Time Tracking Made Easy

With Buddy Punch, managing your employees is simple.  Employees can easily punch time online or through
the use of one of our time clock apps. We offer easy integration with your accounting software as well as leading payroll providers.
When it comes time to run payroll you click to export or download to Excel, CSV, or PDF.  Easy for you and your employees.

How Does It Work?

What is Buddy Punch?

Buddy Punch is a cloud-based online time tracking system that makes collecting time sheets a breeze for your business. We’re a user-friendly solution that allows your users to get started very quickly! We can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, so your employees can visit our website or use our app for all their punching needs!

 Only a few simple steps to use the system:

  • Step 1: Add your employees to Buddy Punch.
  • Step 2:We email your employees their usernames & passwords.
  • Step 3:They login to punch in and out.
  • Step 4:You login and collect their time for payroll processing.

Integrate Buddy Punch with your existing software

Buddy Punch integrates with various scheduling, invoice and payroll processing tools as well as other third-party applications such as Zapier. With the help of Buddy Punch, you can simplify your time tracking and management processes. If you’re a small business owner looking for a scheduling software to track employee time and attendance or shifts, then Buddy Punch is an ideal solution.

Reduce payroll costs and save multiple hours per week!

One of the main goals of Buddy Punch is to make time tracking as easy as possible for you and your employees – but we also want to help you save on payroll and employee management costs. One of the ways Buddy Punch does this is by continually updating our platform to meet the needs of our customers. If a customer needs something to help make tracking time even easier, we do our best to accommodate them. 


Single Sign On

Single Sign On, or more commonly referred to as SSO, allows your employees to log into Buddy Punch just by clicking the Google icon at the login page. 


Calculate Employee Hours & Pay

With the help of Buddy Punch, you can easily track the hours your employees have worked. Running payroll is a breeze thanks to our multiple reporting options.


Web-based for Easy Access

With Buddy Punch, your employees can punch in and out from any device with an internet connection – whether a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. They can also access their data from anywhere on the device of their choosing. 


Mobile App for iOS Devices

If you have employees who work in the field or remotely, then having their information at your fingertips is crucial. Thankfully, Buddy Punch has an iOS app available which can be downloaded and used for free.


Best Time Tracking Solution

When trying to find a new time tracking solution, part of your research will be reading reviews. To help in your search, we’ve put together some reviews of the top time tracking solutions available.


Case Studies

If you’re on the fence about which time tracking solution to use, then be sure to read the case studies we’ve done on former and current customers. You can read about how they use our software and how it’s been beneficial to their business.

See what our customers have to say!

Buddy Punch has given greater visual to each manager allowing them to see where their employees are spending their time and how much time their employees are working. 

River Valley Church

We have been using Buddy Punch for 2 months now. It is very easy to use and to navigate through.

Peter Gramoll Agency Inc.

Buddy Punch has made our employee timekeeping much much easier and smoother. Very cost effective compared with all of the other systems out there.

Farber Company Attorneys

The easiest system I have ever used. The staff has no problem with the system not recognizing them as our old system did. Signing in very easy. Keeps accurate time. Very easy to edit.

Atlantic Adult Pediatric Medicine

Ready to get started?

Buddy Punch users can reduce payroll costs and save several hours per week managing employee time. During our trial you’ll get full access to all features and can add as many employees as you’d like. You will also get free, unlimited customer support by email or through our live chat feature. Just click below to learn more!