click here to learn more about Buddy Punch’s paid Payroll Processing Addon.

Buddy Punch’s Other Features

The ability to swap between languages, full control over employee time tracking and scheduling, and even built-in Payroll. Believe it or not, Buddy Punch gets even better. There are a ton of other features we didn’t highlight, including (but not limited to):

Buddy Punch’s features and language accessibility function on any device with an internet connection, including Windows or Apple Desktops, smartphones (iPhone or Android) via the web or through a mobile app, and tablets. We also have our Buddy Punch Doc center to answer any FAQs you may come up with. Buddy Punch is the ultimate tool designed to improve your business’s profitability.

Reviews of Buddy Punch

We’ve talked a lot about our software, but it’s hard for us to be unbiased. Let’s get some thoughts from users who have tried our software themselves. Over on popular software review site Capterra, Buddy Punch currently has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 989 reviews.

Here’s what users had to say about our tool:

“This program does exactly what i want it do. I needed a simple time keeping app where i could customize things to suit each employee and I found it. They haven’t had any issues minus forgetting to clock in or out but those are easy fixes. If i have any questions i just use the messaging center and someone is always quick to respond and they have always been able to solve the problem or clarify something i may not Have understood.”

Click here to read the full review.

“Found buddypunch and it does exactly what I need it to. The UI is very well designed, the administrator makes employee accounts and employees just go to the website, log in, and push the big green button. They then log in again to punch out but the big green button will be a big red button this time. Very simple, very easy, does employee punch-ins, does it well. Also got an IP-Lock feature so employees can only punch in on-site. There are some other features like wage calculations based on punch-in time, overtime stuff, and other things that I don’t use but they seemed pretty useful if I ever choose to use them.”

Click here to read the full review.

“I handle HR for a small start-up tech company, and we were looking for a simple, easy-to-use time tracking software solution that was also cost-effective for our size. We found Buddy Punch, and it seemed to offer everything we needed, and it was reasonably priced. We signed up for the trial period, and our employees were impressed immediately. They were able to start recording their time immediately with zero training or assistance, which was a priority for us. The system is also very easy to use from an administrator end (editing punches, viewing timecards, etc.) Buddy Punch produces concise reports which can assist with transferring employee hours to any payroll system that you may be using.”

Click here to read the full review.

Try Buddy Punch for Free  

If you think Buddy Punch could be everything you’re looking for in a timesheet app that supports Spanish, try a 14-day free trial here, no credit card required. You can also click here to view a video demo of our software, or click here to request a one-on-one walkthrough with our team.

2. ClockShark

ClockShark is another popular choice of time tracking app that also has Spanish-language functionality. This tool comes with features including but not limited to:

As of this post’s writing, ClockShark has a Capterra rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 1897 reviews. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about this tool:

“You want to save time and accomplish alot of works and manage your company successfully from A to Z from following up on employessand reports and payroll and over time and work location and working hours then you need clock shark .”

Click here to read the full review.

3. Connecteam

Connecteam is another time tracking software that is available in Spanish as well as English. This tool has many well-liked features such as:

As of this post’s writing, Connecteam has a rating of 4.8/5 stars, based on 328 reviews on Capterra.

Here’s what reviewer shared about their experience:

“Connecteam’s time tracking is amazing! To be able to select from multiple jobs and sub-jobs, add notes, and even attachments such as milage, meals, hotels etc, it keeps our time tracking streamlined and simple. This helps our accounting department to be able to invoice for the exact amount of time spent at each clients facility, and gives a large overview of exactly where and what our staff was doing.”

Click here to read the full review.

4. Clockify

Clockify is another tool that can be swapped from English to Spanish through using their interface language option in the profile settings. According to Clockify’s official documentation, “If you invite a new user to your workspace, they’ll inherit your language setting during signup.” This app has useful workforce management features including but not limited to:

As of this post’s writing, Clockify has a rating of 4.7/5 stars on review site Capterra, with 4849 reviews. Here’s what one positive review says:

“I have used it for both personal and professional projects. It has been a game changer for how I relate to my focus time while working, and the amount of peace of mind this has brought me is fantastic. I don’t think I will stop using it in the near future.”

Click here to read the full review.

Try Buddy Punch for Free  

If you think Buddy Punch might be the best Spanish-language time tracking app on the market, why not give it a try? You can start a 14-day free trial of our software here, no credit card required. Alternatively, you can click here to view a demo video of Buddy Punch, or click here to request a one-on-one walkthrough with our team.