How does it work?

Why should you choose Buddy Punch?

Buddy Punch is a simple yet incredibly powerful time clock solution that can help you efficiently manage employee time and attendance. With time tracked down to the minute, and time card information that syncs with payroll software, Buddy Punch eliminates room for any potential payroll errors. 

Employers can trust that time and attendance are being tracked accurately and employees can rest assured they are getting paid for every minute on the job. 

At Buddy Punch, we’re passionate about the success of our customers and customer service our team looks forward to making every minute count and every interaction you have with Buddy Punch, an amazing one. If you have questions about Buddy Punch time tracking software, click the chatbox located in the bottom right-hand corner to have your questions answered right away!

Interested in becoming a Buddy Punch partner? You can receive up to 20% of every sale – a great option for accountants or CPA’s that are managing multiple clients. Learn more about our partner program here!