Best iPhone Time Clock Apps for 2019

If you’re interested in tracking time, you might need a solution that extends beyond desktop access.

The working landscape is continuously evolving, with remote work becoming more and more popular as the boundaries of the world seem to shrink.

How can you meaningfully monitor what workers are doing from a distance?

Luckily, time clock apps can help you to meaningfully monitor precisely what’s being done by remote workers without any manual error or time theft creeping in.

Whether you want to merely keep an eye on what hours are worked on which project or you want wider-ranging functionality encompassing invoicing and project management, there is no shortage of apps to deliver the mobile tracking solution you need, whether on iPhone or Android.

Today, we’ll review other iPhone apps so you can see at a glance which tools will make the most of your Apple device and help you to drive productivity, whether at home or in the workplace.

Once we’ve presented some of the leading tracking tools, we’ll explore what you should think about when hunting for the best app.

iPhone Punch Clock Reviews

If you want a detailed look at the best smartphone app, get more info here.

For a brief overview of some of the leading apps on the market, read on.

1)Buddy Punch

We are proud of our product – so we are going to include it in the reviews. What kind of business people would we be if we didn’t? Besides, it is a review of the leading apps on the market …

Punching in and out is a time-honored way of tracking the time spent at work. Buddy Punch takes that concept and updates it for the new millennium. It allows the automation of a lot of time-keeping functions and even allowing you to integrate with your Quickbooks software.

Time cards are easily recorded, sent through for supervisor approval and then forwarded to the accounting system all in minutes. Hours worked, overtime and even breaks are automatically calculated and added leaving little room for error.

Worried about system manipulation? You can have your employees sign in using a particular IP address, and so location. Employees can be required to face any webcam when logging in to prevent work buddies from covering for one another.

All you need is an active web connection to log in or to access reports. Time-keeping has never been quite this easy.

2) Hours

Not everyone wants a PM-driven app, and if you’re happy with a back-to-basics time tracking tool that gives you a simple visual insight into how many hours are worked on projects, Hours is an iPhone app that punches above its weight.

You can keep a running list of timers and toggle between these at the push of a button. You’ll be amazed at how much time you can spend if you automate these tasks.

Once you’ve got that valuable data collected, colorful reporting lets you monitor trends and identify areas where you can improve your business. You can print and export with ease or share reports as a web link.

The interface is incredibly intuitive, and the oversized timeline allows you to make any corrections with ease.

While Hours is ideal for freelancers, the team feature also lets you chart the activities of a team of workers fuss-free.

There’s no showboating with this app. You open it up, you’re asked to set your first timer, and away you go without so much as a logo to distract you.

Functionality is impressive. Adding and subtracting time is a breeze. You’ll be able to split timers and account for breaks as well as round timers up or down accordingly. This app is super-simple to use even if you’re not too tech savvy.

This iPhone app works well on any device, and you can get going with a free trial, so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying this productivity-boosting application. Although you’ll then need to pay $9.99 to continue using it, you won’t encounter any hidden costs in-app, so it’s money well spent.

3) TimeLogger

While the interface might not win any awards for beauty, TimeLogger is very simple to use, even if you don’t have much experience with time tracking tools.

If you have more complex projects to monitor, you can run multiple timers simultaneously along with different billing increments, if applicable. This flexibility is welcomed.

Tasks are known as “categories,” and you can add to these or delete them with a simple tap. Ease of use is one of this app’s key selling points. As well as jobs or projects and clients, you’ll be able to add notes specific to your business for a very versatile experience.

One of the quirks of TimeLogger is the fact you can only assign jobs and clients once you’ve stopped the clock rather than setting up this information in advance. While it’s not a case of this being technically wrong, it just feels clumsier than the reverse scenario present on most other time recording apps.

Another eccentricity is that you won’t be able to differentiate between billed and non-billed hours. This approach might well work for you, but be sure in advance you don’t need this distinction, or you could end up wasting more time than you save. As with all tools like this, double checking your needs before buying will help ensure you get the right app for your business.

As with every productivity app like TimeLogger, obtaining this data is useless if you can’t access it easily. You’ll be able to export all information by email, spreadsheet, or plain text form.

The free version of TimeLogger comes with 2 task slots. You can pay to unlock more slots on a sliding scale or remove the limit entirely for a one-off fee of $4.99.

4) TimeWerks

There are hundreds of apps aimed to help you with time tracking, invoicing and project management, and there’s often very little to set them apart. With so much choice, it’s more important than ever to focus on what you need and nothing more, or you could end up with a bloated tool that diminishes productivity.

TimeWerks Pro Billing with PDF Invoices is a nimble app equally suitable for freelancers and small business owners.

