Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers | Top 5 Picks

lawyer time tracking software

Law firms and attorneys typically charge their clients by the hour, which means that accurate tracking of every moment spent working is necessary for precise legal billing and case management.

Beyond billing, tracking work hours also provides attorneys with valuable insights into their productivity, enabling them to manage their time more effectively.

Although Excel or Google Sheets timesheets can be used for manual time tracking, they are susceptible to errors and can drain time. 

This is why attorney time tracking software is commonly used by law firms of all sizes to ensure accuracy.

Here are the benefits of using attorney time tracking software:

The abundance of legal time management software available in the market can make it difficult to determine the most suitable option for attorneys. 

To simplify the process, below is a brief overview of the top lawyer time tracking software.

  1. Buddy Punch
  2. Connecteam
  3. DeskTime
  4. When I Work
  5. Insightful

We will provide an overview of the concept of time tracking, how outdated time tracking affects lawyers, the benefits of a time tracking software, factors to consider while selecting time tracking software, and how lawyers keep track of billable hours and unbilled hours.

By providing this information, we aim to assist attorneys in making informed decisions regarding the best lawyer time tracking software for their needs. 

What Is the Concept of Time Tracking for Attorneys? 🕒⚖️
Legal time management refers to the process of recording and monitoring the amount of time spent on different tasks related to legal professionals’ practice. This can include conducting research, attending client meetings, drafting documents, and appearing in court.

In the legal profession, time tracking is important for accurately billing clients and ensuring that attorneys are adequately compensated for their services. 

Lawyers often bill their customers hourly, and time tracking software enables them to accurately calculate the amount of time spent on each task and bill accordingly for billable hours, non-billable hours, overtime, and free time. 

Additionally, it can help attorneys manage their workload more efficiently by offering insights into how much time is spent on different tasks and identifying areas where time can be better allocated.

The Advantages of a Lawyer Time Tracking Software

Time is a precious commodity, and for lawyers, managing it effectively is essential to the success of their practice. 

Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible for lawyers to streamline their time management processes and increase productivity

Below are some of the key advantages of using time tracking software for attorneys:

1. Improved Productivity 

Time recording software can help lawyers manage their workload more effectively by providing real-time insights into how they spend their time. 

This can help identify areas where time is wasted, allowing for more efficient use of time.

2. Better Project Management

It can also help lawyers manage projects more effectively by providing a clear overview of the time spent on each task and identifying areas where additional resources may be needed for better resource management or where a project may fall behind schedule.

3. Efficient Legal Billing 

It can simplify the legal billing process by accurately recording the time spent on each task. Time tracking software also ensures that clients are billed correctly and can help reduce billing disputes.

4. More Convenience

Time tracking software can be accessed from anywhere, making it easy for lawyers to track their time while on the go. It also ensures that time is not lost, even when a lawyer is away from their desk.

5. Enhanced Security 

It offers enhanced security measures, such as encryption and password protection, to keep sensitive data secure. 

6. Enhanced Accountability

Time tracking software provides a clear record of the time spent, which can help to hold lawyers accountable for their time management. 

7. Improved Focus

Time tracking software helps reduce errors and save time on administrative tasks, allowing lawyers to focus on more important tasks.

How Does Outdated Time Tracking Affect Lawyers?

Outdated Time Tracking

Inaccurate time tracking can seriously negatively affect a law firm’s productivity, operational efficiency, and client loyalty.

Traditional time tracking methods, such as the manual entry on paper or spreadsheets, can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and inefficient. 

Here are some ways outdated time tracking affects lawyers:

1. Reduced Productivity

Outdated time tracking methods can reduce productivity as lawyers manually track their time, resulting in errors and inaccuracies

2. Inaccurate Billing

Traditional time tracking methods can lead to billing inaccuracies, resulting in disputes with clients, delayed payments, and reduced profitability for the law firm. 

3. Lost Billable Hours

Outdated time tracking methods can result in lost billable hours, as lawyers may not accurately track their time or may forget to record their activities. 

4. Difficulty in Tracking Projects

Outdated time tracking methods make tracking the time spent on various projects difficult, leading to poor project management and increased costs. 

