Free Employee Timekeeping Sheet Templates | Types & Benefits

Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Timekeeping sheet templates are important for businesses because they ensure accurate payroll processing against total hours worked.

These templates help track employee work hours, breaks, and overtime, minimizing errors and reducing the risk of disputes over pay. 

It also facilitates efficient workforce management by offering a clear overview of employee schedules and attendance, aiding in shift scheduling and labor cost analysis. 

The top three issues that using timekeeping sheet templates can resolve,

Accuracy in Payroll: By tracking employee work hours, breaks, and overtime, these templates ensure that employees are paid correctly, eliminating disputes and boosting employee satisfaction.

Compliance with Labor Laws: Providing a clear record of hours worked, these templates help employers avoid penalties and legal issues related to non-compliance.

Improved Productivity and Accountability: By tracking their work hours and breaks, employees become more aware of their time management, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Top 7 Free Timesheet Templates | Google Sheets

Daily Hourly Employee Timesheet TemplateRead Full Details
Weekly Timesheet TemplateRead Full Details
Biweekly Timesheet TemplateRead Full Details
Semi-Monthly Timesheet TemplateRead Full Details
Monthly Timesheet TemplateRead Full Details
Daily Supervisor Timesheet TemplateRead Full Details
Projects Timesheet TemplateRead Full Details

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What is an Employee Timesheet Template?
An employee timesheet template is a standardized form used by businesses to record specific tasks performed by employees during their workday. It includes fields for employee name, time recording, and accurate records of hours worked, aiming to minimize human error in tracking work hours. 

Whether filled out online through an online timesheet system or manually on paper timesheets, these templates are essential for maintaining accurate records of employee performance and ensuring profitability through efficient time-tracking processes. 

Additionally, they often incorporate paid time off and sick leave balances, providing a comprehensive overview of an employee’s work history and availability.

Types Of Timekeeping Sheet Template

Following are the top seven types of timekeeping sheet template.

1. Daily Timesheet Templates

Daily Timesheet Templates

Daily timekeeping sheet templates are documents used to track employees’ daily work hours. 

They are essential for ensuring accurate payroll processing and compliance with labor laws, as they provide a detailed record of each employee’s daily work hours.

Employees can use this template to track their work hours and ensure they are being paid correctly. 

Daily timekeeping sheet templates benefit businesses of all sizes, especially those with hourly employees. 

Daily Hourly Employee Time Sheet Template – Google Spreadsheet

2. Weekly Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Weekly Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Weekly Timekeeping Sheet Templates are documents designed to track and manage employees’ work hours and tasks on a weekly basis. 

They typically include sections for recording daily start and end times, breaks, and total hours worked each day. 

These templates streamline the process of monitoring employee attendance, facilitating payroll calculations, and ensuring compliance with labor regulations. 

They can be customized to suit different industries and organizational needs.

Weekly Time Sheet Template – Google Spreadsheet

3. Biweekly Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Biweekly Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Biweekly timekeeping sheet templates are documents used by businesses to track employee hours worked over a two-week period. 

These templates typically include sections for employees to input their daily work hours, breaks, and any overtime. 

They serve as a record for both employees and employers to monitor attendance, calculate wages, and ensure compliance with labor laws. 

Biweekly timekeeping sheets streamline payroll processes and help maintain accurate records of employee work hours.

Biweekly Time Sheet Template – Google Spreadsheet

4. Semi-Monthly Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Semi-Monthly Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Semi-monthly timekeeping sheet templates are tools used by businesses to track employee hours worked over a two-week period. 

These templates typically include fields for employees to input their start and end times for each workday, as well as any breaks taken. 

They help employers monitor attendance, calculate payroll, and ensure compliance with labor regulations. 

Semi-monthly templates are divided into two sections, reflecting the first and second halves of the month for easier tracking.

Semi-Monthly Time Sheet Template – Google Spreadsheet

5. Monthly Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Monthly Timekeeping Sheet Templates

Monthly timekeeping sheet templates are pre-designed documents used to track and record the hours worked by employees on a monthly basis. 

These templates typically include sections for entering employee names, dates, daily work hours, overtime hours, breaks, and total hours worked. 

They serve as efficient tools for businesses to monitor employee attendance, calculate payroll, and ensure compliance with labor laws. 

These templates can be customized to suit specific company requirements and are often available in spreadsheet format for easy use.

Monthly Time Sheet Template – Google Spreadsheet

6. Daily Supervisor Timesheet Template

Daily Supervisor Timesheet Template

This template provides a simple yet effective way for supervisors to track the time spent on various tasks throughout the workweek. 

With designated sections for sick leave, paid time off, and project progress, supervisors can efficiently monitor their team’s productivity and ensure that projects stay on track.

