Buddy Punch vs. Clockshark

Are you struggling with deciding between the different forms of time tracking tools for your business? Then you’re not alone. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose the best tool.

To determine which tool is the best fit for your business, it’s important to check the features and pricing of popular software products on the market. Buddy Punch and Clockshark are two of the top choices in the market, but even choosing between these two can make a huge difference for you and the effectiveness of your business.

There are many reasons why Buddy Punch is more popular than Clockshark. One of those reasons is the variety of features, which will come in handy for you as a business owner. The other reason that appeals to all business owners is affordable pricing.

Let’s take a look and compare those features:

Buddy Punch vs. Clockshark Features

If you have read Clockshark reviews, you already know that it’s a popular tracking tool that companies have been using for quite a while now. Buddy Punch and Clockshark share many features, but they also have some important differences.

Facial Recognition

Buddy Punch is one of the few software solutions that offer facial recognition as part of their time tracking software. This feature is an enormous benefit and is one of the top reasons why Buddy Punch has become as popular as it is.

To avoid time theft and employees who punch time for other employees with traditional time cards, companies can use a facial recognition feature where your employees will look into a camera and their face will be compared against a photo that has been associated with their profile. This will allow Buddy Punch to confirm the identity of the employee, guaranteeing that no one else is trying to punch time for them. This feature isn’t available at ClockShark.

Locations and GPS

Both programs offer GPS locating for employees. Clockshark is known for their easy-to-use tracking application, largely because of the GPS feature. Both Buddy Punch and Clockshark provide the user with an opportunity to track the employees through the software.


The management system is somewhat different between Buddy Punch and Clockshark. In Buddy Punch, you can use the application to set managers and assign employees who work for them. Administrators are in charge of all settings within Buddy Punch while both managers and administrators can approve PTO, edit timecards, approve or reject timecards, and much more.

With Clockshark, the scheduling tool is more basic. Users can drag-and-drop the names of employees to a calendar and set their work schedule. This is accompanied by notifications sent to the employee who is assigned a task. Clockshark also enables users to add a supervisor user that will track the clock in of the employees. This person will ensure that everyone has punched in and out when they are expected to.


Real-time reporting is available on both systems. Users can get notifications for literally everything, including punch ins and outs, overtime hours, and vacation requests. The notification process goes both ways – managers and employees can get notifications when something changes in the schedule. This applies to both software programs.

Overtime, PTO, Sick, Vacation, Breaks

Both programs allow users to count hours without having to enter them manually. Team members log in at their desks, on their mobile devices, or in the case of Buddy Punch – even with the facial recognition tool. This also includes calculating overtime, PTO, sick, and vacation time. Buddy Punch has an extra feature of calculating automated breaks.


Users can get reports on both Clockshark and Buddy Punch. Buddy Punch has several reports that can be customized to your needs ensuring that you report everything required by your payroll or HR departments.


Both tools work on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. The services have native apps for several kinds of devices, which is useful if you need to manage your team on the go.

IP Address Locks

This feature is currently only available with Buddy Punch. It goes as follows – administrators can assign an IP address which ensures an employee is only able to punch in or out from a device associated with that IP address. This is a great way to ensure your employees are punching in or out where they’re supposed to be.

Affordability of Buddy Punch and Clockshark

Even though they are similarly priced, Clockshark is more expensive than Buddy Punch. The free trial version for Clockshark only lasts 14 days, while Buddy Punch gives a free trial to its users. After the trial period, Clockshark charges a base fee of $25 and a fee of $5 per user per month. If you choose to pay annually, the rates reduce to $20 and $4.17 per user per month respectively.

The billing system for the two is completely different. Buddy Punch is one of the few companies that have set prices based on a number of users, without charging a base price. Therefore, the rate you pay here will depend solely on the number of users. For example, the total quote for using Buddy Punch with 9 users is $29 per month. If you have 99 users on board, the cost is $199 per month. But regardless of how many users you have, the total for Buddy Punch is always cheaper than Clockshark.

Considering the additional features and pricing competitiveness, it is clear why Buddy Punch is the more popular option among business owners for time tracking.

Buddy Punch vs. Tsheets, Clockshark, Zapier & Asana

Ultimately, to find the right desktop time clock software for you and your business needs, you will want to make sure that you research the available options. Follow the link to see comparisons of Buddy Punch with three other popular time tracking tools available in today’s market. Selecting the best software for you will depend on your budget, preferences, and time tracking needs for your business. Just keep in mind that this software is meant to save you time and effort so that you can focus on the bigger picture – making your business as successful as possible.

Choose a time tracking software wisely – it can have a big impact on your business and the effort you expend with time tracking.

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