5. Increased Administrative Costs

Traditional time tracking methods can increase administrative costs, as lawyers may spend more time on administrative tasks related to time trackings, such as data entry, report generation, and billing. This can reduce the time available for billable work and increase the overhead costs for the law firm.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Lawyer Time Tracking Software | Buying Guide

Best Lawyer Time Tracking Software

Choosing the right lawyer time tracking software can be a critical decision for law firms. 

It’s essential to consider several factors before investing in a time tracking software that meets your specific requirements, as investing in SaaS is always a long-term commitment. 

Here are some things to consider while choosing the best lawyer time tracking software:

1. Features

Look for software that suits your needs, such as time tracking, billing, invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting.

2. Data Security

It is crucial to ensure the software has robust security features to protect confidential client data. Ensure the software has encryption protocols, user authentication, and backup and disaster recovery features.

3. User-friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate the software and reduces the need for training. Look for software that has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

4. Compatibility

Ensure the software is compatible with your existing hardware and software systems to avoid compatibility issues.

5. Integration

Look for software that can integrate with other tools you use, such as accounting software, project management tools, CRM, and calendaring applications.

6. Reporting

The software should have robust reporting features that allow you to generate detailed reports on time spent on each case, client billing, and expenses.

7. Customization

Look for customized software to fit your firm’s specific needs, such as creating custom billing rates and invoicing templates.

Also, look for a time tracking tool that offers easy client intake where you can manage multiple client portals with ease.

8. Scalability

Ensure that the software can accommodate the growth of your law firm by scaling up or down as needed.

9. Cost

Consider the cost of the software, including any ongoing maintenance fees, and compare it to its benefits. Look for software that offers a good investment return and fits your budget by going through the pricing of various legal time management software.

Attorney Time Tracking Apps | Top 5

Here are the top five lawyer time tracking software.

1. Buddy Punch | Best For Law Firms

buddy punch homescreen landing page

Buddy Punch is one of the best time tracking software for various industries, including law firms. It is a no-brainer for lawyers that need to unify workflows and automate tedious administrative tasks. 

Buddy Punch can equip your law firm with everything needed to ensure the swift completion of employee timecards.

It is designed to help enterprises manage their employees and timesheets effectively, making it a perfect tool for attorneys. 

Buddy PunchTechnical Details
Customer TypeSmall Business
Medium Business
Large Enterprises
Devices SupportedWindows
iPhone/iPad (iOS)

How Buddy Punch Time Tracking App Works?

buddy punch devices

Buddy Punch simplifies the process of tracking employee work hours and takes the pain out of navigating multiple apps to track employee progress and achieve an appropriate level of team oversight. 

Buddy Punch also centralizes your time tracking efforts and brings everything under one roof which is ideal for busy lawyers that need instant access to time entries. 

The software also allows attorneys to track their billable hours accurately. With its user-friendly interface, lawyers can easily log their time spent on various tasks and projects while ensuring that lawyers are not underbilling or overbilling their clients and help them stay organized. 

What Issues Will Buddy Punch Solve For Attorneys?

What Issues Will Buddy Punch Solve For Attorneys

Here are some problems that Buddy Punch can solve for attorneys:

1. Accurate Time Tracking

Buddy Punch ensures that attorneys can accurately track the time they spend on each task, client, or project. 

2. Remote Time Tracking
Remote Time Tracking

With Buddy Punch, attorneys can easily track their time when working remotely, whether working from home or traveling for business. 

3. Improved Efficiency

By using Buddy Punch, attorneys can quickly and easily record their time, saving them time and improving their efficiency. 

4. Reduced Errors 

Buddy Punch can help reduce errors in time tracking, which can help avoid underbilling or overbilling clients. It can also help ensure that attorneys comply with legal time-tracking requirements.

5. Streamlined Invoicing
Streamlined Invoicing

Buddy Punch can help attorneys streamline their invoicing process by providing accurate time data for each client and project. 

6. Provides Real-time Data

Buddy Punch provides real-time data on employees’ time and attendance, which can be useful for attorneys who need to make staffing decisions on the fly. 

Features of Buddy Punch Time Tracking App

It offers a variety of features to help lawyers manage their workflow. Buddy Punch’s features include: 

1. Track Lawyer Overtime Using Real-Time Data Insights
time card buddy punch

Buddy Punch’s real-time data insights allow law firm administrators to monitor and analyze their employees’ time and attendance data, including overtime hours worked.

