4 Reasons to Use Time Clocks With Facial Recognition

When it comes to time tracking, there are plenty of reasons to upgrade from pen and paper sheets to a new employee time tracking sheet system.

One of the main reasons for upgrading attendance systems is to help prevent what’s known as buddy punching, or time theft. Buddy punching occurs when an employee clocks in for a coworker who’s running late. While time theft may not seem like a major problem, especially if you only have a handful of employees, it’s important to note that if left unchecked, time theft can quickly start to eat into your company’s finances. In fact, according to the American Payroll Association (APA), the average employee takes anywhere from 50 minutes to 4.5 hours per week by showing up late, leaving early, and by taking extended breaks and lunches. Even if you’re a small business – managing more than one employee in real-time over the course of a year could easily cost thousands of unearned dollars in payroll.

One of the best ways to reduce time theft is with access control features, such as biometric face recognition. With a facial recognition time clock, you can virtually eliminate the chance of time theft occurring, helping to keep everyone honest and on the same page, and ensuring that you’re not paying for hours that weren’t worked.

While biometric facial recognition technology has been around for years, it is just now starting to become a standard feature when it comes to attendance software. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few benefits of using facial recognition software in your company now.

1. Eliminate Time Theft

Simply put, facial recognition technology can put an end to buddy punching completely. Time cards and passcodes can be passed around, enabling employees to help a fellow coworker out by clocking them in during their absence; but with facial recognition, if your employee isn’t there to have their face scanned, then they won’t be clocked in. It’s as simple as that. There’s no algorithm that could be hacked, no RFID badge that could be “borrowed,” no touch screen to fool. Since no one can fake an employee’s face, you will be able to put an end to buddy punching once and for all.

In addition to preventing buddy punching, you can put an end to other forms of time theft as well, such as employees falsifying their hours worked or exaggerating overtime. Since your employee needs to be present to clock in and out, there’s no falsifying the figures or exaggerating the hours they were present.

2. Saves Time and Frustration

In addition to the money-saving benefits, facial recognition software can also help to save you and your employees from a tremendous amount of time and frustration. With old-fashioned punch cards, you run the risk of employees losing their cards or forgetting them at home. Passcodes or passwords are easily forgotten, resulting in wasted time and frustration. With facial recognition functionalities, your employees can easily clock in and out with just their face, no codes or passwords required. As a bonus, in lieu of the pandemic, this a hygienic, touchless option that scans the facial features of an employee without requiring more direct input.

3. Enhances Reliability and Accuracy

Implementing facial recognition software can also help to improve accuracy. No one can argue that your employee was or wasn’t present when there is a picture as proof. While numbers can be changed, biometrics can’t! An automated system can also help eliminate a lot of human error, meaning you’re your employees’ time; including their hours worked, overtime, and absence is accurately reported, removing the guesswork from the equation!

4. Handle Temporary Employees or Remote Workers With Ease

Finally, if your company hires temporary workers, such as seasonal employees, or contract workers, then you know firsthand the frustrations that can arise when it comes to tracking and accurately managing their time; and if you have employees working out in the field, it’s a similar story. With so many different people coming and going, keeping track of everyone’s hours, not to mention verifying them, can be all but impossible. With facial recognition software, though, you’ll be able to confirm that your employees were on-site when they claim to be, it’s an easy way to ensure accuracy.

In today’s age, your choice of a biometric time clock should be honed by flexibility – the time clock system you choose should work on Wifi or Ethernet, should be available as a web app or mobile app (for iOS and Android), and should be as smooth to implement as possible so it doesn’t disrupt your employees’ workflow. Bonus points for integrations with other software you use for project management as well (a lot of our clients look for biometric employee time clock solutions that integrate with payroll software such as Quickbooks and Paychex).

The workplace is constantly changing, keeping up with the changes means working to stay ahead of potential issues that could arise. By implementing an employee time and attendance tracking software that includes facial recognition software, you’ll be ahead of the curve, and will be able to increase accuracy, eliminate the chance of human error, and help to prevent time theft, all while making the process of clocking in much easier for your team. What isn’t to love about that?

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