Timesheet Approval Process: How Do You Approve Employee Time?

timesheet approval

Timesheet approvals are essential in verifying and validating employee work hours. The purpose of timesheet approvals is to ensure correct payroll disbursement and guarantees fair compliance with labour laws

Before submitting timesheets to payroll, businesses usually conduct a meticulous approval process to avoid errors or miscalculations. 

This step becomes especially significant as it safeguards correct compensation and contributes to maintaining fair labour practices.

However, in today’s digital era, businesses increasingly turn to online timesheets over traditional paper-based methods for timesheet approvals.

The shift towards digital solutions offers greater flexibility, accessibility, and real-time insights, making the approval process more efficient and hassle-free. 

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Timesheet Approval Process: How Does It Work?

Collect Employee Timesheets Without Chasing Up

As outlined in the buddy punch time card approvals feature, employees submit their digital time cards at the end of each pay period. 

Project managers and administrators then review and approve or reject timesheets with just a click. 

This transparent system facilitates swift approvals and allows for comments and feedback, fostering effective communication between management and staff.

Once approved, time cards are locked for payroll processing, preventing last-minute edits and guaranteeing payroll accuracy.

The process complies with labour laws and provides a comprehensive view of each employee’s work week, aiding in task allocation and resource management. 

1. Manual Timesheet Approval Process

Manual timesheet approval method involves employees submitting their digital time cards for review after each pay period. 

Project managers and administrators then meticulously examine each entry, deciding whether to click approve or reject based on project specifics or other considerations. 

This hands-on approach allows for a personalized touch in the approval process, with managers having the functionality to add comments and feedback directly onto the time cards. 

Moreover, it ensures a thorough review of labour compliance, ensuring that breaks, overtime, and other legal requirements are met. 

The drop-down menu (in most time trackers) enables easy selection, and the yes buttons facilitates a quick approval. 

Although manual, this process provides a nuanced understanding of each employee’s contribution, contributing to a fair and accurate representation of worked hours before the final approval.

In the self-service systems like Buddy Punch, employees utilize mobile devices, including iOS and Android, to click approve timesheet entries

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This automation streamlines the business process, reducing the number of hours spent on manual approvals and enhancing overall efficiency. 

The routing functionality ensures that timesheets are directed to the appropriate managers for timely approval, making the entire process more seamless and responsive to the needs of the organization.

2. Automating Timesheet Approval Process

Buddy Punch’s time card approvals feature exemplifies the shift towards electronic timesheet approval, offering a streamlined, automated online process. 

Setting up this automated timesheet approval system involves configuring a manager timesheet approval workflow within the software.

Step 1: Enabling Time Card Approvals

Begin by navigating to the system settings and enabling the Time Card Approvals feature. 

Review Time Cards Pending Approval: View

This optional feature can be toggled On or Off based on your organization’s needs.

Step 2: Employee Submission

At the end of each pay period, employees are prompted to submit their digital time cards for approval. 

This submission process enhances transparency and allows employees to add notes for their managers or administrators, providing valuable context.

Step 3: Manager/Administrator Review

Project managers and administrators can efficiently review submitted time cards. 

With a single click of the approval button, they can accept a time clock or reject it with comments. 

This streamlined process eliminates unnecessary delays and ensures a swift approval workflow.

Step 4: Employee Interaction after Rejection

In case a time card is rejected, employees receive prompt notifications. 

They can review the feedback, make necessary adjustments, and resubmit their time for approval, promoting a collaborative and iterative approach to timesheet accuracy.

Step 5: Locking Time Cards for Payroll Processing

Approved time cards are automatically locked to prevent last-minute edits, offering tighter control over time card entries, especially as payday approaches. 

Permission to edit time cards is reinstated only after a card has been rejected, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.

How Do You Set Up Timesheet Approvals With Buddy Punch?

Setting up timesheet approvals with Buddy Punch is a straightforward process designed for accuracy. 

John Doe: Time Card Pending Approval

Follow these steps to configure the Automated Timesheet Approval System:

  1. Begin by navigating to “Settings” and accessing the “Time Card Approval Settings.”
  2. Check the box next to “Enable Time Card Approvals” and save the changes.
  3. With the feature enabled, employees will be prompted to submit their time cards at the close of each pay period.
  4. Managers assigned with approval permissions can review and approve raised time cards.
  5. Additionally, administrators have the authority to approve or reject time cards.

For added customization, Buddy Punch allows the incorporation of an Agreed To Text, ensuring employees acknowledge specific terms before submitting their time cards. 

How Do You Use The Timesheet Approvals In Buddy Punch?

Following the guidelines presented in the provided document, here’s a quick overview:

1. Enable Timesheet Approvals

Start by going to settings and selecting time card approval Settings

Buddy Punch Dashboard: Pending Approval > Time Cards > View

Enable time card Approvals to initiate the process.

