Simple Excel Time Tracking Spreadsheet

As a business owner or manager, you’re tasked with tracking employee time as well as monitoring their progress. Long gone are the days when employees wrote down their hours on a weekly timesheet to hand into their employers. With printed time cards made in Excel CSV or Google Sheets, employers were often victims of time theft and fraudulent clock in or clock out times on behalf of other employees. Every pay period was a test to see if the number of hours reported was accurate or manipulated.

Nowadays, automated time tracking software has come in to save you from the waste of paying employees who aren’t working their hours. These apps enable you to keep track of work hours way more effectively than printed time tracking templates. Now, you can streamline the entire process by ensuring the total hours you pay are true to what’s owed.

With Buddy Punch, you can focus on other projects without the headaches of time tracking.

Are You Still Set on Sticking to the Manual Timesheets?

Many businesses still use this similar idea here and the reasons are understandable. Microsoft Excel timesheet templates are extremely easy to use and are a significant step up from all those manually written, printed out, and copied timesheets. As a manager, you can use Excel to track employee hours, but it still means a fair amount of manual work.

For those who prefer working in a spreadsheet, Buddy Punch has designed an automated spreadsheet solution. This provides a perfect alternative to your traditional weekly timesheet templates, one that will save you time and money.

Buddy Punch does all the heavy lifting by taking all of the captured data, whether it be hours worked, regular hours and overtime hours calculated, or even lunch breaks, and puts it together in easy-to-read exportable reports that can be customized to fit your payroll or HR department’s needs.

What Can Buddy Punch Timesheets Do For You?

Buddy Punch timesheets are automated and highly advanced. As a result, they will reduce gross payroll costs and the time spent on processing and tracking time for payroll. You’ll find yourself wondering why you haven’t used this tool sooner. Its array of features keeps you informed of everything going on in your company, without you having to spend your valuable time trying to track everyone!

These work as a replacement for any template you’re used to, whether you like biweekly timesheets or prefer monthly timesheets, our tracking app is an overhaul for how you handle total pay for employees. Plus, automated timesheets turn payroll processing into a piece of cake.

Rather than the hours you may have spent doing this in the past, it will take only a few minutes of your time with the software’s help. By letting an advanced software do all the work for you, you’ll save a ton on payroll costs and still be able to organize the spreadsheet the way you want it.

Buddy Punch timesheets will keep you updated at all times, anywhere you are. Timesheets are updated in real time across all devices, leaving no room for errors or delays.

How Will Your Tracking Be Improved?

Spreadsheets aren’t the only feature offered by Buddy Punch. In fact, this is not even close to the only feature offered. To make it all run smoothly and without errors, the software helps you track time for each employee, assign them managers, approve PTO, and much more all from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Aren’t you tired of digging through start times and end times to calculate job costs and billable hours on a monthly basis?

The process works both ways. Your employees will no longer need to write down hours on a printed spreadsheet and go through the trouble of having to hand deliver it to you.

Most importantly, the Buddy Punch software will keep tabs on where employees are when they punch in or out of work. In the past, employees could put down any hours they wished, but with Buddy Punch, this cannot happen now. With facial recognition and GPS, as well as assigned IP addresses, you can track the location of each employee, at any time when they claim to be working.

What Are the Benefits of Buddy Punch Over Traditional Excel Spreadsheets?

You might be wondering – why is this system better? There are many reasons why the printed or manually filled Excel spreadsheet isn’t the best option for your business.

First, a plain spreadsheet system doesn’t allow you to automatically generate reports in different categories.

Second, there’s the hassle of adding time entries throughout the day.

Another problem is that spreadsheets get accidentally deleted or lost on your computer’s hard drive.

Finally, the smallest mistakes can lead to payroll errors that cost you a lot.

Don’t let all this happen to you. Use Buddy Punch!

Online-Based Time Clock

If you’d like more information about our online-based time clock, we’ve provided that for you here!

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