Three Ways to Connect With Customers on Social Media

As internet technology continues to dig deeper into society, many business owners and organizations use social media to promote their products and services. Indeed, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn enjoy some of the highest number of posts, likes and comments on the internet. However, it all comes down to an individual business owner using the platform. Research shows that more small and mid-size enterprises use at least one platform to promote a product or service.

With millions of websites across the globe, it is important for business owners to ensure that they engage and connect with their customers. Visitors and readers rely on the content they find on the social media platform, and research has shown that most visitors do not follow content that does not connect with them. It is therefore important for business owners to find ways of engaging their customers in social media.

Providing users with entertaining content is a way to make them stay, particularly through comments and posts on social media. For example, if a business owner promotes online timecard software, it is important to include interesting aspects on the content. Many business owners only make their posts promotional and overly technical, which in the end drives their readers away. Visitors to various sites online are looking for valuable information as well. Therefore, giving them hints on how to solve a problem is an added advantage to win their interest on the posts.

Another factor to observe in connecting with customers in social media is activeness. A dormant Facebook page is likely to lose visitors because no one responds to comments posted by visitors. To help them stay with a product launch or service, it pays to respond to their comments immediately. At the same time, showing emotion is a plus. Customers need to know that they are dealing with a real person, who can be in their situation, and is ready to understand their problems. It is advisable to laugh with them when they are happy, comfort them when they are angry and sad, and cheer them up when they succeed.

Customers also love topics that are current and appropriate to their needs. Most trending topics involve current affairs and events. For example, a Facebook post on World Cup games or the Super Bowl can generate several thousands of tweets and comments from fans. When tied to a product or service, a business owner is likely to connect deeper to the intended audience.

In the end, it is important to know the target audience, remain friendly to customers, and serve them at the same level. That makes it easier to engage and connect with them at all times.