Daily Supervisor Timesheet Template – Google Spreadsheet

7. Project Timesheet Template

Project Timesheet Template

Our project timesheet template offers a comprehensive overview of project progress, allowing team members to log their hours and tasks accurately. 

With free templates available, managing sick days and paid time off becomes seamless, ensuring that project deadlines are met effectively. 

Time-tracking processes are simplified with customizable options to suit different types of timesheet needs.

Projects Timesheet Template – Google Spreadsheet

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Top 4 Excel Timesheet Templates

Microsoft excel timekeeping sheet template

When it comes to efficient time-tracking processes, Excel timesheet templates are indispensable tools for businesses to monitor sick leave, project progress, and paid time off effectively. 

Here are four top-notch Excel templates tailored to streamline workweek management and various types of timesheets.

1. Employee Attendance Tracker Excel Templates

These templates offer comprehensive solutions for monitoring employee attendance, including sick days and vacation time. 

With customizable features, they provide a convenient way to track and manage staff presence efficiently.

Employee Attendance Tracker Excel Templates

2. Simple Excel Time Tracking Spreadsheet

Ideal for businesses seeking uncomplicated yet effective time tracking solutions, this template simplifies the process of monitoring project progress and work hours. 

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for employees to log their hours accurately.

Simple Excel Time Tracking Spreadsheet

3. PTO Tracker Excel Templates

Managing paid time off (PTO) can be a breeze with these templates, allowing businesses to effortlessly track employees’ PTO balances and usage. 

They provide insights into available PTO hours and help ensure compliance with company policies.

PTO Tracker Excel Templates

4. Vacation and Sick Time Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

These templates offer a comprehensive solution for tracking both vacation and sick time, providing visibility into employees’ time off balances and usage. 

They facilitate efficient management of leave requests and ensure accurate recording of sick leave.

Vacation and Sick Time Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

Feature To Look Into Timekeeping Sheet Template

Following are the feature to look into timekeeping sheet template:

1. Customize Option

Customization options allow you to create a timekeeping sheet that meets the unique requirements of your business. 

By having the ability to customize your timekeeping sheet template, you can ensure that it aligns with your business processes and makes it easier to track and manage employee work hours accurately.

2. Time Tracking Option

Time tracking helps ensure accurate and efficient recording of work hours, which is crucial for payroll processing and compliance with labor laws. 

It also provides transparency and accountability, as employees can monitor their work hours, and managers can track employee productivity.

3. Reporting Capability

The reporting capability is essential as it provides valuable insights into employee work hours, attendance patterns, and productivity levels. 

These reports can help you identify trends, make informed decisions, and improve workforce management.

Best Software Options for Timekeeping With Timesheet Templates

Here are the top 5 timesheet apps that you can opt for if you want to track your employee hours within a timesheet template (automatically).

  1. Buddy Punch
  2. Clockify
  3. Quickbooks Time
  4. ClickUp
  5. Wrike

1. Buddy Punch | Best Time Tracking Software

buddy punch.png

Buddy Punch is a timekeeping solution that revolutionizes how businesses manage employee hours and payroll. 

From small startups to large corporations, businesses across various industries rely on Buddy Punch for its efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendly interface.

Automating Timekeeping with Buddy Punch

One of the most time-consuming tasks for business owners and HR managers is manually tracking employee hours. 

With Buddy Punch, this process becomes seamless and effortless. Employees can easily clock in and out, record their total hours, end times, and breaks, all with just a few clicks. 

The timekeeping system automatically calculates employee hours based on their clock in and clock out times, as well as any overtime hours worked.

Enhanced Accuracy with Digital Timesheets

Manual timekeeping methods often lead to errors and discrepancies in payroll calculations. 

Buddy Punch eliminates these issues by providing digital timesheets that accurately track employee hours and pay rates. 

Collect Employee Timesheets Without Chasing Up

Whether employees are paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, Buddy Punch ensures precise calculations, taking into account regular hours, overtime hours, and any additional pay rates.

Streamlined Payroll Processes

With Buddy Punch, payroll processing becomes a breeze. 

Robert Fox: Export to Excel for Payroll

The system compiles all employee hours and pay rates into comprehensive reports, making it easy for payroll administrators to calculate total pay and generate accurate pay stubs. 

Business owners can rest assured knowing that every employee is compensated fairly for their time worked.

Real-Time Insights and Reporting

Buddy Punch offers real-time insights into employee work hours and attendance patterns

Payroll: Run Report, Import time into payroll

Managers can easily track employee hours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, keeping track of hours worked, lunch breaks taken, and overtime hours accrued. 