With the aid of this feature, attorneys can closely monitor the current workforce regardless of their location, enabling them to determine who is actively working at any time. 

You can also set up email (Gmail and Outlook) and mobile notifications for when lawyers run close to their maximum hours

The software’s real-time data insights can help law firms make informed decisions about their workforce, ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, and optimize their operations for greater efficiency.

2. Built-In Notifications Designed For Law Firms
Built-In Notifications Specifically For Accountants

Buddy Punch’s built-in notification time tracking features offer numerous benefits to ensure compliance and streamline workflow. With this feature, administrators can quickly get updates on legal teams progress across the firm.

Using Buddy Punch’s dashboard, lawyers can gain a complete image of team progress at any given point in the working day. This makes it straightforward to track employee progress. 

This built-in notification feature includes:

  • Overtime Alerts: Buddy Punch can send notifications to managers when an employee is approaching or has exceeded their allotted overtime hours. 
overtime alerts buddy punch
  • PTO Requests: Employees can request time off through the Buddy Punch software, and managers can receive notifications for approval or denial of these requests. This streamlines managing employee time off and ensures that law firms have adequate staffing levels at all times.
PTO Requests
  • Missing Punch Alerts: Buddy Punch can notify managers when an employee has missed a clock-in or clock-out time. 
3. Utilize An In-Built Calendar To Track Time-Off Requests

Buddy Punch recognizes that time-off requests can be challenging for law firms, particularly if they lack effective management systems. 

In addition to providing time tracking capabilities, Buddy Punch offers an in-built calendar feature that makes it simple to manage time-off requests. 

In-Built Calendar To Track Time-Off Requests

Employees can submit requests through the platform, and managers can easily approve or reject them, all while visualizing the schedule in the calendar. This streamlines the time-off request process and helps law firms ensure adequate staffing levels.

It can also allow law firm administrators to create employee schedules easily, assign shifts, track employee availability, and manage other requests in one place. 

The in-built calendar feature can also help managers identify scheduling conflicts, such as overlapping shifts or employee availability issues. 

4. Multiple Punch and Login Options

It offers multiple punch and login options for lawyers and law firms to provide flexibility and convenience for their workforce. 

Buddy Punch also offers GPS tracking capabilities for lawyers who work remotely or on the go, allowing them to punch in and out from their current location. 

The time tracking tool provides a range of options for lawyers to clock in and out, including web-based punching, mobile punching via the Buddy Punch desktop app, mobile app, chrome extension, a unique PIN, biometric fingerprint, facial recognition, and physical time clocks that seamlessly integrate with the software.

5. Adding, Editing, and Deleting Punches

Buddy Punch empowers attorneys to manage their own time punches by enabling them to add, edit, or delete their punches and add notes or reasons for any changes. 

This feature is useful when an employee forgets to clock in or out or has an error in their recorded time. 

Law firms can set permissions and restrictions on who can edit or approve punches to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the time tracking process. 

6. Webcam

Buddy Punch’s webcam feature automatically captures the employees’ photos as they punch in or out, offering an added layer of accountability and security. 

7. Reports
time card buddy punch

Buddy Punch’s report feature offers attorneys with access to a variety of helpful reports related to employee attendance. 

With these reports, lawyers can gain valuable insights into their law firm’s operations, and make data-driven decisions. 

Offering access to the reports, Buddy Punch enables lawyers to gain a better understanding of their workforce and optimize their operations for greater productivity. 

8. IP Lock
IP Address Lock

The IP lock features of Buddy Punch allow law firms to restrict employee access to the time tracking software based on their IP address. This is particularly useful for law firms that require employees to clock in and out from a specific location, such as the office or a designated court. 

This feature can help prevent time theft or fraudulent time entries by ensuring employees are physically present at the approved location before clocking in or out.

9. Geofence

With the geofencing feature, lawyers can define virtual boundaries such as the office or a designated court. 

When an attorney enters or leaves the designated area, the software will automatically punch them in or out, depending on their current status. 

In addition, it also allows law firms to set up notifications when an employee enters or leaves the office. 

