7 Tips for Supporting Your Employees

While most companies are focused on profits, there’s one often-overlooked area that’s directly tied to revenue –their workforce.

It’s easy to overlook the value of treating your team well, but the fact is that a motivated and satisfied workforce can reward your company in more ways than one. Not only are happy employees more driven and motivated, but workers who have a positive outlook will help to improve your customers’ experience, leading to repeat and oftentimes, higher sales. Additionally, treating your workers fairly can help to lower your turnover rates –reducing the cost of hiring and allowing you to retain your talent for longer.

Additionally, with job search websites like Glassdoor where employees can leave reviews for their workplaces, it’s safe to say that having a great workplace culture can offer a number of benefits –both now, and in the future when potential prospects may be scouring the net to see how your company checks out.

The best way to create a workforce that’s motivated and switched-on is by looking for ways to support your team. With this in mind here’s a look at seven ways that you can treat your team well –improving employee satisfaction and productivity and reducing turnover.

1.Communicate Openly

Poor communication is one of the biggest hurdles in the workplace. If you are not open about the goals and purpose of your business, your employees will have no sense of direction and will be lacking motivation to strive for success. Communication is vital in the workplace and by opening up the lines of communication with your employees you’ll be able to create an environment that’s conducive for success.

2.Have a Great Management Team

Nothing kills a company quite like poor management. When you don’t have the proper people in place to oversee your team, your workplace morale will quickly start to crumble. Hiring highly trained and skilled managers is important –but it’s equally important to screen your applicants for soft skills as well –that is, personality traits, attitudes, habits, and behaviors that will allow them to work well with others. This is vitally important for boosting workplace morale and helping to make your company a great place to work.

3.Demonstrate Trust

One of the best ways to show your employees a bit of support is by making it clear that you trust them. Instead of jumping to conclusions or always assuming the worst, try to give your employees the benefit of the doubt. You can also demonstrate trust by entrusting them enough to go about their work, without feeling the need to repeatedly check in on them or attempt to micromanage their efforts. Instead, entrust them enough and believe that they’re capable of doing a good job, then step back and let them do it. Demonstrating trust in your employees is the quickest way to gain loyal, hardworking, and honest employees.

4.Express Appreciation for Them

Everyone wants to feel valued. Tell your employees that you appreciate their efforts by ensuring that you thank them, and recognize them for what they do. Taking the time to notice their hard work, or paying attention to those times when they go the extra mile can go a long way toward boosting their morale. You might be surprised how far even a simple “please” or “thank you” can go.

5.Support Time Off

An overworked employee will soon be a burned-out employee! Consider offering generous vacation time to allow your team the time off that they need to refresh and recoup. Remember: employees who are well rested and rejuvenated are more productive and focused than those who aren’t.

6.Have Their Backs

If an incident arises in the workplace, you’ll want to avoid taking sides –especially before all of the facts are in. While there are exceptions, most cases, you’ll want to support your workers, and stand behind them. Instead of passing judgement or siding with a customer against an employee, look into the situation and handle it accordingly. It’s the professional route –and the best way to approach a difficult situation diplomatically.

7.Offer Opportunities for Advancement

Finally, one of the main reasons that employees leave a company is a lack of opportunity for career advancement. If you want to retain top talent for longer, and reduce your turnover rate, consider offering your team opportunities to climb the ladder in your company. Offering advancements that include the opportunity for more responsibility and higher pay, as well as supporting their educational advancements by reimbursing them for training for qualifications can help to improve your team’s job satisfaction considerably.

While it’s easy to overlook the value of investing in your workforce, the benefits that you can gain from supporting your team are tremendous. Even for companies with relatively limited budgets, there are still ways that you can support your staff. Offering flexible timetables to allow them to maintain a work-life balance, letting them have important dates and holidays off, and regularly expressing your appreciation for them can all go a long way toward fostering a sense of job satisfaction, and helping to encourage your employees to stay with your company for longer.