Improve Engagement with Employee Time Clock Software

Most business owners know that employee engagement is a crucial aspect to the success of any organization. However, nearly 80% of owners believe they have a significant engagement and retention issue. In fact, in 2012, Gallup Research found that an astonishing 70% of U.S. employees are not engaged while at work.

Improving employee engagement is an ongoing challenge faced by most companies today. Surprisingly, to help improve employee engagement, many businesses have moved to automated employee time clock software to promote exchanges between their workforce and leadership teams.

Automated employee time clock software can make your employees feel more connected to your business and therefore, more engaged. Here are just a few ways that using a work hours tracker can help improve engagement among your employees:

Manager using time clock software to relay important information to their employees out in the field.

If you have a large workforce or employees out in the field, it’s important to have a way to communicate important information quickly and easily. A time tracking app that syncs with Quickbooks can help you remain engaged with your employees by frequently communicating with them.

Improved Communication

Clear and concise communication can often be challenging to come by when you manage a large workforce or one that is always on the move. Remote work locations and employees make it challenging for leadership to communicate with their teams. This often leaves employees feeling disconnected with their co-workers that are located at the head or regional office.

Employee time clock software can help to increase engagement by bringing employees together, wherever they may be located. Employees can check in whenever they reach a client’s location allowing managers to communicate any relevant information whenever they clock in and out.

Whether a manager can access their employee’s locations from afar or an employee being able to specify how much time was spent at a site, employee time clock software not only supports and improves productivity but also allows for continual tracking of work objectives and enhances employee engagement.

Employee accessing their time tracking information to ensure everything is accurate.

By investing in a time tracking solution that allows for employee self-service, they can have greater independence and more accountability.

Independence Through Self-Service

Employee independence can lead to improved productivity and higher employee engagement. Employee time clock software that doubles as a convenient self-service portal can provide employees with real-time access to their time and attendance records, which in turn can help to make employees feel in control.

Improved Accountability

By using employee time clock software, you can quickly see attendance patterns form. Managers can view employees who continually fall behind and those who are always on top of their game. They are then able to reward and discipline employees accordingly.

Increased accountability ensures that employees will be more aware of arriving late and the consequences it can have on their work-life. By making a conscious effort to arrive on time and complete their work by a set deadline, they will be drastically more engaged day today.

Team leader recognizing employee for their hard work and efforts.

Employee recognition is a great way to improve engagement. By using a time clock solution, you can determine which of your employees are going above and beyond their assigned duties.

Employee Recognition

To keep employee morale high, it is essential that you acknowledge and recognize employees for good behavior and exemplary performance and reward them for their accomplishments. When your employees are spread out across multiple locations, it can be quite challenging to know which employees are the top performers.

By using employee time clock software, you determine how quickly employees are getting their work done and staying on task or going above and beyond. By appreciating and recognizing employees for their hard work, you can ensure that they remain interested and engaged in their day to day responsibilities.

Buddy Punch provides workers with the ability to review their timesheets, schedules, and accrued time off whenever needed. Employees can enjoy the ease of access of the software while management can take advantage of the time-saving benefits and improved engagement it brings. Employee time clock software provides essential information to your employees and can contribute significantly to the overall increase in productivity and satisfaction of your work.

Drive your employee engagement by investing in a fully equipped time clock solution such as Buddy Punch!

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