Time Card Approvals Feature

Have employees submit their time card for approval.

Our Time Card Approvals feature requires your employees to submit their time card at the end of each pay period. During this approval process, project managers and administrators can accept a time clock or reject it with comments. This is an optional feature that can be toggled on or off.

This also improves the time approval process for employees. When a pay period is about to close or has closed, an employee can submit their digital time card for review, with the option to add in notes for their Manager or Administrator.


Admins or managers can decide employee approval status with a single click of the approval button. You can also add in comments onto the rejected time cards that other managers or your employees can see.

After their timesheet is rejected, employees can review and resubmit their time after making changes.

Lock Time Cards for Payroll

To ensure there are no surprise, last-minute edits, approved time cards are locked to configuration. Permission to edit time cards is only enabled after one has been rejected.

This provides tighter control over time card entries as you near payday, and makes payroll processing less of a headache. If you ever need to check if any adjustments were made to the number of hours logged, you can view the revision history that shows what adjustments were made to the timekeeping, and when.

Guarantee Labor Compliance

Are your employees required to receive a 60 minute break if they have worked longer than 7 hours? Does your state require any time worked beyond 8 hours in a day to be paid as overtime? With time card approvals you can go over each employee’s time card for accuracy and labor or policy compliance and add notes if a time card requires further review. Time card approvals help you make sure everything is recorded right every time.

Why use time card approvals?

Getting ready for payroll can be a daunting task, but with time card approvals you can ensure that time cards are accurate every pay period. Time card approvals give you a look into each employee’s work week and allows you to verify that each employee’s hours are allocated to the correct job and task. After you have taken the time to review your employee’s hours just click “Approve” to lock the time card. Now you are ready to process payroll with the confidence that your employees time cards are accurate.

Learn More About Time Card Approvals

if you would like to learn more about timesheet approvals, we have created a few help articles on setup and usage:

  1. How to enable Time Card Approvals
  2. How an employee/manager submits a Time Card
  3. How to approve/reject a Time Card

Other Features

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Take Photo on Punch

If you are looking for a way to ensure employee’s are not “buddy punching” then our Take Photo on Punch feature can help. By enabling the feature you can capture the image of your employee’s whenever punching time. Their images will be conveniently located on your dashboard as well as on the employee’s time card. The feature can be setup on a per employee basis, so you will only capture the picture of employees you want.

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