Tsheets vs Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a simple Tsheets alternative.
Here’s why you should consider switching…

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Thinking of making the switch to Buddy Punch?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Below, you’ll find information to help you compare Buddy Punch and Tsheets, including features, customer experiences, pricing and thoughts about making the switch.

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1) Buddy Punch is easier than Tsheets

Tired of having to struggle your way through clunky and complex dashboards, drop downs, checkboxes and all sorts of features you never use?

With Buddy Punch, you won’t have to. All you see when you log in is your simple dashboard:


Your Buddy Punch dashboard updates with any change requests from your employees and shows you who is punched in and punched out.

You’ll get awesome core features like simple reporting and adding & managing employees all without having to navigate a maze of features you don’t need.

And if you ever want to use more advanced features – they’re all located in the settings section.

It’s been great and really easy. I’m the office manager for a small web design company and we’ll be signing up for the full subscription in the next week or so. We all recently went from salary to hourly and need a good way to track hours without using paper. Buddy Punch has done it!Trudy, StudioX

2) Buddy Punch is more intuitive for your employees.

You rely on your employees – you want them to be productive and not have to worry about navigating to find something.

Buddy Punch lets you show that you do care about their experience.

Buddy Punch shows your employees exactly what they need to see and do.  No hard-to-find options.


No corporate-looking dashboards, and no dated “I can’t find what I need” experience.

Just the simple, personal experience of an intuitive system.

3) Buddy Punch is built for small business.

When tracking time gets complicated, it can add hours of wasted time to a business owner or manager’s month. It can lead to a loss of productivity and a lot of frustration.

As a small business, we understand how devastating that can be.

That’s why we stripped out the more complicated edge-case features of Tsheets, and kept only the most important time-saving options.  Not only that, we make them easy to find and understand.


4) Buddy Punch is more affordable.

We believe that small business software should be affordable for small businesses.

If that sounds obvious, well, somebody should let tsheets.com know. Here’s a price comparison of Buddy Punch to Tsheets (as of 6.2016):


Ready to give Buddy Punch a try?

We hope this comparison guide was useful to you.  Making the switch is easy; you can get your whole team set up on Buddy Punch in just a few minutes.

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Still have questions? Just click that “More –> Support” link in the top right corner of this screen.  We hope to see you in Buddy Punch.