Using Google Calendar to Manage your busy lifestyle

Regardless of whether you own a business or website or just want to organize and simplify your personal obligations, Google Calendar offers intuitive features that integrate with all your devices, including your iOS or Android smartphone. If you never need to coordinate your schedule with coworkers or family members or leave an appointment early to make your next appointment, then you’re among a lucky but minuscule minority.

Google Calendar’s Intuitive Features

Google Calendar offers something for everyone, and the application is free to use on any browser. The calendar automatically syncs with your devices through Wi-Fi and other over-the-air connections. You can easily create multiple calendars to share with clients, bosses, business associates, family members and friends.

  • Use intuitive shortcuts to enter appointments, such as pressing “q” to add an appointment quickly while on-the-go.
  • Keep working, practicing and entertaining schedules in one centralized location.
  • Use keyboard commands or point-and-click operations to set appointments.
  • Switch easily among various calendar views like day, week, month or agenda.
  • You can ask Google to recommend the best time to schedule an appointment.
  • Check the weather for a certain ZIP code when scheduling appointments and activities.
  • Synchronize your calendar with most major CRM and marketing software brands.
  • Keep track of world time zones, holidays in other countries and other key logistics in the global economy.

How Google Calendar Works

Google stores all your information in the cloud so that you can retrieve it from anywhere with any device. You can manage personal and professional appointments, add details and generate category-specific calendars for different aspects of your busy life. You can also use Google’s other online tools like Google Drive and Gmail to extend the usefulness of your calendars.

Options include using integrated online calendars for project teams, work groups, sports teams and other activities. You can automatically join a conference call, edit events, change an appointment or send an invite or group email just by clicking on the appointment. You can always customize your calendars by adding important events, reminders, birthdays or notes about the person or reason for the appointment. You’ll become a highly effective person, marketer and friend by organizing your life with Google Calendar.

Searchable and Shareable

Use different calendars for different parts of your life — personal, professional, religious, civic and social. You can color-code your calendars and share them with your spouse, family members and coworkers. If you need to schedule meetings with other busy people, finding a common time often becomes difficult. Fortunately, Google Calendar can simplify the process to “Find a Time” or “Suggested Times.” Sharing schedules with other people enables Google to display everyone’s schedule side-by-side to find the best time for a group meeting or one-on-one meeting.

Attaching Files to Appointments

You can easily attach relevant files to your appointment or event so that you don’t have to search for materials before heading to the appointment. The files are stored on Google Drive and ready when needed.

Connecting with Others

Everyone in your life is important, and you can schedule quality time with your subordinates, friends, teammates and family members by setting aside dedicated periods for eating, socializing, playing, practicing, hearing complaints or just talking. Everybody tends to develop a bit of tunnel vision in today’s hectic business and social environment, but once an appointment is on your private calendar, it’s harder to blow-off the people who matter most.

You can use your calendar to set notifications about upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, school plays, musical recitals or sporting events so that you never forget what’s important. Even if you miss an appointment, you can reschedule, apologize and make amends.

Working with Google’s Advanced Internet Tools

Google Calendar interacts seamlessly with other Google Drive and GMail tools to make your life even more productive. You can collaborate on documents in Google Drive and use a Google Document or Spreadsheet to track your physical activity or how many calories or nutrients you consume. You can keep a daily journal of your thoughts, things-to-do list, bucket list or list of possible holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts for the people whom you love.

Using Google Calendar and its synchronizable, professional online tools is like carrying a roadmap, parking garage and alarm clock everywhere you go. You can set alerts, share your schedule, collaborate on work projects and never miss an important event, meeting or detail. That’s a powerful way to manage your lifestyle and business and save time by keeping organized. You can even get in the habit of journaling your private thoughts and reflections by writing down your thoughts during the day.

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