Best Desktop Time Clock Software

We believe Buddy Punch to be one of the best employee time clock software there is. It can be used to track employee time and attendance on a daily and monthly basis, allows you to run reports, offers easy punching in and out for employees, and much more. Best of all, it works great both as a mobile app or on your desktop computer.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Designed to completely replace physical time sheets, it’s never been easier to monitor and optimize employee scheduling in real-time.

The best thing about Buddy Punch is how easy it is to use for management and employees at such an affordable price whether you’re a small business or an enterprise.

Mac and Windows Online Time Clocks

Since all of our software is online-based, this makes Buddy Punch compatible with the desktop software your device uses, whether that’s Windows or Mac. While you also can use Buddy Punch on other devices including smartphones (iOS or Android) and tablets, the desktop web application is best for the use of all features.

Employees can clock in and clock out via the web from any computer and Buddy Punch will sync the data to any device, making logging in and out of different locations and on the move easy. When an employee punches in or out, Buddy Punch will automatically update their work hours in the system and will notify their administrator or manager, so they know exactly how much time their employees spend working and can be sure that the time is accurate for cost saving purposes.

Webcam and Facial Recognition

With our biometric facial recognition feature, team members can punch in or out just by looking into a camera on their device, making logging in easier than ever. This feature is optional meaning you don’t have to use it, or you can even select which members of staff are required to use it. Should you choose to take advantage of our webcam feature, which will capture a picture of your employee when punching in or out, you can easily view the picture taken on your dashboard or on the employee’s timecard.

We also have GPS tracking and Geofencing on mobile devices to give business owners further scheduling features – both of these allow you to control when and where your employees clock in.

Research shows that approximately 5 minutes a day (per employee) are lost due to late starts and early finishes from employees. This problem is eliminated with our time tracking software keeping employees accountable for their own attendance and free time. The only billable hours you’ll have to worry about are the ones truly being spent on the clock.

We’ve streamlined attendance tracking so that you never have to worry about paying for more than the hours spent in office. Business owners get to save time and money both from using a more modern attendance software and a better workflow for their payroll and invoicing.

To access all these benefits, we recommend you use Chrome, but Firefox is compatible too.

Job Costing

We know that all businesses have different ways of running things and may have many types of people working for them including freelancers, subcontractors, salaried employees and more. Project management in such a scenario would normally be a nightmare… but Buddy Punch takes care of all of that.

This time clock app allows you to create several different types of jobs your employees can select from when punching in. When you go to check the reports, each one will display the amount of time working on the job specified. So regardless of who is working for you, everyone is accounted for and paid correctly for their time. If a job is no longer applicable, you can easily deactivate the job from within the Buddy Punch settings. Now, you can manage several different jobs without worrying about hidden labor costs adding up to hurt profitability.

PTO, OT and Break Calculations

Not only can our employee time tracking accurately measure the amount of time worked, but Buddy Punch also accounts for PTO, OT and break times. We know that keeping track of time off or extra hours means more work for HR, and the process of doing so can get so confusing that mistakes can easily be made. Well, you can say goodbye to the hassle when you use Buddy Punch. The way it works is simple; staff enters the amount of time needed off for instances such as sickness or vacations, which can be set to go through approval from management and administrators. When the time comes for you to create a report, paid time off will be clearly defined making it easy to understand who took PTO and when.

Should your business require staff to work overtime, we can account for this accurately too. While it’s great that your staff are willing to work more hours, it has been known that staff can work more overtime than your business can afford to pay. This is why you can set up daily and weekly alerts that go straight to your computer when your employees hit a certain threshold. For example, you can set an alert from an employee when 8 hours has been hit in a day to ensure they don’t work too much overtime. Just as equally, you can check they are still working when they say they are. When setting up the Overtime Type, you can select from several options to calculate overtime including 40 hour work weeks, California Overtime, No Overtime, 44 hour Work Weeks and 38 hour Work Weeks. This means no mishaps at payroll, and you’ll be sure to have happy staff that is safe in the knowledge they are being looked after too.

Payroll Reporting

Buddy Punch understands how stressful and tedious it can feel for management to be in charge of paying employees. That’s why we have a built-in time and attendance system and have partnerships with payroll systems that do the work for you. Employees simply need to punch in and out and record their PTO, and Buddy Punch will use the data collected to create a report that can be downloaded via Excel or PDF. At the end of your pay period, you will have all the data you need regarding your employees hours and export that information to run payroll with just a few simple clicks.  Our Payroll Processing integrations include Quickbooks, ADP, Paychex, and more.

Google Sign-On (SSO)

All businesses and employees use email for work and communicating with one another, and most now use Google. With that in mind, Buddy Punch have partnered up with Google for making signing in even easier. The Google Sign-On feature allows you to link Buddy Punch to your Google account by logging into Buddy Punch, visiting your profile page and clicking on the Google “link button.” It is that simple! If you ever need to log into Buddy Punch, you simply click the Google icon on the login page, and you’re in.

Mac Time Clock Software

If you’re looking for Mac time clock software, but you’re not sure exactly what you want or where to start, start here. Whether you’re looking for a software with an abundance of features, or maybe you need a user-friendly interface that’s affordable, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a selection of various software most compatible with Mac, so that you can choose the right one for you.

Windows Time Clock Software

If you’re a Windows user instead and need Windows time clock software, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to get you started. Whether you need to track employee time and attendance, or you’re looking for a software that is simple and affordable so you can make sure that every penny is spent well, there is plenty of great software to help you keep on top of it.

Excel Time Tracking Spreadsheet

Buddy Punch offers multiple time tracking reports that can be quickly and seamlessly downloaded, which will give you detailed Excel time tracking spreadsheets with a view of each employee. These reports include when and where your employees worked, and for how long, whether they were working overtime or had time off, and much more. The best part is that it’s all done automatically to save you time and hassle.

Buddy Punch – A Modern Time Clock Solution

Intuitive Software

Time and attendance recording is one of those administrative tasks that all companies have to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s not time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. All time clocking companies say they are easy to use, but we know that’s simply not the case. One of the issues we kept hearing from consumers was that many other time clock platforms were too difficult to use and way more hassle than necessary.

We are big on listening to our consumers and customer retention, so we took this feedback on board and decided we needed software that was no-nonsense and straightforward to use to save you a headache. With that in mind, we have made sure that every feature we have developed and delivered is user-friendly and available to anyone. Despite the number of available features, we’ve made sure that Buddy Punch is so intuitive that it requires zero training so you can get going immediately

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