5 Best Simple Time Clock Software for Small Businesses

5 Best Simple Time Clock Software for Small Businesses

In this article, we’ll:

  • Share a high-level overview of how Buddy Punch (our all-in-one time clock software) works. We also take a look at how our user-friendly and versatile time clock is perfect for small business owners, whether you have one location, multiple job sites, or even if you’re managing remote employees.
  • Explore Buddy Punch’s accountability and payroll-related features in detail. Your team can use smartphones, tablets, and computers to clock in. Plus, you get accountability features, such as making sure the right person is clocking in and out, and payroll features so everyone can get paid accurately and on time.
  • Share reviews that speak to Buddy Punch’s simplicity and ease of use.
  • List four other time clock options, so you can make a well-informed decision as to which one will help you save time on tracking employee work hours.

Best Simple Time Clock Software

  1. Buddy Punch 
  2. OnTheClock
  3. Connecteam
  4. When I Work 
  5. Clockify

1. Buddy Punch

A High-Level Overview of How Our Simple Time Clock Software Works

In this section, we’ll provide a brief overview of how our simple time clock software works to help you track employee time. Following that, we’ll explore Buddy Punch’s features in greater detail.

1. We make it easy for employees to punch in and out. They can do so via our mobile app (e.g., iPhone or Android smartphones) in the push of a button, or via desktop and tablet.   Buddy Punch is web-based time clock software, which means it’s easy to use anywhere with an internet connection and can be taken on the road or work in multiple locations.

Use Buddy Punch on multiple mobile devices.

As several of our customers wrote on Capterra (a popular 3rd party review site):

“It doesn’t try to do too much and make things complicated, since the main purpose is just to clock in and clock out, and it efficiently allows the user to do exactly that.”

Click here to read the full review.

“Employees just go to the website, log in, and push the big green button. They then log in again to punch out but the big green button will be a big red button this time. Very simple, very easy, does employee punch-ins, does it well.”

Click here to read the full review.

2. Payroll becomes a breeze. Simply download an Excel report where team member hours, time off, and overtime are already calculated for you (rather than going through a time-consuming, manual process).

Pull timesheet info into Excel.

As one of our customers wrote on Capterra:

“After using paper time cards for over a year, spending many frustrating hours a week reviewing, verifying, inputting, and analyzing employee punches, and then finding a place to keep the paper cards for our records, we were fed up. We looked for an affordable and easy-to-implement solution. We used the Buddy Punch trial, and within a week, we knew this was the solution we were looking for.”

Click here to read the full review.

Features to Increase Employee Accountability

You can optionally activate any of the accountability features listed below:


Easily set up IP address locking anywhere.

For example, let’s say you run a small business that’s located at 123 Grandville Avenue. With Geofencing, you can restrict employee punches to “X” feet within that GPS location. You can also create multiple radii around different geolocations – such as placing them around a set area designated for field service. If an employee tries to track time while not on-site, they’ll be denied.

Click here to learn more about our geofencing feature.

IP Address Locking 

Assign IP address locking to all or individual employees.

IP Address Locking lets you restrict employee punches to a specific device (e.g., a desktop in your office) or Wi-Fi network.

Click here to learn more about our IP Address Locking feature.

Photos on Punch 

Require a picture for every punch in or punch out.

With Photos on Punch, as the name implies, a photo is taken whenever a team member clocks in or out via our mobile app or desktop (Buddy Punch is both web-based and available as an app). This is quick, process that doesn’t disturb time entry workflow and catches time theft (such as employees punching in for each other to hide absences).

This is a biometric form of clocking in and out, and it helps ensure the right person is clocking in for their shift. (You can learn more about biometric time clock software here.)

All employee photos are then available for reference via our dashboard, and you can easily verify the validity of punches:

Pictures can be viewed as part of the timesheet.

Click here to learn more about our Photos on Punch feature.

Other Features to Help Increase Employee Accountability 

Beyond the aforementioned features, you can also activate biometric Facial Recognition Punching, GPS Location Tracking, and more.

Note: If you feel that Buddy Punch is the right fit for your business, sign up for a free 14 day trial.

Features to Streamline the Payroll Process

Buddy Punch Payroll

Buddy Punch Payroll

You can run payroll directly from Buddy Punch, without having to use a third-party software or processing system. 

At the end of the pay period, when it’s time to crunch accurate payroll data, you can log into your Buddy Punch dashboard and review your team’s timesheets. You can easily make last-minute adjustments, such as fixing someone’s mis-punch or adding a PTO day. Plus, you can add additional earnings, such as bonuses, commissions, and reimbursements to someone’s pay. 

This cuts down on human error, as you don’t need to toggle back and forth between multiple tabs or software systems. You can just use Buddy Punch.

Pay can be issued via direct deposit or check. Buddy Punch handles all local, state, and federal taxes. Plus, your team is given a self-service kiosk where they can login, set up their withholdings, and set up their direct deposit.

But if you already have a payroll provider you want to keep using, read on to learn about how we integrate with external software.

Payroll Reports on Demand

Pull timesheet info into Excel.

As we’ve already mentioned, Buddy Punch lets you download a pay period report where billable employee hours, time off, and overtime are already calculated for you, so there’s no need to go through a time-consuming, manual payroll process that cuts into your free time.

Click here to learn more about our Payroll Reports on Demand feature.

Integrate with Your Preferred Payroll Provider

Payroll Integrations with Buddy Punch

For small business owners looking to get a handle on payroll, you can easily transfer employee hours (and other relevant time data) from Buddy Punch to your preferred payroll provider. We integrate with QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto, Paychex, SurePayroll, and many others.

Click here to learn more about our Payroll Export Report feature.

Time Off Tracking

Export any timesheet info as an Excel spreadsheet, document or PDF

Buddy Punch is a punch clock that can handle all your time off tracking needs, ranging from reports that show each employee’s paid and unpaid time off balance to in-app time off requests, and more.

Click here to learn more about our Time Off Tracking feature.


Customize time off rules.

Buddy Punch makes it simple to set up time off accrual rules. Watch this video to learn more about setting up this feature.

We Offer Many Other Features

Click here to explore the full breadth of Buddy Punch features, some of which include:

You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Buddy Punch is a diverse workforce management tool that works on mobile devices as well as desktop devices. All you really need is an internet connection. If you have any questions you can contact our customer support team via the Help Desk.

Reviews That Speak to Buddy Punch’s Simplicity and Ease of Use

As of this writing, we’re thankful to have received 4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra (based on 789 reviews).

Here are just a few reviews that speak to Buddy Punch’s performance as an online time clock:

“This program does exactly what I want it to do. I needed a simple time keeping app where I could customize things to suit each employee and I found it. If I have any questions I just use the messaging center and someone is always quick to respond… they have always been able to solve the problem or clarify something I may not have understood.”

Click here to read the full review.

“Overall Buddy Punch offered something that seemed more simple to use and had the features we needed. The cost was manageable for our company, which is not very big and is a non-profit.”

Click here to read the full review.

“We were looking for a simple, easy-to-use time tracking software solution that was also cost-effective for our size. We signed up for the trial period, and our employees were impressed immediately. They were able to start recording their time immediately with zero training or assistance, which was a priority for us. The system is also very easy to use from an administrator end (editing punches, viewing timecards, etc.) Buddy Punch produces concise reports which can assist with transferring employee hours to any payroll system that you may be using. If you do experience any issues or have questions, it’s very easy to place a support ticket and a response is usually given within 1-2 hours at the most. Customer Service definitely seems to be a priority which we appreciate. Once our trial period had concluded, it was a no-brainer to continue with this easy, intuitive solution.”

Click here to read the full review.

“What I love most about Buddy Punch is how simple it is for [employee clock ins] and out, add their lunch breaks, and write notes about their shifts. I also love how easy it is for me to import it into QuickBooks and pay payroll with it! Before I used Buddy Punch I was keeping time manually with 3 employees and it drove me crazy. Now I have over a dozen employees and I do not know what I would do without this software.”

Click here to read the full review.

Click here to see all of our Buddy Punch reviews on Capterra.

Learn More about Buddy Punch

Above, we covered what makes Buddy Punch simple, intuitive, and versatile – and what makes it one of the best time clocks for small businesses.

You can track employee attendance, time worked, PTO, and more. You can set up advanced clock in and out features, to make sure everyone is using the time clock accurately and honestly. You can use Buddy Punch to run payroll or set up an integration with your payroll provider.

To learn more, you can:

2. OnTheClock

OnTheClock is a scheduling software that offers various key features and functionality, some of which include:

If you have only 2 employees, you can use this as your free time clock. As of this writing, OnTheClock has 533 reviews and 4.7/5 stars on Capterra.

Here’s one review indicating why it’s a great cloud-based time clock software:

“Overall it was exactly what I needed. The tools are very simple and easy to manage. The reporting is direct and to the point. It doesn’t offer many thrills, but for the cost it’s well worth the price.”

Click here to read the full review.

3. Connecteam

Connecteam is a small business time tracking app that offers various project management features and functionalities, some of which include:

Like Buddy Punch, this time tracker works on any device with an internet connections (including Windows and MacOS Desktops, smartphones, and tablets.) As of this writing, Connecteam has 229 reviews and 4.8/5 stars on Capterra.

Here’s one review indicating why it’s a great simple time clock app:

“I absolutely love it all, each feature is amazingly simple but very productive! My staff love it too, I feel it is double-sided!” 

Click here to read the full review.

4. When I Work

When I Work is an employee management app that offers various features and functionality, some of which include:

As of this writing, When I Work has 1,011 reviews and 4.5/5 stars on Capterra.

Here’s one review indicating why it’s one of the best simple time clock apps for small businesses:

“I like that the interface is simple and very easy to use. Everything is clearly labeled and very navigational. I enjoy the simplicity as it doesn’t look cluttered. You’re given the info you’re looking for instantly and clearly.” 

Click here to read the full review.

5. Clockify

Clockify is a fairly popular employee time clock software with various features and functionality, some of which include:

As of this writing, Clockify has 4,382 reviews and 4.7/5 stars on Capterra.

Here’s one review indicating why it’s a great employee time clock app:

“This software is definitely moving you into the digital age which is fantastic. My employees love it because it’s so simple and doesn’t take up their time clocking in and out by logging into a system.” 

Click here to read the full review.

Learn More about Buddy Punch — Our Simple Time Clock Software

Watch the pre-recorded demo of our time tracking system above, or:

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