Time tracking has always been used in the workplace, although the methods have changed considerably over the years.

Regardless of the size of your company, if you have employees, then you need a time tracking system that makes both timekeeping and payroll simple and accurate. Fortunately, time clock tools today are more effective and accurate than ever. They can help to simplify the time tracking and payroll process considerably, allowing you to ensure that employees are accurately paid for hours worked.

As a business owner today, you may be asking yourself what’s the best way to track employee time? Here are a few reasons you’ll want to think about making the switch today.

Accuracy With Time Tracking

According to the American Payroll Association, time theft is committed by at least 43 percent of all employees. If you have employee time to track, then using time clock software can hold your employees accountable, and in turn they’ll be less likely to commit time theft. Time clock software will also keep track of paid and unpaid breaks, as well as paid time off, sick time, overtime, and more. Without computerized time clocks for employees, it can be difficult to accurately calculate time, especially when you introduce any number of variables.

Accurate Employee Tracking

Some small business employee time tracking solutions today can also gather GPS data. This means that you can gather GPS coordinates every time your employees punch in or out. This makes it easy to determine when your employees were at work, and when they weren’t. This can be especially helpful when your employees are working offsite or from home; since it will allow you to see how many hours they spent at a specific job, as well as when they arrived and when they left. This reduces cases of time fraud. Having access to this data will also make billing and future estimates easier and more accurate as well.

Easier Payroll Processing

One of the main benefits of time clock software is to make the payroll process more accurate, but it also helps make the process easier for all involved. Before time clocks became integrated with payroll software, it was up to the person processing payroll to convert and calculate the hours worked. This could often be a very long and time-consuming process, one that carried the risk of potentially costly errors.



Simplify Life for Employees

Having time clocks also simplifies life for your employees, making the process of clocking in and out easier. Again, for employees who work off-site, this means that when they are finished with the job, they can simply clock out from where they are instead of having to return to the main office. It also helps to facilitate work from home arrangements, improving accountability and accuracy. Making things simpler also reduces the chance of complications, or excuses! With a manual time punch system, it’s easy for employees to forget their swipe card. With time clock software, though, they can sign in simply using their phone. There’s even an option for them to receive a notification reminding them to clock in or out if they’ve forgotten.

Help Prevent Excessive Punch Rounding

If you’re still using a traditional punch clock or manual timesheet at your company, chances are you ‘punch round.’ Most companies will do this to the nearest 15-minute mark. The trouble with punch rounding in 15-minute increments though, is that these seemingly insignificant minutes can add up considerably over time. With time clock software though, you can make your own rules. Some even allow you to round to the nearest 2-minute increment; drastically improving accuracy.

While most companies use some form of time tracking to ensure accountability, if you’re not using an up-to-date system, you could be missing out. If you have more than one or two employees, then you’ll want to consider whether it’s time for your company to make the switch. At the end of the day web-based time tracking software can make the payroll process simpler and easier –and everyone can benefit from that!