Setup is slightly more laborious than with some apps, but once you’re up and running, the interface is slick, and usability is high. This preparatory stage is simplified if you can populate the app with the personal details of your clients through your contacts.

Tracking time is super simple. You can use variable increments, which is perfect for organizations working on multiple projects with different parameters. You can also enter time manually with ease. However many times you stop and start the timer, you’ll end up with a precise cumulative figure so that your bookwork is spot on every time.

Invoicing is straightforward, and you can easily track retainers or any deposits paid. Invoices can be emailed in HTML format or as PDFs.

Reporting in-app is a disappointment, so you’re advised to export your data so that you manipulate it elsewhere using Excel or your preferred application.

The paid app costs just $5, and for an extra $2, payable in-app, you can enjoy TimeWerk’s cloud-based recovery service. You can also pay a modest monthly or annual fee that enables you to access your data freely across many devices.

While this app runs efficiently on the iPhone, the interface is also optimized to take full advantage of iPad’s larger screen. However you want to use it, TimeWerks is a robust time tracking solution at a very reasonable price point.

5) Freckle

Since tracking your time can take up so much time, getting the right app to help automate the process can end up being one of the savviest investments you could make.

Tracking is a little more flexible, allowing you to include non-billed hours, which is perfect for complex agency work. Starting and stopping the clock is a breeze, and you’ll also be able to add time manually.

One significant advantage of Freckle is that it continues tracking even if your web connection crashes. If you or your employees often work in areas with volatile connectivity, this is a wonderful touch and guarantees the integrity of your data, whatever the conditions.

You can email invoices as PDFs, and you’ll also get a PayPal payment option alongside the ability to accept credit and debit cards.

Reporting is basic but more than sufficient for most purposes. You’ll be able to see at a glance where you’re losing time and analyze how to increase productivity and drive up the bottom line.

Freckle is one of those rare applications that’s incredibly easy to use while still delivering very robust functionality. In a crowded marketplace, Freckle has a great deal to offer if you want to keep your eye on how time is spent and how it could be better spent.

6) Dashable

Freelancers, agency owners, and consultants are among many who require slick and passive ways of monitoring time worked on specific tasks. Leaving this to be carried out manually is a surefire way to hemorrhage time and money.

With its availability on both iPhone and Android, you’ll be able to harness everything you need through your cell phone when it comes to basic time tracking. This makes Dashable great if you’re a freelancer. For agencies or anyone with more ambitious tracking needs, you can use the web-based app for increased functionality.

The dashboard presents all salient information clearly with a running total of time tracked along with payment and invoicing data. You’ll need to open up each project if you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown.

Project management is a nice extra dimension that allows you to make better use of your resources while enjoying the ability to make better forecasts and estimates thanks to the abundance of performance data you’ll have at your fingertips.

You can generate reports based on the criteria you select. Exporting these couldn’t be easier.

For payments, you’ll be able to integrate Dashable with PayPal and Braintree, so there’s no concern about being paid for all those logged hours.

Dashable can be set and forget, or you can put in more time and dig deep with this nifty tracking app. Use it as you see fit and you should get a return on your investment relatively swiftly.

7) Hours Time Tracking

Similarly to Timelines, you can set up several projects at the same time with Hours Time Tracking, so you can keep your eye on the bigger picture while all the small details are faithfully recorded for you.

Creating color-coded projects is as easy as clicking and pecking in the information. Once you’ve got that in place, setting timers is a one-click process, making tracking time as effortless as possible. You can move from project to project across the screen by stopping and restarting the timer, so you just do your thing while Hours Time Tracking does all the heavy lifting.

The timeline is prominently displayed across the top of the screen with all the data you want in clear view. If you want more involved statistics, just click on the color so you can enter that project and dig deeper. Adding notes and manipulating times to account for breaks or other downtime is intuitive and effective. This lets you enjoy the benefits of manually recording while also reveling in the ease of automation.

You’ll be able to connect Hours Time Tracking to Freshbooks so that you can sync time tracking to accounting with ease.

Email reports make sure you can work with all the information that’s been gathered for you. Once you can analyze the way time is spent and see things pictorially represented, it’s easier to make informed decisions on how to better become more productive.

The base app is free, but for a monthly fee of $7.99, you can unlock the Pro features, making this an even more powerful tool for a modest investment.

8) Now Then Pro

If you want a pared-down digital timekeeper that’s not bloated with functionality you don’t want or need; Now Then Pro is a superb iPhone app that sticks to the job at hand and gets it done with precision and efficiency.

The hierarchical task list lets you inject a great deal of personality into the data. You can get as involved as you need to or keep things stripped back to basics.

Charts are crisp and bright, so you can use this visual representation to make predictions about how you could better spend time.