2. Configure Approval Settings

Once enabled, configure settings to require employees to submit their timesheets at the end of each pay period. 

Managers and administrators are then empowered to review and approve submitted timesheets effortlessly.

3. Required Agreement Option

Enhance the process by utilizing the required agreement option

By enabling this feature, employees must agree to specific text, ensuring accuracy and compliance before submitting their timesheets for approval.

With Buddy Punch, the timesheet approvals feature streamlines the workflow, providing a secure and efficient solution for managing and approving employee time records.

How Do You Address Errors During The Timesheet Approval Process?

In the Buddy Punch system, managers can efficiently manage corrections if discrepancies or mistakes are identified. 

Accessing the time card allows you to make necessary adjustments, preventing inaccurate data from being processed. 

Utilizing the “Reject” feature allows for easy communication with employees, allowing them to rectify errors before resubmitting. 

This collaborative approach streamlines the correction process and fosters transparency and accountability. 

Pending Timesheet Approvals: How Do You Approve/Deny Them?

As the Buddy Punch outlines, employees often seek approval for various changes, non-real-time punches, and time-off requests. 

Navigating the pending approvals section on your dashboard provides a centralized view, enabling you to take decisive action. 

The process involves reviewing pending entries, whether time edits, time-off requests, or time card submissions. 

By following the documented instructions, managers can seamlessly approve or deny these requests, ensuring accurate and compliant timesheets. 

This systematic approach streamlines the approval process and maintains an organized and transparent record of employee working hours.

How Can Employees Approve Their Timesheets?

Employees can effortlessly approve their timesheets through Buddy Punch’s user-friendly platform

Employees access the timesheet approval section to initiate the process, which is prominently featured on our website and mobile app interfaces. 

Once there, they can review their recorded work hours, verify project allocations, and check for discrepancies. 

With a simple click of the “Approve” button, employees confirm the accuracy of their timesheets, facilitating a swift approval process. 

Additionally, the system allows for the attachment of notes or comments, enabling employees to provide context or clarification. 

How Do You Approve Or Reject Employee Timesheets As a Manager?

The crucial task of approving or rejecting employee timesheets falls into the capable hands of managers.

  1. Log in to your Buddy Punch account and navigate to the Manager section.
  2. Identify the employee whose timesheet you want to approve or reject (upgrade the employee to Manager status if not done previously.)
  3. Understand the difference between View and Approval permissions.
    1. Managers can be granted either View or Approval access on a per-employee basis.
  4. With View permission, managers can view their assigned employees’ time cards.
    1. It also allows managers to view pending time change requests.
    2. Approval permission grants managers full access to edit an employee’s information and work hours.
    3. Managers with approval permission can act on pending time change requests, make corrections to an employee’s time, approve/reject PTO requests, and change assigned department codes or locations.
  5. After logging in as a manager, locate the timesheet of the employee you want to manage.
  6. Utilize the approval button to either approve or reject the timesheet.
  7. Add comments to rejected time cards if necessary, providing feedback to employees.
  8. In case a timesheet is rejected, employees receive notifications.
  9. Employees can review the feedback, make necessary changes, and resubmit their timesheets.
  10. Approved time cards are automatically locked, preventing last-minute edits.
  11. Editing permission is re-enabled only after a time card has been rejected, ensuring control over time card entries.
  12. If needed, managers can view the revision history to check adjustments made to the timekeeping and when these adjustments occurred.

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How Can You Set a Timesheet Approval Reminder As a Manager?

Managers can enhance their time tracking efficiency by setting up timesheet approval reminders

To establish these reminders:

  1. Access the system’s settings and alerts.
  2. Create a new alert specifying the reminder’s name, type (such as timesheet reminders), and when it should trigger about the pay period.
  3. Assign recipients and choose the notification method via email notification, push notification, or both.

This proactive approach ensures timely reviews and facilitates a streamlined approval process.

Can You Integrate Your Timesheet Approval Process With Accounting Systems?

Integrating your timesheet approval process with accounting systems can significantly enhance accuracy in managing employee time and payroll. 

To achieve this integration, ensure your timesheet system is compatible with popular accounting software

Payroll Integration

Standard integrations include directly syncing approved total hours, overtime, and other relevant data into the accounting platform. 

This streamlines payroll procedures and provides a real-time and transparent view of labour costs.

By adopting such integrations, businesses can foster better collaboration between HR and accounting departments, promoting a more synchronized and error-resistant approach to managing employee time and financial records.

Timesheet Approval Challenges Small Businesses Face

Small businesses often encounter challenges in the timesheet approval process. 

One common issue is the manual and time-consuming nature of reviewing each employee’s timesheet, leading to inefficiencies. 

Additionally, the risk of errors increases, impacting payroll accuracy. 

Communication gaps may arise as managers and employees coordinate approvals, causing delays and confusion. 

Small businesses also face difficulties in ensuring compliance with labor regulations, risking legal consequences. 