These insights empower managers to make data-driven decisions regarding staffing levels, scheduling, and resource allocation.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Buddy Punch seamlessly integrates with existing payroll and accounting systems, such as Microsoft Excel, ADP, Quickbooks, etc, making it easy to import and export data between platforms. 


The system also offers customizable features, allowing businesses to tailor their timekeeping process to their specific needs. 

Whether it’s using pre-designed time card templates or creating custom reports, Buddy Punch adapts to fit the unique requirements of each business.

Efficient Time Tracking for Every Business

Whether you’re a small business with a handful of employees or a large enterprise with hundreds of team members, Buddy Punch simplifies the timekeeping process and helps businesses stay organized and compliant. 

With its user-friendly interface, accurate calculations, and real-time insights, Buddy Punch is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their payroll processes and keep track of hours worked.

How To Use Buddy Punch’s Timekeeping Sheet Templates?

To effectively utilize Buddy Punch’s timekeeping sheet templates, follow these simple steps.

1. Accessing the Templates
  • Log in to your Buddy Punch account and navigate to the dashboard.
  • Locate the “Timekeeping” or “Time Entry” section, where you’ll find various template options suited to different needs, including weekly and daily time sheets.
2. Selecting the Template
  • Choose the template that best aligns with your business’s time tracking requirements. 
  • Whether you need to track hours on a daily or weekly basis, Buddy Punch offers customizable options to suit your preferences.
3. Entering Time Data
  • Begin by entering the relevant details such as the day of the week, date, and employee information. 
  • This includes the total work hours for each day, which can be easily calculated based on the hours worked and the hourly rate.
4. Utilizing Time Entry Tools
  • Take advantage of Buddy Punch’s built-in time entry features to streamline the process. 
  • With options for manual entry or integration with time tracking apps and timesheet software, recording the amount of time spent on various tasks becomes effortless.
5. Tracking Daily Hours
  • Record the number of hours worked each day, ensuring accuracy and compliance with labor regulations. 
  • Buddy Punch’s intuitive interface allows for seamless time entry, reducing the likelihood of errors.
6. Calculating Weekly Totals
  • Summarize the total hours worked on a weekly basis, providing a comprehensive overview of employee performance. 
  • Buddy Punch’s timesheet software automatically calculates these totals, saving you time and effort.

By following these steps and leveraging Buddy Punch’s timekeeping sheet templates, you can effectively manage and monitor employee time tracking with ease. 

Whether tracking daily hours or weekly totals, Buddy Punch provides the tools and flexibility needed to streamline your time management processes.

Buddy Punch’s Online Reviews

As of the writing date, Buddy Punch has 4.8 out of 5 stars and 940 reviews on Capterra.

Buddy Punch Reviews: 940 reviews on Capterra with 4.8 stars

Below, we’ll list just a few reviews that speak to Buddy Punch’s ease of use and great customer support service. (Click here to explore the full list of reviews.)

“We needed a new solution for timekeeping and Buddy Punch came through! Onboarding and integration was so easy. Once I figured out all the setting options, it’s really easy to customize to exactly what you need. Employees love using it because it’s so straight forward to use.”

Click here to read the full review

“BuddyPunch has been very helpful and I am glad my organization made the switch from our previous tracker to BuddyPunch. As mentioned earlier, the ease of use of BuddyPunch is what separates it from a lot of competitors.”

Click here to read the full review

“Easy to clock in from anywhere and still manage how much time you’ve worked in a day. Easily tells you when you’ve gone past 8hrs, and also great for seeing when your team members are clocked in or out.”

Click here to read the full review

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Try Buddy Punch For Free

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 2. Clockify | Best For Freelancers

Clockify is a time tracking tool that provides a range of features to help businesses manage and monitor their time-related activities. 

Clockify is a versatile time-tracking tool designed to help individuals and teams manage their time effectively. 

Key Features,

  1. Time Tracking
  2. Project and Task Management
  3. Reporting and Analytics
  4. Billable Hours Tracking
  5. Team Collaboration
  6. User Permissions and Roles
  7. Integration with Third-Party Apps
  8. Mobile Time Tracking
  9. Invoicing
  10. Browser Extension

Clockify has 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra .

It has a total of 4748 reviews on Capterra.

 “It is a great software for smart working experience. It works very well and it helps you to track time from anywhere.Its flexibility makes it compatible with everyone.collected data by clockify helps me alot to analyze employees performance and also create reports.”

Click here to read the full review.

3. Quickbooks Time | Best Time Tracker With Invoicing

QuickBooks Payroll provides a user-friendly interface for managing payroll tasks, including calculating wages, withholding taxes, and issuing payments to employees. 

It offers integration with QuickBooks accounting software, allowing for seamless financial management. 

