7 Best Employee Tracking Apps (GPS Tracking, Mileage Tracking & More)

7 Best Employee Tracking Apps (GPS Tracking, Mileage Tracking, and More)

Companies looking for employee tracking apps want a way to keep their employees accountable. Accountability can mean:

  • Keeping payroll and time cards accurate by tracking when employees clock in for work, and where they are during their shift.
  • Tracking drivers when they’re using company vehicles. 
  • Tracking employee productivity with screen time monitoring.

For each type of use case, there’s an employee tracking app that can help your business ensure your team is logging their hours and work schedule accurately and honestly. This cuts down on time theft, boosting both productivity and profitability.

Best Employee Tracking Apps

  1. Buddy Punch – The best employee tracking app for small businesses.

  2. Connecteam – A good tracking app with extra HR features, like recruiting and onboarding.

  3. OnTheClock – An employee tracking via fingerprint check-ins.

  4. Timeero – Employee tracking with an electronic visit verification feature (which is great for industries like home care).

  5. ClockShark – Employee tracking software that’s good for field service technicians.

  6. Hubstaff – Employee tracking that reports on-screen monitoring and productivity.

  7. QuickBooks – Employee tracking that’s part of a comprehensive payroll solution.

1. Buddy Punch

Best Employee Tracking for Small Businesses

Buddy Punch dashboard interface

Buddy Punch is a user-friendly cloud-based time clock software with a GPS tracking feature — you can see where your employees are when they clock in and out for their shift, and you can track their whereabouts while they’re on the clock.

Here’s a high-level overview of how it works and why we think it’s one of the best employee GPS tracking apps for small businesses.

  • Employees download the free Buddy Punch app, which is available on both the App Store (for iOS devices) and the Google Play Store (for Android devices).

  • Employees clock in and out from work on their smartphones. They can also clock in or out on tablets or computers, but to get the most benefit from GPS tracking, it’s recommended that you have your employees use their smartphones.

  • Buddy Punch logs where they were when they clocked in, then uses their smartphone location as a GPS tracking device. Now you can see where your employees are during their shifts. These locations are updated in near real-time, so you can monitor employee whereabouts throughout your day by looking on your Buddy Punch dashboard.

Buddy Punch is a well-thought-out time clock and employee time tracking system, so there are other key features that you can use to increase employee accountability, such as requiring that employees submit a photo of themselves when they clock in and out (to eliminate the possibility of buddy punching) or setting up geofenced areas so employees can only clock in and out for work when they’re at the right location.

We cover those features and more below, but you can also learn about Buddy Punch by signing up for a free trial or scheduling a one-on-one demo

GPS Tracking Through Time Tracking

Time Card Map example: Joe Hodgins

As mentioned above, Buddy Punch’s GPS tracking features are intertwined with its time tracking features. This is so that we can ensure the GPS feature is only active during employees’ work hours, and also because it makes it easier for you: all you have to do is enable the Real Time GPS feature, and you’ll get geolocation data as soon as your employees clock in.

Designate Locations

Add a New Location

Buddy Punch lets you designate the coordinates of work sites and assign them to different employees, teams, or departments, streamlining the process of verifying locations for both on-site and remote teams.

View Punch-Ins

Type, Time, Device: Punch In and Punch Out

The Real Time GPS feature records the locations workers clock in from; you can go through the records and confirm whether they were at work. This is an efficient tool for combatting time theft (whether intentional or otherwise).

Live Location Updates

Live Location: Alex Wizard

You can also monitor employees throughout their shifts with live location updates. This can be useful for monitoring delivery drivers’ progress along a route, or you can use it in an office setting to ensure employees aren’t clocking in only to turn around and leave.

Per Employee

GPS Setting: Allow GPS Tracking

You can also specify which employees are or aren’t included in GPS tracking. This can be useful if only part of your workforce needs GPS monitoring; for instance, remote workers, drivers, or employees who rotate through multiple work sites. In addition, it can enable you to use an opt-in or opt-out system for GPS tracking, increasing privacy and transparency for your workers.