● Flexible time tracking
● Customization
● Easy to use
● Remote Access
● Didn’t find any yet

Free Trial

Ready to give Buddy Punch a try?

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If you feel that Buddy Punch might be the right fit for your business, sign up for a free trial. You can also book a one-on-one demo, or view a pre-recorded demo video.

2. Connecteam | Best For Remote Teams

Connecteam homescreen

Connecteam is an all-in-one software designed to help law firms manage their workforce more efficiently. It allows attorneys to create and manage employee schedules, track time and attendance, and communicate with employees in real time through the application. 

The platform also includes task management tools that let managers assign tasks, track progress and receive status updates from employees.

ConnecteamTechnical Details
Customer TypeSmall Business
Medium Business
SupportPhone Online
Devices SupportedAndroid

Connecteam is designed to be easy to use and accessible from any device, making it a perfect solution for law firms with remote or distributed workforces. 

This all-in-one solution also offers detailed analytics and reporting features to help lawyers make informed decisions about their workforce management strategies. 

The one-touch clock in and out system comes with real-time location GPS tracking – so you can see where law firm employees are at any time.

It offers a variety of features that can help lawyers streamline their workforce and improve their productivity. 

Some of these include:

  • Employee Task Management
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Communication
  • Checklists and Forms
● Perfect for remote employees
● Excellent customer service
● Intuitive mobile platform
● Accurate time tracking
● No forecasting
● Sometimes occasional lag occurs

Free Trial

Connecteam provides businesses with the opportunity to try out the platform before committing to a subscription by offering a 14-day free trial. 

During this trial period, businesses can access all of Connecteam’s features, such as time tracking, scheduling, communication, and task management, and see how the platform can benefit their operations without any financial commitment.

3. DeskTime | Best For Organizing Workflow

desktime homescreen

DeskTime is another popular time tracking software that can help law firms organize their workflows by providing insights into how time is being spent by employees.

It also offers detailed reports and analytics that can be used to monitor productivity and optimize workflow processes. 

DeskTimeTechnical Details
Customer TypeSmall Business
SupportPhone Online
Devices SupportedAndroid

With offline time tracking, all the attorneys and lawyers can clock in and out at the click of a button, no matter where they are. 

DeskTime cal also be integrated with other software solutions, such as project management solutions or accounting software solutions (QuickBooks), to offer a more comprehensive overview of how time is being spent across different projects.

In addition, DeskTime’s features such as project and task tracking, absence and leave management, and automatic time tracking can help law firms streamline their workflows and reduce administrative tasks.

DeskTime offers various features, some of which include:

  • Automatic Time Tracking
  • URL and App Tracking
  • Document Title tracking
  • Idle Time Tracking
  • Project Time Tracking
  • Automatic Screenshots
  • Absence Calendar
  • Invoicing
  • Shift Scheduling
● Flexibility
● Automated time tracking
● Boost productivity
● Calendar feature
● Limited reporting

Free Trial

DeskTime provides a 14-day trial of its software that allows users to access all of the features and functionalities that the platform has to offer. 

This free trial is a great opportunity to try out DeskTime and see firsthand how it can benefit your business by tracking employee productivity, optimizing workflows, and reducing administrative tasks.

4. When I Work | Best for Workforce Management

when i work homescreen

When I Work is more than just time tracking software. It is a comprehensive workforce management platform that offers features such as employee scheduling, time tracking, task management, and team communication tools.

It allows law firm administrators to easily create and manage schedules for their attorneys, which can then be accessed by employees through the mobile app or web interface. 

When I WorkTechnical Details
Customer TypeSmall Business
Medium Business
Large Enterprises
SupportPhone Online
Devices SupportedAndroid

When I Work also offers reporting and analytics features to help lawyers track and analyze their workforce management metrics. 

By bringing all aspects of employee management together, When I Work makes it easier for law firms to manage their workforce effectively and optimize their operations. 

The time tracking tool is an all-in-one workforce management platform that centralizes various aspects of employee management, allowing administrators to access real-time employee data and make informed decisions based on this information.

This tool is specifically designed to assist legal firms in managing their workforce more efficiently by offering a range of helpful features.

