Buddy Punch vs Ximble

Thinking about what time clock software to use for your business? We understand that there are many options and features out there. What’s best for your business will ultimately come down to what features each solution offers. Typically the more features software has the most it costs, but that isn’t always the case. Here’s a quick summary of how we here at Buddy Punch stack up against Ximble.


Facial Recognition

QR Code Punching & Login

Smartphone Apps

Payroll Integrations (ADP, Paychex, Surepayroll)

QuickBooks Integrations


Overtime Rules Per Employee

Buddy Punch





Which time tracking solution is right for you?

Note that Ximble also has 3 other paid add ons that we did not include in the above price. Ximble notes that the paid add on of PTO that we did include will increase in price after 2017.

You can see that although there are pros and cons to every time tracking solution there’s a potential cost savings when considering Buddy Punch. What do those cost savings look like?

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Other Comparisons

With a robust collection of features and scalability, Buddy Punch truly is a notch higher than all the other time clock products in the market. Find out more about how we compare to the competition.