5 Things You Can Check When Hiring a New Employee

When looking forward to hiring a new employee for your business or organization, it is a good idea to look out for some essential attributes in the prospective employee. They will be the trusted face of your company, who will make contact with your business associates, customers, and other stakeholders on a daily basis. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you get the best out there, considering they will be the heart and soul of your company, who will eventually determine the success of your business. Below are five steady factors to look at when hiring an employee.

Commitment to one workplace

There are important first impressions you cannot miss when interviewing new employees for a job position. Their character, for instance, tells you a lot, about the kind of employee you would be dealing with on a daily basis. Look at their resume closely, and see if they tend to stick to one organization. A nomad employee could be an indicator they are just in for the money but don’t share your passion or vision for the company.

Ensuring a remote employee works effectively can be done in two ways – by tasks completed or by hours worked. You can combine two methods as well. Consider using verified time-tracking apps to determine if they are notorious absentees, or are dedicated to their work.

Pay attention to non-verbal cues

A person with a strong character on the other hand, who exhibits attributes such as intelligence and openness, and knows a ton about your organization shows that the person is looking forward to working for you. Look at their professionalism, how they respond to questions, and their non-verbal cues. The right candidate sits upright and is courageous and unfaltering when they are communicating.

Soft skills are important

Soft skills are named to be as vital as technical skills. A good employee should display strong character. Be keen to look for positive attributes in the new hire. Good mannerisms, sociability, happiness, etc., goes a long way to show the kind of employee you could be dealing with in the future. It determines their capacity to work with others, and how they are going to handle your business generally. A likable person will get along easily with others and will be a good team player.

Don’t be naïve

Look at their portfolio. You don’t want to wind up with less than what you are looking for. For instance, if an applicant says they can do java coding, insist on having their testimonials. Look up their experience from their websites or social media handles to find out more about them, and asses their purported skills. If necessary, put them to the test, to be sure. This is especially important if you are scaling up your business, and are looking for expert personnel, and not just an additional workforce. You can always take advantage of professional services to look up new employees and confirm that they are what they claim to be.

Do a background check

Check their references. During the interview, you are looking for a person who probably is going to retain for long periods in your organization. As such, you want to give them a clean bill of health, before proceeding to hire them. Consider running a thorough background check on them.

With the help of people search services, you can check on their track record, drug-related charges and other felonies that the person may have committed. Reverse phone lookup feature may also help you to identify their social media handles and help you to find out more about them. It retrieves crucial information about a person from numerous public databases. You will be to detect a scammer or a criminal immediately.

Remember, a person who has excellent knowledge about your company sets them apart from people who are blindly applying for a job position. Check if the applicant is knowledgeable about your business, with relevant facts such as industry trends, your organization structure, your products, and services, etc. They should also be eager to learn more. Look up their information and ascertain if they have additional courses and skills apart from their degree and diplomas. This shows that the person is idealistic about your company, can adapt to new trends and is indeed looking forward to working with your organization.