Time Card Clock (3 Options)

Time Card Clock

When it comes to tracking employee attendance a time card clock solution can offer the following benefits to businesses and organizations of all sizes:

  • Leverage an in-built hours calculator that’s fully automated
  • Monitor overtime hours and total hours for each pay period.
  • Enable teams to clock in and out via iOS and Android.
  • Utilize biometrics tools to prevent time theft.

With the right time tracking software in your corner, you can monitor employee hours with ease and say “goodbye” to paper time cards.

From tracking overtime pay to seeing the gross pay for any given workweek, a digital time card clock can make all the difference to your organization.

Whether you struggle to track clocking out times or break deductions and lunch breaks, an electronic time clock can take care of a full range of administrative tasks.

Time Card Clock

  1. Buddy Punch
  2. TimeCamp
  3. Timely

1. Buddy Punch

How Buddy Punch’s Time Tracking Platform Works

Buddy Punch makes it easy for teams of every size to log their work hours and complete time entries, no matter where they are located.

With tremendous flexibility, Buddy Punch enables team members to clock in and out either via desktop or through a mobile app.

Let’s explore how you can use Buddy Punch as a time tracking platform.

Use GPS Tracking To Monitor Employee Whereabouts

With the support of Buddy Punch’s in-built GPS tracking feature, you can easily monitor where employees are clocking in and out for each shift.

This means you always have a complete picture of where your team is located, which is particularly useful if you are leading a remote or hybrid team.

Leverage Face Recognition & Other Biometric Tools

Buddy Punch’s face recognition feature adds an extra layer of security to the time tracking process and ensures you are collecting accurate data.

When clocking in and out, team members are required to take a photo of themselves with their device’s camera.

Face recognition time clocks are highly valued because this feature helps prevent timesheet fraud.

Receive Instant Notifications On Employee Progress

In real-time, you can receive notifications on employee actions inside the platform.

For instance, when employees punch in and out or submit PTO requests, you can receive alerts via Buddy Punch’s dashboard to notify you of these actions.

Would you like to learn more about how Buddy Punch can benefit your organization?

We recommend taking a browse through our “Knowledge Base” and exploring everything Buddy Punch has to offer.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly.

You can book a one-on-one personalized demo here.

Buddy Punch Gives You The Tools Needed To Keep Time Tracking Simple

Here are just some of the features available to Buddy Punch users:

Buddy Punch’s Online Reviews 

Buddy Punch’s user reviews highlight the immense benefits of this platform. As of the writing date, Buddy Punch has 4.8 out of 5 stars and 872 reviews on Capterra.

Below, we’ll list just a few reviews that speak to Buddy Punch’s ease of use and great customer support service. (Click here to explore the full list of reviews.)

As reviewers have noted, Buddy Punch provides team leaders and project managers with the necessary tools to streamline timekeeping and monitor labor costs:

“I like the ease of use and flexibility of Buddy Punch. You can add features you want and don’t have to be bogged down with what you don’t want to use. Some sites have way too much. I wanted simple!”

Click here to read the full review.

“Cannot say enough about their support. Even if the product was not as amazing as it is, I would highly recommend Buddy Punch due to the unbelievable support!”

Click here to read the full review.

“It’s easy to clock in or clock out. The timesheet to keep track of your hours.”

Click here to read the full review.

“I can punch on my phone (which I do mostly). Easy to make corrections wherever I am. Also simple to use on the computer as well.”

Click here to read the full review.

Try Buddy Punch for Free   

If you feel that Buddy Punch might be the right fit for your business, sign up for a free trial. You can also book a one-on-one demo, or view a pre-recorded demo video.

2. TimeCamp

TimeCamp stands out as a seamless platform for effortless work hour tracking.

Here’s what the platform can offer:

  • Swift generation of time tracking reports.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of employee progression throughout any company.
  • A suite of tools for team leaders and project managers to oversee team milestones.
  • Simplified timesheet approval processes.

At the time of writing, TimeCamp has a total of 588 reviews on Capterra, with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. TimeCamp offers a full range of practical features for teams:

“A simple program exactly what I was searching for to keep track of the number of hours I work each day. I didn’t use the complete version of TimeCamp because I didn’t require it. I’m satisfied with the free version, which has a limited set of functions but is straightforward to use.”

Click here to read the full review.

3. Timely

Timely is not just another time tracking tool; it’s an adaptive solution for teams, regardless of their size. Its features include:

  • Integration capabilities with a wide variety of applications, ensuring a smooth inclusion into your current tech environment.
  • The ability to function both as time tracking and project management software.
  • A range of project and team planning utilities to bolster efficiency.

At the time of writing, Timely has a total of 212 reviews on Capterra, with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Timely is loaded with a broad range of high-impact features:

“The best thing about Timely is that it lets you focus on your work first, time capture second. Traditionally within an organization with timesheets, you need to constantly keep on top of your time entries or it will snowball into a big mess by the end of the week. Timely allows you to just get on with things and perhaps at the end of the week, you just approve the timesheet pre-filled for you.”

Click here to read the full review.

Try Buddy Punch for Free

If you feel that Buddy Punch could be the right fit for your business, sign up for a free trial. You can also book a one-on-one demo, or view a pre-recorded demo video.

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