The 9 Best Time Card Apps for Construction in 2024

When your employees work in the field at various job sites, you need something more sophisticated than simple clock-in/clock-out software.

That’s why the best time card apps for construction go beyond basic time tracking and scheduling to offer features that specifically cater to how construction companies operate.

What to look for in construction time tracking software

Any of the hundreds of time clock apps on the market will deliver on basic features like time tracking, employee scheduling, payroll processing, and PTO accruals. 

But as a construction business, there are other features you should look for to make sure the app you choose will help you reduce time theft and administrative costs.

Here are some construction-specific features to consider as you’re evaluating options:

  • Job code tracking: Construction companies often work on multiple projects at once. A good time card app lets you easily assign the hours employees work to specific job codes to accurately track project labor costs.
  • GPS tracking: GPS tracking features can help you verify that employees are at the correct construction sites when they clock in and out. It adds an extra layer of accountability and ensures accurate record-keeping.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing features let you limit where employees can clock in and out to specific geographic locations, ensuring that no one is clocking in before arriving at a worksite or clocking out after they’ve already left.
  • Overtime calculations: Construction work often involves overtime hours. Apps that can automatically calculate overtime based on your company’s policies and local labor laws will reduce the need for manual calculations and potential errors.
  • Offline capabilities: Employees should be able to clock in and out even when they’re in areas with poor or no internet access, with data syncing automatically once they regain connectivity.
  • Photo attachments: An app that allows employees to attach photos to their time cards can be helpful for avoiding buddy punching, documenting progress, verifying work completed, or noting any issues on the job site.

Finally, look for an app that’s easy to use and intuitive for both employees and administrators. Training requirements should be minimal.

The 9 best time card apps for construction companies

The nine construction time tracking apps below each offer specific features that will make employee timekeeping, project tracking, and payroll management as simple as possible for your business.

ToolOverviewCapterra RatingPricing
Buddy PunchBest overall construction time tracking software.4.8 out of 5Starting at $3.99 per user per month
BusyBusyBest for team and equipment tracking.4.5 out of 5Free plan available with limited features
QuickBooks TimeBest for companies already using QuickBooks Payroll Premium or Elite.4.7 out of 5Starting at $10 per user per month
ExakTimeBest for companies with Spanish- or French-speaking employees.3.9 out of 5Starting at $9 per employee per month
WorkyardBest for Workers’ Comp tracking.4.9 out of 5Starting at $6 per user per month
ClockSharkBest for collecting data from the field when employees clock out.4.7 out of 5Starting at $10 per user per month
RakenBest for large construction companies.4.7 out of 5No public pricing available
ClockifyBest free app for basic time tracking.4.7 out of 5Free plan available with limited features
ConstructionClockBest for automated time tracking.5 out of 5Starting at $8.33 per user per month

1. Buddy Punch

Best overall construction time tracking software.

Buddy Punch packs both basic time card functionality and construction-specific features into one easy-to-use and affordable platform.

It can be used for all of your essential workforce management needs, like creating schedules, tracking PTO, and processing payroll. Plus, its web, iOS, Android, and Chrome apps allow you to have clock-in and out kiosks anywhere your employees work — or they can punch in and out using their own mobile phones.

However, Buddy Punch also comes with many construction-specific features:

  • Job costing: Assign job codes for your employees to punch in to. If more than one job code is assigned, employees will be presented with a job code list to select from.
  • Overtime calculations: Create custom rules to calculate overtime based on your location, work week, or company policies. Plus, you can get notifications when employees are nearing overtime to save on payroll costs.
  • GPS tracking: Use GPS tracking to capture employees’ locations when they clock in or out. This feature can be either optional or required.
  • Geofencing: Create virtual boundaries around your job sites, and limit punching in and out to within those areas. You can also pair this with job codes, automatically tying an employee’s hours to the job code of the specific location they’re working at.
  • Photos on Punch: Prompt your employees to take a photo of themselves when clocking in or out. This helps prevent the time-theft practice of buddy punching, where employees have coworkers clock in or out for them.
  • Facial recognition: Facial recognition can be turned on for specific employees when necessary to add an additional layer of security when clocking in and out.
  • Project tracking: Your employees may earn higher rates when working specific jobs, such as prevailing wage projects. In these cases, you can use project tracking to set up rates tailored to your different jobs.
  • Group punch: Allow your foreman to clock everyone at the job site in and out at the same time rather than having employees clock in and out individually.

Buddy Punch is one of the highest-rated time card apps on Capterra, with many reviews specifically from construction companies praising the platform’s great customer support, ease of use, seamless payroll software integrations, and flexible costs.

Buddy Punch pricing: Free 14-day trial; plans starting at $3.99 per user/month + a $19 base fee.

Want to learn more about Buddy Punch? Start a free trial, watch a recorded demo, or request a personalized demo.

2. BusyBusy

Best construction timesheet app for time and equipment tracking.

In addition to basic time-tracking features like clocking in and out and creating time cards, BusyBusy also has construction-specific features like project and equipment tracking:

  • Real-time GPS location tracking shows you where all of your employees and equipment are on a map. 
  • Geofencing is available to prevent employees from clocking in before they’re on job sites or out after they’re left. 
  • Location-based reminders notify employees if they’ve left a job site without clocking out.
  • A documents feature lets you attach site plans, permits, zoning certificates, diagrams, and more to projects.
  • Project progress photos let employees attach photos of job sites so managers can view the progress of jobs even when they can’t be on-site.

