Integrating Buddy Punch with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the go-to software choice for countless small businesses all around the world – it can provide all the essential tools for running a business more smoothly and efficiently.

The software has become an integral part of running a successful small business by providing affordable and simple ways to handle invoicing, bookkeeping and billing quickly and effectively.

The ability to generate invoices and do other basic tasks with a push of a button can have a huge effect for a small business – with limited resources and staff, every minute saved when doing mundane tasks can mean an improved quality of services, better customer service, and new possibilities for business growth.

QuickBooks extensive accounting functionality takes the burden off small business owners by providing efficient tools for expense tracking, payment processing, receipt creation, and much more, while at the same time greatly improving consistency and reducing the chance of errors to a minimum.

But to make the most out of QuickBooks, you need a time tracking software solution that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and allows to streamline the time entry process and free up time for more important tasks.

That’s where Buddy Punch can be the perfect option.

Connect to QuickBooks

Even though time tracking is supposed to increase productivity, if the process is not efficient, it can waste more time than it saves.

With Buddy Punch Time Tracking Software, you can always keep track of all the work that’s being done and know how your employees spend their time.

This can provide valuable insights into how to better manage the time of your employees and make sure that you maximize the results you can achieve in a given amount of time.

Buddy Punch, integrated with QuickBooks, can help to provide the complete picture of how your money is spent and allow to allocate resources to the most important and productive activities while figuring out where you need to spend less time.

You Won’t Have to Manually Enter Time Ever Again

When you integrate Buddy Punch with QuickBooks, you will never have to manually enter your employees hours again – the software provides a simple and intuitive way to track time with a push of a button, reducing the time it takes to a minimum.

Buddy Punch also makes the process much easier for employees – they can make use of the online time clock to punch in and out out from their preferred device or from any location that’s authorized by the employer.

After time has been tracked in Buddy Punch, the data is automatically transferred to QuickBooks where the time tracking information can be used for payroll management, saving an enormous amount of time in the process.

Know When Your Employees Go on Vacation or Have Sick Days

With the help of Buddy Punch, you can take complete control over your employee time management and create a number of custom PTO types for vacations, holidays, personal days, sick days, and even allow employees to enter PTO on their time card.

As an employer, you will also have the opportunity to approve each PTO as the request is being made, or to have it approved automatically if you want.

This is a much more efficient and flexible process that allows you to maintain as much control as possible, while also allowing your employees to enter information on their own, which saves times for everyone.

In case you don’t need PTO, Buddy Punch allows you to disable the function altogether, not allowing employees to request or enter in PTO. In this case, it can still be entered by the system admin if necessary.

Easy Integration

It couldn’t be easier to integrate QuickBooks and Buddy Punch, whether you want to integrate with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or both.

It only takes a few easy steps to sync your data between the two platforms, and then your employee IDs in QuickBooks will be matched with employee IDs in Buddy Punch, making sure that information is shared in seconds.

More about Buddy Punch Time Clock software

Buddy Punch is an online time clock system that allows streamlining all time collecting processes in your company.

It can help you track your employee hours, automatically calculating time worked and splitting it into regular time, overtime, and double time. The app allows you to set up unique overtime rules for each employee or employee group, providing a much more efficient and flexible way to manage employee time.

Buddy Punch can be accessed from any desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection, and even has an app that’s available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Integration with QuickBooks, Asana & Zapier

Buddy Punch is a work hours tracking app that helps businesses track their employees time more effectively and easily integrates with leading business software vendors such as QuickBooks, Asana, and Zapier.

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