Online Employee Scheduling Software

Scheduling made easy. Need time tracking too? All employee management features are included with our scheduling plans.
This is an employee scheduling app made with both team members and managers in mind. That said – with a user-friendly dashboard, seamless integrations, and features for every occasion, it’s also so much more than that.

Full Control of Your Employees’ Work Schedules

Create schedules in minutes. Ensure your business is adequately covered and your staff knows exactly when to work. Unlock streamlined employee shift scheduling, add and save schedule templates, and handle all your staffing with automated timesheets.

More Than a Time Clock – This is a Homebase

Create, Update, and Distribute

Our drag and drop functionality means business owners can easily manage schedules and notify your team of upcoming shifts or schedule changes. Something unforeseen occur? Easily track time or swap shifts within a few button clicks.

View and notify

Employees can view their scheduled shifts in our work schedule app anytime. You can send notifications to one person or department, or to your entire staff with the click of a button.

Track, Manage, and Optimize

Limit when and where an employee can punch in real-time through automation features like geofences at multiple locations or punch limiting to a time of day. Schedule smart with our availability feature so you know ahead of time when your employees are able to work. Export reports in Excel, PDF, or other formats for an overview of where you could be saving on labor costs.

Create a schedule in minutes

Cloud-based Web and Mobile Employee scheduling software for small businesses and enterprises alike – shouldn’t everyone have a simplified scheduling process?

Watch our short video below to see some highlights of our various staff scheduling features. Scroll down to see some additional information about each feature. All of our Time Tracking features are included with the scheduling tool.

Other Features

Learn More About Our Scheduling Software

We’ve only just begun to touch on why our user-friendly Buddy Punch beats out free employee calendar apps like iCal or Google Calendar. There’s even more features to our staff scheduling & time tracking software than we’ve covered – such as a Text to Punch communication feature which enables you to turn SMS messaging into a clock in or clock out, all without requiring an internet connection on your mobile device. Even with all these workplace optimization options built into our all-in-one management system, we made sure to keep our design intuitive and easy-to-use for team members and managers alike.

Our goal isn’t to be the best employee scheduling software on the market, it’s to be the best employee scheduling app for you, your employees, and your scheduling needs.
Other Popular Buddy Punch Features:
Time Off Requests | Payroll Integrations (QuickBooks, ADP, and more provider APIs) | Customized Reports | OT Calculations | Shift Reminders
Have any additional questions about our software solution? We’re happy to help answer them. Click on the chat button on the lower right hand corner of the screen to get in contact with our responsive customer support. We don’t automate our responses – we believe every customer deserves a human touch.
We also have a self help area where you can explore various articles and videos that help with topics such as scheduling systems, or other aspects of business such as onboarding and general workforce management. Meanwhile, the Buddy Punch Blog provides illumination on topics such as labor laws, software usage in different types of work & fields such as healthcare or construction, and long-term changes business owners can implement to further improve workforce management & employee retention.
Paid plan pricing varies depending on features desired. Click here to see what hundreds of users have said about Buddy Punch on the review site Capterra, and why we’re a strong alternative to management software like Connecteam, Sling, and When I Work. There is no free plan, but you can start a 14-day free trial by clicking here.