Your employees can clock in and clock out using an app on their mobile devices (iOS and Android apps are both available), or you can set up a device as a kiosk for punching in and out. Kiosk mode also allows you to set up facial recognition that will notify an admin if an employee clocks in for someone else.

BusyBusy pricing: Free plan includes GPS time tracking for unlimited users; paid plans start at $9.99 per user/month and include scheduling, photos, notes, and supervisor tools.

3. QuickBooks Time

Best construction time card app for companies using QuickBooks Payroll Premium or Elite.

If your company is already using QuickBooks for payroll, QuickBooks Time might be a great solution for time tracking. It’s available for free for businesses on QuickBooks Payroll’s Premium and Elite plans.

QuickBooks Time comes with all of the standard features of a time card app — time tracking, scheduling, and time-off management. 

Additionally, it streamlines payroll if you’re using QuickBooks Payroll. However, it’s worth noting that it does not integrate with other accounting software providers like the other apps on this list.

For construction-specific features, QuickBooks Time offers GPS tracking, geofencing, overtime calculations, photo attachments, and mileage tracking, which is helpful if you pay employees for their mileage in addition to the hours they work on jobs.

QuickBooks Time pricing: Starting at $10 per user/month + $40 base fee.

4. ExakTime

Best time tracking solution for companies with Spanish- or French-speaking employees.

ExakTime is one of the most well-known construction time-tracking apps on the market. It’s been around since 1999 and is 100% focused on the construction industry. And while it does have a $9 per employee per month plan designed for smaller companies, it’s largely focused on major construction companies.

One of the standout features of ExakTime is its native in-app translations. Employees can choose their default language when signing up — English, Spanish, and French are available — and the app will always show all text in the selected language in the future. This can be useful if you have a multilingual crew.

Beyond that, ExakTime has all of the other features you’ll need from a time card app, including GPS tracking, geofencing, prevailing wage tracking, photo ID capture, cost code tracking, and integrations with more than 100 payroll providers.

ExakTime pricing: Starting at $9 per employee/month + unspecified base fee.

5. Workyard

Best construction time clock software for Workers’ Comp tracking.

Workyard is another employee time-tracking app that’s designed specifically for construction crews and contractors. So naturally, it comes with all of the features you need, like GPS time tracking, clock-in rules, auto clock-in, geofencing, mileage tracking, picture progress updates, and expense management.

One of the standout features of Workyard, though, is its ability to include Workers’ Comp in your payroll. Simply edit the pay for the employee on Workers’ Comp, then you can add an effective date, Workers’ Comp code, and the applicable pay rate.

Workyard pricing: Starting at $6 per user/month + $50 base fee.

6. ClockShark

Best for collecting data from the field when employees clock out.

ClockShark has all of the standard features construction companies need from a time card app: scheduling, time tracking, GPS monitoring, geofencing, facial recognition, and job/task codes. Additionally, ClockShark has built-in Spanish language support and document storage.

ClockShark’s most unique feature, though, is clock out questions. To ensure you get updates on how projects are going, you can ask employees to provide updates, photos, or documentation when they clock out. This helps supervisors and admins stay up-to-date on project progress when they can’t be in the field.

ClockShark pricing: Plans that include clock out questions start at $10 per user/month plus a $40 base fee.

7. Raken

Best time card app for large construction companies.

Raken is a complete workforce management platform that has time tracking as well as a number of other features that are designed for construction companies. You can track time, materials, and equipment and get reports on project progress in messages, documents, pictures, and even videos.

Additionally, Raken has safety and quality management features like checklists, incident reporting, risk assessments, compliance checks, and even built-in safety training modules.

Finally, Raken can be used as a complete project management tool. You can use it to create project plans, track employee time to specific job codes and tasks, run detailed reports, and consolidate all time, documents, videos, photos, and incidents into a single project plan.

Raken pricing: No public pricing available.

8. Clockify

Best free timesheet app for basic time tracking.

If you’re looking for a simple, free time clock app to get away from Excel spreadsheets and paper timesheets, Clockify might be the right option. Its forever-free plan comes with unlimited users and projects and provides basic features like time tracking, timesheets, and team activity reports and exports. 

This makes it a viable option if all you need is something free you can use to keep time for your field crews. However, other features — like GPS tracking, PTO management, payroll system integrations, forecasting, and kiosks — are only available on Clockify’s premium plans.

Clockify pricing: Limited functionality available on a free forever plan; plans with GPS tracking start at $7.99 per user/month.

9. ConstructionClock

Best mobile time card app for automated work hours tracking.

ConstructionClock is different from the other apps in this list because it doesn’t have manual clock-in and clock-out functionality. Instead, it uses geofencing to automate punching employees in and out when they arrive at or leave a job’s location, giving you more accurate time records.

Additionally, if employees leave a site and return to it on the same day to do something like go collect or purchase materials, ConstructionClock automatically logs those time entries as travel time and adds it to the employee’s billable hours.

ConstructionClock has mobile apps available for both Apple and Android devices.

ConstructionClock pricing: Starting at $8.33 per user/month on an annual plan or $10 per user/month on a monthly plan.

Choosing the right construction time clock app

Finding the right time card app for your construction crew is like putting together a custom toolbox — it’s all about picking the right tools for the job. There are tons of options out there, but the key is to focus on what your crew really needs. 

Whether you opt for comprehensive solutions like Buddy Punch or specialized platforms like ConstructionClock, the ultimate goal remains the same: to empower your construction workers with tools that simplify timekeeping tasks while maximizing productivity on every job site.

So take your time, weigh your options, and find the one that fits your specific needs to make timekeeping a breeze and keep your construction projects running smoothly.

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