It’s easy to be forgetful, especially in 2014. People seem to work longer and harder, while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Our memories and attention spans have shortened, so remembering to clock in may fall to the wayside from time to time. There are some helpful and simple ways for employers to help forgetful employees remember to clock in.

1. Have employees set a five-minute reminder prior to their clock in time on their phones. Chances are your employee may be glued to their phone when they step into the workplace, probably skimming through their Facebook page or texting a loved one, so the clock in reminder will appear in their field of vision. If their phone is not in hand, they should still be able to hear and/or feel (if on vibrate) the reminder.

2. Install time punch clock software, an online timecard software, or time clock software. Having a digital access point on the computers of your employees for time clocks, will make it easy for them to clock in. While they’re going through their morning emails, they’ll be able to take care of clocking in as they settle into their workday.

3. Hang a picture notice by the office entry door of a clock. You can easily find a clip art image on the web of a clock. Once you have printed and hung the clock picture, have a brief meeting with your staff to explain the purpose of the new artwork hanging by the entry door. Once they’ve been informed that the clock picture is serving as a clock in reminder picture, they’ll be more likely to remember to clock in upon arrival to work, if the clock picture has been placed in in an area that can be seen effortlessly. Images are more concrete when it comes to the act of remembering than text alone.

4. Assign clock in reminder buddies. Have workers pair up, and agree to ask one another each work day if they’ve remembered to clock in. This will promote inner office relationships, in addition to an increase of employees remembering to clock in.

5. Offer monthly incentives for employees who clock in accordingly. Have a monthly raffle or giveaway for employees who have been able to consistently clock in on time without having to be reminded. This will foster some healthy competition at the office, as well as generate more effort towards the act of clocking in. Sometimes dangling a carrot will get the rabbit to spin the wheel!

Clocking in should be the first thing an employee remembers upon starting their workday, but it’s the little things that always seem to get overlooked. With assertion, patience, a little time to plan, and full cooperation from your staff, you will be able to achieve a reasonable decrease in employees forgetting to clock in.