Pushing Ourselves Harder for Greater Results in Less Time

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” This famous quote, published by Benjamin Franklin in his Poor Richard’s Almanac in the mid 1700s, says a lot about the mentality of today’s society. Technology is constantly challenging us to create, increase, improve, update, and reinvent in order to change the world. Business owners, corporations, and individuals trying to achieve various agendas always seek new ways of pushing harder to gain greater growth.

Corporations may push their executives harder to acquire a greater share of the market in their industry. When this happens, executives are often promised larger bonuses and perks as incentives to make them push harder as individuals within the company. It is typical in a corporation for an executive to seek to climb the next rung of the ladder. The only problem is when the ladder runs out of rungs, the executive may have to push even harder to find the next ladder.

For the small and mid-sized business owner, pushing harder may mean incorporating new methods of reducing operating costs, such as utilizing time clock software. This method of tracking employee hours using an online time clock, via online timecard software, helps the business to better schedule the number of man-hours needed during different times of the workday. Every dollar saved in labor, can be reallocated to producing profit. This particular method of tracking employee time can also be used as a tool to acknowledge and reward employees who demonstrate a solid attendance history. Employee recognition often goes a long way in increasing the profitability of a small business, because a happy employee helps keep customers happy.

Business growth isn’t the only reason we push ourselves so hard. Families and individuals who have certain goals and personal desires they would like to see completed, will often go to great lengths to see them through. A spouse may make voluntary changes to save their marriage. A student trying to achieve a higher grade point average may pull an all-night study session. Someone who is passionate about ending world-hunger may implement a major fund-raising event.

Change is the only constant factor in life, and it is the one main reason we continue to push ourselves so hard. There is no way to avoid change. We have to push forward to keep from being left behind. The faster we are able to adapt to change the sooner we can move forward.

Ultimately, if we didn’t push ourselves so hard, then it would be life itself; the circumstances, changes, and many other variables of living, that would force us forward, most likely with a less desirable outcome.

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