Key Features, 

  1. Payroll Processing
  2. Automatic Payroll Tax Calculations
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. Employee Self-Service Portal
  5. Payroll Reporting
  6. Workers’ Compensation Tracking
  7. Time Tracking Integration
  8. Employee Benefits Management
  9. Mobile App
  10. Compliance Assistance

Quickbooka has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Capterra.

It has 848 reviews on Capterra.

“A reliable and accurate service providing pretty much everything the small business needs to generate a payroll and to remit taxes and tax filings in a timely basis. Good customer service. When new state taxes were introduced, it was sometimes difficult to get the calculation of taxes due correct and, in my case, QuickBooks was never able to successfully remit the Washington Family & Medical Leave tax.”

Click here to read the full review.

4. ClickUp | Best Time Card App With Project Management

ClickUp is a powerful project management and productivity platform that streamlines workflows and enhances team collaboration. 

It provides a comprehensive set of features to meet the diverse needs of users in managing tasks, projects, and organizational processes.

Key Features,

  1. Task Management
  2. Customizable Workspaces
  3. Time Tracking
  4. Collaborative Docs
  5. Goal Tracking
  6. Gantt Charts
  7. Integrations
  8. Automation
  9. Multiple Views
  10. Reporting

ClickUp has a rating of  4.7 stars out of 5 on Capterra.

It has a total of 3997 reviews on Capterra.

“Our overall experience with ClickUp has been positive. It’s a powerful tool that has streamlined our project management and collaboration. While the learning curve was initially steep, the benefits we’ve gained regarding organization and efficiency have been well worth the effort.”

Click here to read the full review.

5. Wrike | Best Timesheet App With Project Tracking

Wrike is a project management and collaboration tool designed to help teams streamline their work processes and improve overall efficiency. 

It provides a centralized platform for managing tasks, projects, and team communication, making it easier for teams to collaborate and stay organized.

Key Features,

  1. Task Management
  2. Project Planning
  3. Real-time Collaboration
  4. Gantt Charts
  5. Time Tracking
  6. File Sharing
  7. Customizable Dashboards
  8. Reporting and Analytics
  9. Integration with other tools
  10. Mobile App Support

Wrike has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Capterra.

It has 2587 reviews on Capterra. 

“Our company’s problems with managing and assigning tasks have been solved by Wrike. Knowing what comes next in the processes we’re involved in is a big assistance.”

Click here to read the full review.

Benefits of Using Timekeeping Sheet Template

agency time tracking software

Following are the benefits of using timekeeping sheet temple:

1. Efficiency

Using a timekeeping sheet template can significantly improve efficiency in managing employee work hours. 

These templates streamline the process of recording and tracking work hours, reducing the time and effort required for manual record-keeping. 

2. Consistency

Using a timekeeping sheet template promotes consistency in tracking and recording employee work hours. 

This consistency ensures that all employees follow the same timekeeping procedures, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies in payroll processing.

3. Accuracy

Accurate timekeeping is essential for calculating payroll and complying with labor laws and regulations. 

Employers can easily track and monitor employee work hours using a timekeeping sheet template, reducing the likelihood of payroll errors and disputes.

4. Organize and Track Time

Timekeeping sheet templates provide a centralized system for tracking employee time, making it easier to manage schedules, monitor attendance, and calculate wages. 

Employers can reduce the risk of errors and discrepancies in payroll processing by using a standardized timekeeping system.

5. Transparency and Accountability

Timekeeping sheet templates help monitor employee attendance and productivity, creating a transparent system for tracking work hours. 

This transparency fosters accountability among employees, as they know their work hours are being monitored and recorded accurately.

6. Structured Approach

A timekeeping sheet template provides a structured approach to tracking and managing employee work hours. 

This structured approach helps employees and employers ensure that all work hours are accurately recorded and accounted for. 

7. Flexibility

Flexibility in timekeeping allows for easy customization of the template to match the business’s unique requirements. 

This flexibility enables employers to track and manage employee work hours more efficiently, improving productivity and compliance with labor laws.

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How Do Timekeeping Sheet Templates Benefit Individuals and Teams?

Timekeeping sheet templates offer several benefits to both individuals and teams. 

These templates provide a convenient way for individuals to track their work hours, breaks, and overtime, ensuring they are accurately compensated for their time. 

It also helps individuals manage their time more effectively, allowing them to identify areas where they can improve their productivity.


In conclusion, using a timekeeping sheet template offers numerous benefits for employees and employers. 

These templates provide a structured and organized way to track and manage employee work hours, ensuring accuracy and compliance with labor laws. 

They promote transparency and accountability in the workplace, fostering trust and communication among employees and management.

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