“Now” view, as the name suggests, lets you take a close look at all the plates currently spinning. Just tap to start and stop tasks, and let the app take care of the rest. You can edit your task list and order tasks according to whatever criteria you need. Making changes to the parent task speeds up alterations to the rest of the list, as you’ll be able to move whole branches without a lot of fuss.

While you need to see what’s happening now, it’s also crucial to be able to learn from historical data. “Then” view lets you look back over past weeks and months while also allowing you to input any forgotten information or to make changes if any figures need tweaking.

If you’re looking for a time tracking tool that doesn’t take you down the rabbit holes of project management or invoicing, Now Then Pro makes great sense.

9) My Minutes

My Minutes is another time tracking app aimed more at individuals than businesses. Managing time takes on many forms, and this neat little app can help you budget your time more effectively while also serving as a powerful motivator.

The way this app approaches time budgeting can help you to achieve goals, whether work-based or fitness-related, by allowing you to set minimum times. If you want to hit the gym for at least an hour or put in two hours on a particular project, My Minutes will help motivate you.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself losing lots of productive time, you’ll be able to set maximum times for browsing certain sites or dealing with email so that you can more readily isolate those areas sapping your time.

Since you want to take as much of the manual effort as possible out of tracking, repeat task saves you the hassle of endlessly inputting the same data.

Visual reminders and rewards are a great way to stay on track for whatever your goal. Watch as the green streak of success grows and give yourself the push you need to foster healthy habits at home or in the workplace.

The simple but effective parameters mean this productivity app gives you a slightly different take on time tracking, so if you’re looking for something that can help you outside the office as well as when you’re working, My Minutes is worth looking into.

What To Consider When Choosing Time Clock Apps

There’s no comprehensive checklist for choosing time clock apps because it’s like comparing apples and oranges. If you are a freelancer merely looking to chart the hours you work, you’ll be looking at different tools from what large companies are looking for to automate time tracking while also enjoying seamless integration with billing applications and payment platforms.

There are a few general points you should bear in mind when you’re investigating time clock apps for your smartphone.

Robust Functionality

Sifting through the features time tracking tools offer can seem like a complicated task. You need to avoid bare-bones apps if you have a large workforce to consider, but there’s no sense in going for a supercharged application if you’re a freelancer or consultant with much more limited needs.

Check through the tangible benefits offered by each app and ask yourself if you honestly need that.

At a bare minimum, you’ll want an app with a user-friendly interface so that you can navigate with ease. It also pays to make sure you can deal with any projects without too much fuss. The idea here is to save time, not waste more using convoluted applications.

Beyond this, the level of reporting you require needs to be factored in along with how easy it is to export data so that you can make the very most of it.

User reviews are an excellent way to gauge the pros and cons of any time tracking app before committing to purchase.

Data Exporting

Think about where you will need to send data and in what form.

If you plan to use your time tracking tool in tandem with payroll platforms, look for one with decent support and integration.

Ultimately, it’s fruitless to collect all that information if you can’t adequately process it and use it to your advantage.

Integration With Office

Most mobile solutions allow you to hook up to an office-based setup so that you can make sure all the work you do is tracked on your behalf without needing to manually process timesheets.

If you need a tracking app for use at home, this does not apply.


You might have a very standard business where you can track the basics using the provided templates. If so, most apps will deliver.

If, on the other hand, you’re a more niche provider or you need to chart data that falls outside of normal boundaries, you should look for an app that gives you more freedom to customize things. Whether it’s organizing projects by category or adding information in the form of notes, you should make sure that the apps you’re considering allow you to record exactly what you need in the format you need it.

With so many variables in play, it’s a wise idea to look at several different solutions rather than expecting one to fall into your lap and make the best fit. Your business is specific, so make sure you get a tool that meshes with your requirements.

What Level Of PM Do You Need?

Some people want a tool for recording how long they spend on any given project.

If you have a business or agency, you’ll likely appreciate the ability to stack your time tracking with project management. Many of the best apps sync neatly with all major PM hubs, so whether you’re using Basecamp, Trello or Asana, you can keep all those vital time stats under one roof.

As with all aspects of searching out the best iPhone time clock app, it’s well worth getting crystal clear about precisely what you want from the tools you’re considering.

If you do need to integrate project management to streamline your workflow, many of these apps allow for that, so choose accordingly.


From free apps through freemium options right through to subscription-based models, there’s no guideline for pricing since it varies so widely.

Whether you want a quick and free method of tallying your hours or you’re prepared to dig deep to automate time and attendance for a large, mobile workforce, there’s an app for all needs, even if you take the time and effort to sort through the diverse options on the market.

Not on iOS?

If you’re not on iOS – don’t worry because we have you covered! We have reviews for several other mobile time clock apps such as those for Android devices! Let us help you find the best time tracking app for your device today.

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