Geofencing Map

If employees typically report to one or more set work sets, you can set up geofences to keep them from clocking in until they reach their worksite. You can designate multiple locations as well as a geographic radius within which employees can clock in. If employees try to clock in before they’ve reached their work site, they’ll receive an error message telling them to try again once they’re closer.

Additional Time Tracking Features

In addition to GPS tracking, Buddy Punch has time tracking tools to increase accountability and accuracy of timekeeping. Notable ones include facial verification, automatic breaks, paid time off (PTO) accrual, and overtime alerts.

Accountability via Facial Recognition

Face recognized - Status: Punch-In

If you enable Photos on Punch, employees must take pictures of themselves to clock in. These pictures will be compared to the one on file to keep anyone from clocking other employees in.

Automatic Breaks

Automatic Break Rule

Buddy Punch lets you designate break rules that can be applied to employees, teams, or departments. During their shifts, unpaid breaks will automatically be factored into time cards when the conditions outlined in these rules are met. For example, you can set up a lunch break that will kick in after employees have clocked a certain number of hours. This prevents time theft via unauthorized breaks and increases transparency for workers.


Upcoming Request: Request Time Off example

Because Buddy Punch tracks time, it can also track PTO accrual. Once you set up the rate at which employees accrue PTO, it will automatically calculate and update their pool of PTO for you. Employees can then request PTO through their self-service portals.


Overtime Alert

Whether because of a deadline crunch or a scheduling mishap, sometimes employees rack up unauthorized overtime. To prevent this, Buddy Punch lets you send alerts to employees and managers when someone is approaching overtime. This lets employees course-correct while also giving managers a chance to adjust the schedule accordingly.

Create Work Schedules and Run Payroll

In addition to time tracking and GPS tracking, Buddy Punch can also handle scheduling and payroll.

Employee Scheduling

Schedule Interface: Start Date, End Date

Buddy Punch lets you make schedules and scheduling templates that can also help you ensure employees are where they’re supposed to be. Employees can access these schedules via their self-service portal, and you can also alert them to shifts and schedule changes via push notifications.

Calendar-Based Drag-and-Drop

Buddy Punch uses an intuitive calendar-based drag-and-drop interface, letting you quickly generate reusable schedule templates. You can also customize and rearrange existing schedules to account for unusual circumstances.

Add a New Location

When making shifts, you can assign them to a location, ensuring that employees know which job site they’re supposed to go to.

Automatic Punch-Outs
Automatically punch an employee out after a certain amount of time

If employees have trouble remembering to clock out at the end of the workday, you can enable automatic punch-outs that will log them out once their shift has ended (which also prevents accidental GPS tracking outside of work).

Shift Trading
Trade Request

When an employee can’t make a scheduled shift, they can request a cover via the built-in shift trading system. Once employees agree to a trade, it’s sent to a manager for approval, keeping everyone on the same page.


Payroll: Run Report, Import time into payroll

The time cards generated by Buddy Punch can be exported directly into payroll systems: either one of the ones we offer integrations for, or Buddy Punch’s own payroll system. If you use Buddy Punch for payroll, wages (including overtime) are calculated directly from hours worked. All you have to do is review and approve, and payroll will be set out.

Direct Deposit

Employees have the ability to set up payment methods and preferences within their self-service portal. If they select direct deposit, Buddy Punch will handle it for you.

Automate taxes and forms

Buddy Punch automatically files local, state, and federal taxes when you use it to run payroll.

Additional Expenses
Mileage Tracking (Total)

Buddy Punch also lets you track and factor in additional expenses like group life term, reimbursements, non-hourly regular pay, paycheck tips, bonuses, commissions, cash tips, and severance.

Customer Reviews

Buddy Punch Capterra Reviews

As of this writing, Buddy Punch has 4.8/5 stars based on 930+ reviews on Capterra(a popular software review site). 

Here’s what our customers have to say about us:

“We… use the GPS feature to track where our employees clock in and out since they do so at a remote site. The feature is accurate and is easy to use on our employees phones….” 

Click here to read the full review.

“…The option to punch in and out with geolocation included was a big step forward….” 

