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Buddy Punch is a simple yet powerful solution that allows you to easily manage your employees.

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5 Star Reviews from Capterra.com

Buddy Punch has been a super efficient business solution for our office. It is very user friendly. The integration with Quickbooks has streamlined our payroll which has been a huge plus. Most importantly to me as the administrator who’s been responsible for the complete set up and training of all staff- the Buddy Punch customer service team has been absolutely outstanding!
Tara L.
Practice Manager
It has a very simple interface, easy to punch in and out as well as check timecards. I think both the desktop version and the smartphone version were well-designed. It doesn’t try to do too much and make things complicated, since the main purpose is just to clock in and out, and it efficiently allows the user to do exactly that.
Josh W.
Board Operator
The Customer Support team is super responsive, thorough, and effective. Their support software allows for much quicker response times than you could get on the phone. Their team is knowledgeable about my organization and the way that we use the platform – I have received many helpful suggestions to how we can best leverage the BuddyPunch platform in our sometimes complicated organizational structure. We have had very few issues, but have always received immediate resolutions when anything has come up. The software is straightforward and well-run, and was easily understood by our team of 55+ non-technical staff of all ages. I appreciate that new releases are well-tested before they are launched and free of bugs – the BuddyPunch team does a great job of maintaining the integrity of the application while continuing to add more value to the software frequently. We have had consistent experiences on the web version as well as iOS and Android apps for the life of our subscription.
Kate B.
HR Staff

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5 Star Testimonials

This software is incredibly easy to use both by the administrator and by the employees. They make it easy to be compliant with federal and state laws for tracking hourly employee time and breaks. It is easy to control which employees can change their own check ins/check outs, and it is incredibly easy to make changes when needed. I also love that employees can choose to fill in their own PTO and mark it appropriately for what type they have used.
The switch to Buddy Punch has been a seamless transition and has helped with keeping up with employee hours during the week as well as cutting down time spent on calculating hours for payroll. The software is very user friendly and was a great choice for our company. Highly recommend!
Administrative Coordinator
We tested out several online timecard systems and have been extremely happy with BuddyPunch! We’re a small office that has owners out of state so leverage technology and having visibility on the team when the owners are out of town is very important. BuddyPunch has been easy to setup and use. The team loves being able to clockin with their phones and those of us not in the office love being able to see their login picture and GPS location. Win for all!
Operations Manager

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Case Studies

Founding in 1996 as a reputable broker, owner Kelly Nottestad determined that they could better serve their customers by operating their own trucks. Then in 2013, Kelly formed Coast to Coast Transporters, a family-owned and operated automotive transportation business.
Kelly’s company grew over the years, adding more employees. Each employee works in a remote location. While their company is Wisconsin based, their dispatcher is in Washington State, and safety is based in Arizona. While this scenario is uncommon in the auto transportation business, it is not unheard of.
C2C doesn’t typically haul cars for the public. They take on a lot of time-sensitive, specialty, and photo shoot auto moves. Therefore, customers range from big car manufacturers to TV commercial producers.
Kelly says that technical skills are important when hiring employees, especially when all their communication is through the various mediums. They look for employees who have skill sets and experience matching a position, but they must be dependable, self-motivating, and able to communicate well.
Before Buddy Punch C2C hadn’t used any time tracking solutions. They were prompted to seek time tracking when they hired on their first employee, as he is in Washington state. They needed a way for him to track his hours and submit his time card for payment. Kelly said she chose Buddy Punch because it was simple, convenient, and integrated with QuickBooks. It also hosted features that were intriguing to her as a business owner, such as limiting IP location permissions, punching error notifications, and web cam images.
Kelly Nottestad
Member-Owner, Coast to Coast Transporters
Cosmic Technologies is a full service digital marketing agency. Their primary service lineup includes Web Development, Application Development, Custom Applications, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, and Social Media Marketing. They service 400+ clients across the United States, which includes a couple Fortune 100 companies. Their territorial outreach expands to several international companies as well.
What sets Cosmick apart from other agencies is even though they have 400+ customers coast to coast, they are available 24 hours of the day. Still, to this day, customers have their cell phone numbers and they develop a very close bond and relationship with all their clients where we they not looked upon as just vendors, but an extension of their company. They insist on excellent customer support and communication.
Cosmick’s employees are remote so they needed to have a source where they can track when people are actively working. There is always something happening personally due to their larger team size, so Buddy Punch has been their way to track one another when their team is available. It has been a very nice connection between their HR and employee work schedules.
Everyone was very receptive to Buddy Punch. Initially, the thought was that the team would have concerns punching in and out, but they were very receptive to the entire process. Per Lisa, the interface is very easy, and the everyone LOVES the fact that they can request and view their PTO right in the same program. After using Buddy Punch for several months now, the team is still loving it, management is still loving it and benefiting from the continued and frequent updates.
Lisa Crawford
Cosmick Technologies

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