Rotating Shifts: Everything You Need to Know

As a manager, part of your job is to put the best schedule in place for your employees—but that task can get tricky once your scheduling needs progress beyond the standard 9-5 workday.  As your schedule becomes more complex, the more worries you have. Employees may...

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The Challenges with Managing Remote Workers

At Buddy Punch, we’ve always had a remote workforce that has worked from home, and it works well for us. At least it does now. It hasn’t always been the relatively smooth sailing experience that we enjoy today. In fact, we had the same struggles in the beginning as...

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14 Ways to Improve Your Management Skills

If you get promoted to a management position, you know you’re already an asset to your company. You have proven yourself at your job, and you can get people to collaborate, which increases output and engagement.  However, as an inexperienced or first-time manager, you...

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