Click here to read the full review.

“…Provides accountability for our employees with the location settings such as GPS/Geofence…”

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“…I like the ability to track where employees are Because prior to this app we had an employee who was being dishonest…” 

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You can read more of our Capterra reviews here.

2. Connecteam

Extra HR Features

Connecteam homepage: Manage your entire team in one app

Connecteam is a versatile time tracking platform that includes a time clock, task management and progress oversight, scheduling software, communication tools, and HR tools.

Its GPS tracker is linked to its time clock, prioritizing accuracy and privacy. 

As a time tracking platform, Connecteam has many useful features. 

  • The mobile app generates digital timesheets and has optional geofencing, plus an option to sync staff schedules. This enables real-time attendance tracking; overtime, breaks, and PTO tracking; an automated reporting feature; and streamlined integration into popular payroll software. 

  • The app also has an integrated template-based calendar scheduling interface with options for employee feedback. In fact, there’s even an integrated chat menu that can be used to ensure messages are only sent during work hours.

But the biggest thing that differentiates Connecteam from other employee monitoring apps is its HR tools.

Along with the employee chat feature, you can use Connecteam to send updates and surveys, announce events, maintain a work directory, and create a knowledge base of essential information. It also offers tools for training and onboarding, including quizzes. 

In addition to letting you monitor productivity, augmenting project management, Connecteam also has a system that automates rewards and recognitions when employees hit work milestones. Finally, it lets you securely store employee documents like certifications.

3. OnTheClock

Fingerprint Biometrics

OnTheClock homepage: Easy time tracking for small business

OnTheClock includes employee time tracking, GPS tracking, biometric verification via fingerprinting, scheduling, and payroll integrations. 

OnTheClock’s strength isn’t its GPS function, which only tracks location when employees clock in or out. This lack of real-time location reduces potential applications (e.g. delivery route tracking) and doesn’t help you track employees throughout their shift.

What it does do well is biometric verification via fingerprinting. Their fingerprint scanner can connect to Windows computers, desktops, or tablets, allowing you to prevent practices like buddy punching, where workers log in for absent colleagues. However, be sure to check local and state laws on using, storing, and getting consent for employee biometrics before pursuing this option.

Their time tracking software works with the same devices their fingerprint scanner does, giving employees flexibility in how they clock in and out. It also has built-in time off tracking, including a menu for employees to request time off and a calendar view of which employees are out of office. Their shift scheduling feature also uses a calendar interface, and includes advanced customizable features like location filtering and shift duplication. Finally, OnTheClock also integrates with payroll software like ADP, Gusto, and QuickBooks.

4. Timeero

Electronic Visit Verification

Timeero homepage: GPS Time Tracking & Mileage Tracking for Employees

Scheduling, time and mileage tracking, PTO accrual, facial verification, and payroll integrations are all included with Timeero

For GPS and mileage, they have a segmented tracking feature to ensure you can review workers’ routes without requiring that they clock in and out throughout the day. Timeero also offers geofencing, including alerts for out-of-bounds locations so you can see if drivers are not following the appropriate right.

What really sets Timeero apart is its Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for home care.

This feature cuts down on fraud and patient neglect, increasing accountability for caregivers and protecting patients from overbilling. To enhance this accountability, Timeero includes facial recognition features to verify employees’ identities.

Plus, Timeero includes scheduling and GPS time tracking app features. In addition to features typical of time trackers (e.g. digital timesheets, payroll integrations, and a smartphone app), it also has the ability to manage California Meal And Rest Breaks compliance, ensuring employees get the breaks they’re entitled to and business owners are protected from litigation. 

Employees can request their PTO through the mobile app, and employers can also create custom time-off categories.

5. ClockShark

Field Service Tracking Solution

ClockShark homepage: Get The Industries' #1 Time-Tracking App

ClockShark is geared toward field work, serving industries like construction, contractors and handymen, electrical, painting, landscaping, cleaning services, plumbing, roofing, and real estate managers, among others. This is largely supported by their GPS functionality. You can set up geofences, check clock-in and clock-out locations, receive location pings every 10–15 minutes, and view a map of all clocked-in field employees. 