These features include:

  • Employee scheduling
  • Employee time clock
  • Timesheets
  • Time messaging
● Let attorneys to communicate with administrators easily
● Easily request time off
● Perfect drag and drop scheduling
● Limited reporting 
● A bit slow customer support

Free Trial

Lawyers can take advantage of When I Work’s 14-day trial to fully explore all of its features, including shift scheduling, time clock functionality, and task management.

During the trial, attorneys can access all of When I Work’s features and functionalities, giving them a comprehensive understanding of how the platform can benefit their business.

5. Insightful | Best for Productivity Insights

Insightful homescreen

Insightful does what it says on the tin. With real-time employee insights, team leaders can gain a clear understanding of how employees at the legal practice are performing. If you are trying to increase employee oversight across the law firm and need the tools to make this possible, Insightful comes with the features you need to track and monitor employee performance.

InsightfulTechnical Details
Customer TypeSmall Business
Medium Business
Large Enterprises
Devices SupportedMac
Operating SystemsWindows

With real-time employee insights, team leaders can gain a clear understanding of how employees at the legal practice are performing. 

The platform’s reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into workforce performance, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations accordingly.

With Insightful, attorneys can easily communicate with their teams in real-time using the platform’s communication features. 

This includes the ability to share announcements and send messages to individual team members, which can be especially useful for keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring that important updates are communicated in a timely manner. 

Insightful offers numerous features, some of which include:

  • Employee Monitoring
  • Time Tracking
  • Automatic Time Mapping
  • Screenshots
● Excellent reporting abilities
● Flexible scheduling
● Easy time-off management
● A bit slow customer support
● Do not provide access from mobile browsers

Free Trial

If you’re interested in trying out Insightful, you can take advantage of their 7-day trial to explore the platform’s various features, including time tracking, employee monitoring, reporting, and communication tools.

How Do Lawyers Keep Track of Billable Hours?

Before time management software for law firms, time entries were recorded by hand, and the approval process with staff was lengthy.

It took weeks to record time, finalize invoices, manage trust accounts, send them to clients, and then wait months to receive payment.

Today, however, there are more efficient ways to track time and handle payments. The best time management software for lawyers typically includes at least three pillars.

1. Legal Tracking 

Efficient legal time tracking is the core feature of legal practice management software. It’s best for lawyers to track hours as they occur, rather than relying on memory or searching through calendars when it’s time to invoice.

This strategy works for both billable and non-billable time, making it useful for firms of all sizes and practice areas. 

With legal timekeeping software, lawyers and staff can efficiently record every minute to:

  • Save time on administrative tasks
  • Reveal inefficiencies
  • Streamline invoicing
  • Avoid lost revenue
  • Ensure billing accuracy

2. Calendaring 

Integrated calendaring software is another useful way to track time, in addition to using timers. This feature can be particularly helpful for small law firms that have a high volume of client appointments and court appearances, such as those in criminal law and family law practice areas.

With integrated calendaring, lawyers can easily record and track time associated with each client appointment or court appearance, helping to ensure accurate billing and efficient time management.

3. Workflow Automation

Effective law practice management software for law firms should provide lawyers with greater control over their billable and non-billable hours.

Workflow automation is a key feature that can help to automate repeatable tasks, freeing up time to focus on more impactful work. 


Why Use Legal Billing Software?

Legal billing can be a complex process, with unique structures and strict regulations that must be adhered to. 

This makes dedicated legal billing software essential for law firms looking to manage time tracking and invoicing more efficiently than general bookkeeping and invoicing software might allow. 

By using legal billing software, lawyers can ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations while streamlining the billing process for improved efficiency and profitability.

Is Legal Billing Software Secure?

When choosing legal billing software, security is a top priority. 

The best programs offer various levels of protection, including two-factor authentication (2FA) or multifactor authentication (MFA), frequent security updates and patches, intrusion detection, user activity monitoring, data encryption, and privacy protection. 

These security features help ensure that sensitive client and financial data are kept safe and secure, giving law firms peace of mind while they manage their billing processes.

How do lawyers and legal assistants keep track of their time?

Using time tracking software is the easiest way for lawyers and legal assistants to keep track of their time. 

This automates the process and allows attorneys to focus on client work. Some popular lawyer time tracking apps include Buddy Punch and TimeDesk.

Try Buddy Punch for Free  

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