Furthermore, the lack of automated systems can hinder scalability and hinder the growth potential of these businesses. 

Embracing cloud-based timesheet approval systems and leveraging mobile timesheet approval apps can alleviate these challenges.

What Are The Problems With Manually Approving Timesheets?

Manually approving timesheets poses several challenges that can hinder efficiency and accuracy in workforce management. 

One fundamental problem is the increased likelihood of errors, as manual processes are susceptible to data entry mistakes and miscalculations.

Moreover, the time-intensive nature of manual timesheet approval contributes to delayed decision-making and can lead to a backlog, impacting overall productivity. 

This approach needs the real-time insights offered by automated systems, making it challenging for managers to identify discrepancies or trends in employee attendance promptly.

Additionally, manual approvals may result in compliance issues, as it becomes harder to enforce consistent adherence to company policies and labour regulations.

Embracing automated solutions for timesheet approval mitigates these problems and enhances precision, timeliness, and compliance in managing employee time records.

The Importance Of Timesheet Approval In Managing Employee Work Hours

The importance of timesheet approval extends beyond financial considerations. 

It enables organizations to monitor and analyze employee attendance patterns, identify trends, and make informed resource allocation and project planning decisions. 

Moreover, a streamlined timesheet approval process fosters transparency and trust between employers and employees, ensuring that compensation is based on verified and approved work hours. 

Timesheet Approval Workflow Tips

Clear GuidelinesEstablish comprehensive guidelines outlining the correct method of timesheet submission and approval.
Regular AuditsConduct periodic audits to identify discrepancies and address any issues promptly.
Automated SystemsImplementing automated approval systems streamlines the process, reducing the risk of errors.
Stakeholder CollaborationEncourage collaboration between employees, managers, and HR for smoother approval workflows.
Training ProgramsProvide training programs to ensure everyone understands the importance and process of timesheet approval.
Real-Time TrackingEncourage employees to log their hours in real-time, reducing the likelihood of inaccuracies and delays.
Mobile AccessibilityProvide a mobile-friendly platform for timesheet submission and approval, enabling flexibility for on-the-go tasks.
Reminder NotificationsImplement automated reminders to prompt employees and managers for timely submission and approval.
Approval HierarchiesClearly define approval hierarchies to expedite the process and ensure that the right personnel review and authorize timesheets.
Feedback MechanismEstablish a feedback loop to address concerns and continuously improve the timesheet approval process.

What Are The Benefits Of a Timesheet Approval Process?

The implementation of an efficient employee timesheet approval process brings forth a multitude of advantages.

EmployeeBenefits of Timesheet Approval For Employees
Timely Compensation: Guarantees prompt and accurate pay, fostering employee financial stability.
Individual Recognition: Establishes a transparent record, acknowledging and rewarding individual efforts.
Streamlined Workflow: Simplifies timesheet submission, saving time and effort for core tasks.
ManagerBenefits of Timesheet Approval For Manager/Administrator/Team Lead
Resource Optimization: Facilitates optimized allocation based on verified time data, enhancing operational efficiency.
Objective Performance Metrics: Empowers fair performance evaluations using documented work hours.
Focus on Strategic Initiatives: Streamlines administrative processes, allowing managers to concentrate on strategic tasks.
BusinessBenefits of Timesheet Approval For Businesses
Operational Transparency: Provides a clear overview of workforce activities, fostering transparency in operations.
Compliance Assurance: Ensures adherence to labor regulations and policies, mitigating legal risks.
Informed Decision-Making: Enables cost-effective decisions by optimizing resource utilization based on validated timesheets.
Accounts Benefits of Timesheet Approval
Financial Record Accuracy: Contributes to precise financial records through validated and approved timesheets.
Accurate Payroll: Facilitates precise payroll by relying on validated time entries.
Confidence in Audits: Establishes a robust audit trail, instilling confidence during internal and external audits.

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Why should employees approve their timesheets?

Employees should approve their timesheets to ensure accurate and timely compensation. It fosters transparency, allowing them to verify their recorded work hours, reducing disputes, and contributing to a smoother payroll process.

What is required on a timesheet?

A timesheet is a critical tool in managing employee hours efficiently. It captures essential information like employee name, date, hours worked, and tasks or project details. This meticulous recording of timesheet data is vital for human resources and team members involved in payroll processing and project management. 

Ensuring accuracy and completeness in filling out timesheets is crucial for maintaining transparent and error-free records, especially for remote workers. The seamless tracking of employee hours not only facilitates payroll calculations but also provides valuable insights for strategic decision-making within the organization. 

Adopting advanced timesheet tracking systems can significantly enhance accuracy, streamline processes, and benefit both the employer and the remote workforce.

What is the timesheet approval status?

The timesheet status indicates whether a timesheet is pending approval, approved, or rejected. Monitoring this status ensures transparency in the approval process, allowing employees and managers to track the progress of submitted timesheets efficiently.

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