You can track time via kiosk, desktop, and mobile devices. Because of the GPS capabilities, workers who travel or are at field sites don’t have to worry about recording their time or location, since this is automatically tracked for them. It also includes reminders for employees to clock in and out to ensure accuracy. It’s also set up to let managers track multiple crews in real-time from a single device. It also has scheduling and time off functionality, including a drag-and-drop calendar interface and employee alerts.

Finally, ClockShark includes tools for job management and finances. For example, their job costing feature lets you track and manage jobs, generate financial reports, and restrict permissions to information to the people who need them. There’s also a customer management menu where you can organize customer records, making it easier to provide field workers with accurate information on open jobs and contact information.

6. Hubstaff

Employee Productivity Metrics

Hubstaff homepage: Driving productivity for work teams everywhere

The Hubstaff platform includes: 

  • Time tracking
  • GPS and geofencing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Employee experience
  • Workforce management 
  • Overtime tracking
  • Payroll and software integrations

Of particular note are Hubstaff’s employee productivity metrics for employee activity; this can include screenshots, apps and URLs, activity, and locations, but also include privacy-preserving customizations. For example, you can blur, hide, or remove screenshots; choose whether to track apps & URLs, just apps, or neither; see or hide employee keyboard and mouse activity; and choose whether to enable or disable GPS location tracking for specific teams and employees. 

In addition to this real-time data, employers can also see reports. This platform also offers tools for employee mental health, including achievement badges.

Also available via Hubstaff for both desktop and mobile is a habit-tracking app. In addition to offering a way to track potential time-wasting activities and boost accountability, this app has integrated reminders and task tracking features. Therefore, rather than strictly surveilling team members’ productivity, you can offer them tools for better time management and productivity.

7. QuickBooks Workforce

Employee Tracking App with Extra Payroll Features

QuickBooks Workforce (formerly QuickBooks Time) homepage: Time tracking software built for your business

QuickBooks Workforce is an employee-friendly map that connects with QuickBooks Time (more on this below). The Workforce app lets you track employee hours and mileage; the latter is based on an automatic GPS feature that kicks in whenever you start driving. This lets you combine time tracking and GPS tracking with their all-in-one payments and banking workflow. 

With QuickBooks, you can schedule and pay bills, send invoices, and make deposits, all with chargeback protection. For example, you could use the GPS feature to accurately track mileage and reimburse employees without having to manage multiple software platforms.

As mentioned above, the app automatically tracks mileage when you start driving. It also lets you categorize trips as business or personal, letting you more easily verify which trips are eligible for tax deductions. Finally, you can generate detailed reports by mileage and vehicle, and these reports can be shared within your team. The main potential downside of this employee location tracking app is that it appears to be unable to distinguish between personal and work trips, which could compromise employee privacy.

QuickBooks also has an app for time tracking (that’s QuickBooks Time), though you can also set up clock-in kiosks. It includes geofencing and GPS tracking while workers are logged in. There’s also a mobile scheduling feature, and it has alerts and custom notifications, including overtime alerts. Finally, the app generates time sheets and reports that can easily be reviewed by managers, and it also integrates into the QuickBooks payroll.

Note that QuickBooks has variable pricing options depending on the size of your business, letting you optimize what you pay for the tools you need.

Next Steps: Starting Your Free Employee Tracking App Trial

In this post, we looked at several different employee tracking apps. Some apps focused on GPS tracking, others focused more on screen monitoring or biometric check-ins. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive employee tracking app that works for most types of businesses, we recommend Buddy Punch.

We made Buddy Punch to help all types of employees ensure employee accountability and honesty — this includes how much they’re claiming to work and where they are during their shifts.

With Buddy Punch, you can:

  • Track employees using GPS.
  • See where employees were when they clocked in and out.
  • Request photos from your team when they clock in or out.
  • Set up geofenced clock-in and out areas.
  • Write and share an employee schedule.
  • Use your accurate timecard data to run payroll.

To learn more, you can: