9 Best PTO Tracking Software in 2024: Tested & Compared

The 7 Best PTO Tracking Software for Tracking Paid Time Off

Finding the best PTO tracking software for your business depends on your specific needs. A small business looking to move away from manually tracking PTO in Excel spreadsheets will have much different needs than a corporation looking for a comprehensive HR platform.

That’s why, in this post, we’re providing an overview of the best PTO tracking software for a variety of needs and business types. Our goal is to help you find the one that’s best for your organization in terms of each platform’s features, specialization, pricing, and more.

Image showing a list of the best PTO tracking software

The different types of PTO and leave management software

Before we jump into our list of the best PTO and leave management software, it’s important to understand the three core types of apps in this category.

  • Apps solely for PTO and leave tracking: These apps are used only for tracking and managing employee PTO and do not have additional features to help with other tasks. They’re typically the cheapest of all of the different types of leave tracking software.
  • Apps that track time and PTO: These tools can be used for both employee time tracking and leave management. They can generally be used by your HR department for everything you need to track and manage to automate payroll.
  • Combined HR and leave management software: These tools can be used to track PTO, but they’re also more robust HR platforms with features like applicant tracking systems, performance management, 360-degree reviews, etc.

Knowing which type of platform you need before starting to shop for leave-tracking software can help you save on costs and come up with a shortlist of tools to test more quickly.

The 9 best PTO tracking software in 2024

Whether you’re a business owner or part of an HR team, we’ve curated this list of the nine best PTO tracking software to help you navigate the maze of choices and find the perfect fit:

  1. Buddy Punch – Best overall PTO tracking software
  2. Vacation Tracker – Best simple PTO tracker
  3. Day Off – Best for small businesses looking for a free tool
  4. BambooHR – Best for combined PTO tracking and HR tools
  5. FactorialHR – Best low-cost HR and PTO tracking platform
  6. Clockify – Best for agencies and consulting companies
  7. Calamari – Best for teams that plan to scale
  8. Replicon – Best for companies that employ knowledge workers
  9. Zoho People – Best for multi-lingual teams

1. Buddy Punch

Best overall PTO tracking software.

Image of PTO tracking in Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch sits at the top of our list due to its ease of use for both employers and employees, its wide range of features that make it useful for much more than just paid time off tracking, and its competitive pricing in the space.

In terms of PTO tracking, Buddy Punch has all of the core features you need.

PTO types

Screenshot of PTO types in Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch comes with pre-set PTO leave policies (holidays, personal time, sick leave, vacation days, etc.), but you can also customize them. When you add a new time off type, you can make it either paid or unpaid.

PTO accrual rules

Screenshot of PTO accrual rules in Buddy Punch

Set up PTO accrual rules based on:

  • Pay periods: Add a specified number of PTO hours every pay period.
  • Hours worked: Add a specified number of PTO hours depending on hours worked.
  • Anniversaries: Add a certain number of PTO hours each year.

You can also customize accrual rules per employee. This can be helpful if you have different rules for salaried employees than hourly employees, or part-time versus full-time employees. 

Additionally, you can specify how carry-over/rollover PTO works (i.e., if hours are lost at the end of the year or carry-over into the next year).

On the employee side, your team can log into the employee self-service portal and see their PTO balance whenever they want.

Time off and leave requests

Screenshot of requesting PTO in Buddy Punch

Employees can submit time-off requests in just a few clicks using Buddy Punch’s self-service portal, which is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices (mobile apps available on iOS and Android).

Employees can specify how much time they’re taking and what type of PTO they’re requesting, as well as leave notes or questions for their managers.

On the admin side, you can set up rules for which employees need to have their time off approved (versus getting approved automatically) and which specific managers need to provide that approval. HR managers can also set it up so that supervisors receive real-time notifications for vacation requests by email.

Blackout dates

Screenshot of Buddy Punch's blackout dates feature

If your company has specific dates when employees cannot take off, you can set those dates as blackout dates in Buddy Punch. This either prevents employees from requesting time off for those dates or automates rejections for time off during those times.

Time off reports

Screenshot of employee time off reports in Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch’s PTO reports provide an overview of things like how much PTO employees have to carry over, their total holiday time accrued, how much PTO they used in a given timeframe, and how much they have left to use.

You can filter this info by date (e.g., a specific payroll period) and export the report as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.

Time off calendar

Screenshot of Buddy Punch's employee time off calendar

Employees, admins, and managers can see exactly who is off when using Buddy Punch’s time-off calendar feature. See all time off per month in a calendar view, or view it as a list.

Additional features

Screenshot of Buddy Punch's workforce management features

Beyond paid time-off tracking, Buddy Punch can be used for employee time tracking, timesheets, and a variety of other workforce management needs:

Plus, Buddy Punch integrates with payroll solutions like QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto, Paychex, Workday, Paylocity, SurePayroll, and PayPlus, as well as Zapier for connecting to payroll providers that don’t have a direct Buddy Punch integration.

Finally, Buddy Punch is one of the highest-rated time card apps on Capterra, with nearly 1,000 reviews praising the platform’s great customer support, ease of use, seamless payroll software integrations, and flexible costs.

Buddy Punch pricing

Screenshot of Buddy Punch's pricing

Buddy Punch offers a free 14-day trial. After that, its plans that include paid time-off tracking start at $3.99 per user per month plus a $19 base fee.

Want to learn more about Buddy Punch? Start a free trial, watch a recorded demo, or request a personalized demo.

2. Vacation Tracker

Best simple PTO tracking and leave management software.

Image of PTO tracking in Slack using Vacation Tracker

Most of the apps on this list do much more than just PTO tracking. Some are built for time and PTO tracking; some are fully-fledged HR suites with PTO tracking, hiring, and engagement monitoring tools; and some are complete workforce management suites.

But if all you’re looking for is a simple PTO tracker software and none of the other bells and whistles, Vacation Tracker might be right for you. It’s solely a PTO tracking app with only the features needed for PTO tracking, such as PTO accrual and carry-over rules, customizable PTO policies, and report generation and exporting.

Vacation Tracker also integrates with tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack that let users request time off directly through your preferred chat app and let their managers approve or deny those requests via chat app notifications.

In addition to team chat integrations, Vacation Tracker can also integrate with Google Calendar to show all employee vacations and PTO on the same calendar you all use to work, making it easy to see who’s working and who’s out of the office.

Vacation Tracker pricing

Screenshot of Vacation Tracker's pricing

Vacation Tracker’s plans start at $1 per user per month with a 25-user minimum and include PTO management, customizable leave types, PTO notifications, and calendar integrations.

3. Day Off

Best free PTO and leave management tool for small businesses.

Screenshot of PTO tracking in Day Off

Like Vacation Tracker, Day Off is another simple PTO tracking system that is solely for time-off tracking — and it also has direct integrations with Google, Teams, Outlook, and Slack. The big difference between the two is that Day Off has a free-forever plan that’s great for small businesses looking to save on costs.

On Day Off’s free plan, you can track employee PTO requests, see all of your team’s PTO on a calendar, and run reports — all for an unlimited number of employees. However, you are restricted to one PTO policy and approver, so it’s only practical for small businesses with simple approval processes.

Day Off pricing

Screenshot of Day Off's pricing

Day off offers a free plan that can be used for unlimited employees and includes a single approver, team, location, and policy. Its paid plan starts at $1 per employee per month and allows you to create multiple policies for leave requests (e.g. vacation, sick leave, parental). 

4. BambooHR

Best human resources platform with PTO management.

Image of BambooHR's employee value and engagement feature

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Vacation Track and Day Off is BambooHR, a complete human resources management platform. 

HR teams can use BambooHR for literally everything they need to do, from payroll and benefits administration to hiring and improving the employee experience.

In addition to PTO tracking, BambooHR comes with an applicant tracking system, onboarding and offboarding systems with templates and checklists, and employee engagement and performance monitoring tools.

In terms of PTO tracking, BambooHR has all of the features you’d expect. Set up multiple policies for unlimited PTO, accruals, or leave requests; visualize who’s off with a full-company PTO calendar; run reports to track trends in time-off requests; set up detailed PTO approval workflows; and more.

BambooHR pricing

Screenshot of BambooHR's pricing request form

BambooHR’s pricing is not publicly available. To get a quote, you have to request a demo with its sales team.

5. FactorialHR

Best low-cost HR and employee vacation time tracking software.

Image of PTO tracking in FactorialHR

If you’re looking for a platform like BambooHR but with lower costs, FactorialHR is a good option to consider. Like Bamboo, Factorial offers many features beyond just PTO tracking to help with employee recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, and performance management. You can also run payroll using Cimplix.

Factorial also has a robust document management system that lets you build fillable PDFs for things like W-9s and send contracts and offers out for e-signatures.

In terms of PTO tracking features, FactorialHR has everything you’d expect, including unlimited time-off policies, custom absence types, PTO accruals, and customizable PTO calendar views. However, some PTO features, such as multi-level PTO approvals and blackout timeframes, are only available on higher-cost plans.

FactorialHR pricing

Screenshot of FactorialHR's pricing

FactorialHR’s plans start at $4.50 per user/month. No free trial is available; to view and test the tool, you must request a demo with its sales team.

6. Clockify

Best employee vacation tracking software for agencies and consulting companies.

Image of PTO tracking in Clockify

Similar to Buddy Punch, Clockify offers both attendance and employee leave tracking in one solution. Employees can use it to clock in and out, request time off, see their schedules, and log time to different clients and projects. On the employer side, you can create an unlimited number of time off and holiday policies.

However, Clockify is better suited for agencies and consulting companies that do mostly online client work. It comes with a built-in timer that can be used to start and stop time tracking when working on projects for specific clients, allowing you to invoice clients down to the minute.

You can also use Clockify to create projects, estimate project hours, and assign specific project tasks to specific employees. From there, you can combine that data with your time-tracking data to monitor projects and predict project hours in visual reports.

Clockify pricing

Screenshot of Clockify's pricing

While Clockify does have a free plan for basic employee time tracking, that plan does not include paid time off tracking. Its plans that include PTO tracking start at $5.49 per user/month.

7. Calamari

Best PTO tracking software for teams that plan to scale.

Image of Calamari's absence requests calendar

If you know you need PTO tracking software but aren’t yet sure if you could also benefit from some of the time tracking and HR features of some of the other apps on this list, Calamari might be a good option for you. Unlike the other tools, it siloes these different features into different plans, giving you more flexibility as you scale.

As far as PTO tracking, you’ll get all of the typical features you’d expect, plus some advanced features like an overlapping requests report that lets you quickly identify staffing concerns caused by having multiple team members off during the same time periods.

If down the line you decide you want to do more than just track PTO, you can also add on Calamari’s time and attendance or core HR plans. 

Time and attendance give you all of the traditional time tracking features, while core HR gives you org charts and searchable document storage with detailed visibility permissions.

Calamari pricing

Screenshot of Calamari's pricing

Calamari’s PTO tracking plan starts at $2 per employee per month with a $20 per month minimum.

8. Replicon

Best PTO tracking software for companies with mostly knowledge workers.

Image of Replicon's PTO approval workflows feature

Replicon is a time management and PTO tracking tool that also includes productivity tracking features that are helpful for companies that employ remote knowledge workers. Its AI technology automatically places the time employees work into the right project buckets, eliminating the need for employees to track time manually.

This can help with identifying what types of tasks or applications account for the biggest loss in productivity across the organization, and it also ensures that if you’re doing project work for clients, all minutes spent on client work are properly attributed so you can invoice for that work.

As far as PTO tracking goes, Replicon offers portals for both employees and employers to request and administer time off. Set time off policies, establish accrual rules, create overdraw limits, and build workflows to automatically increase time off allowances at specific times like on employee anniversaries.

Replicon pricing

Screenshot of Replicon's pricing

Replicon’s pricing is somewhat complex because it offers a variety of different plans for tracking things like PTO, employee time, and projects. The lowest-priced plan that offers time off bookings is its TimeOff Plus plan, which is $6 per user per month.

For more advanced features like PTO accruals and custom accrual rules, you’ll have to upgrade to the TimeOff Enterprise plan, which is $8 per user per month.

9. Zoho People

Best PTO tracking and HR software for multi-lingual teams.

Image of Zoho People's learning management system

Zoho People is an HRMS suite that includes robust functionality for absolutely everything a people team might need. 

In addition to basic attendance and PTO tracking, you get tools for course management, team collaboration, 360-degree feedback, and applicant tracking, as well as payroll, expense, and case management features. 

The big standout feature for teams looking for PTO tracking specifically is Zoho People’s muti-language feature. If your team is spread out across multiple continents, you can cater to everyone with a platform that’s available in more than 20 languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Portuguese.

Zoho People pricing

Screenshot of Zoho People's pricing

Zoho People’s plans that include paid time-off tracking start at $1.25 per user per month.

Choosing the right PTO tracking software for your business

When you’re looking to streamline PTO tracking, some must-have features will make your life easier, such as:

  • Accurate PTO balances for your team.
  • A management system that lets you edit PTO balances.
  • Custom leave rules (i.e., when and how PTO is earned).
  • A way to receive and respond to time off requests.
  • A way to restrict dates on your company calendar (i.e., blackout dates where you can’t have certain employees off).
  • A simple way to reconcile your team’s PTO with your payroll provider.

Beyond these features, it’s also helpful to find a tool that’s user-friendly. It should be available on the apps and devices your employees use most often, should integrate with the other software your HR department uses, and shouldn’t have a huge learning curve for employees.

Finally, consider the cost of the software and the potential ROI it can provide. While price is certainly a factor, it’s important to weigh the cost against the value and benefits the software can deliver in terms of time savings, efficiency gains, and improved compliance.