Google Single Sign On (SSO) Feature

Single Sign On allows you to link your Google Account with Buddy Punch, so signing in and out is simple!


Step 1

Log into Buddy Punch.


Step 2

Visit your profile page and click on the Google “Link” button.


Step 3

You’re done! Whenever you need to log into Buddy Punch just click on the Google icon at the login page..

What exactly is SSO?

Single Sign On, or more commonly referred to as SSO, allows your employees to log into multiple applications such as Buddy Punch with a single authentication. When taking advantage of the Google Single Sign On feature your employees will not have to repeat the login process each time they want to access their Buddy Punch account. Single sign on is more secure, much quicker, and more efficient than the more commonly used email/password combination.

Easier for Employees

Employees access so many different applications and accounts each day, so being able to sign into an application without needing to remember a password can greatly benefit your employees. With the Google single sign on feature employees just need to link their Google account and that is it! When they want to access their account just click on the Google icon on the login page and poof, they are in!

Improved Security

Businesses continue to move away from the model of using several passwords to access applications and instead are turning to the single sign on option. Using the Google sign on feature comes with many proven benefits, including enhanced security. Along with security benefits come faster login protocols – and since we all know times equals money using this feature will save you in the long run.

Time is Money

At Buddy Punch, we know how important each minute is and the more time spent on logging into your account equals lost money. With our Google single sign on feature, we provide a quick and efficient way for you and your employees to access your Buddy Punch accounts. You only need to authenticate your Google account once and from then on out, simply click the Google icon on the login page. This will save you and your employees countless minutes each day and in turn will save your business money.

Other Single Sign On Options

We want to ensure that our software is flexible to meet the needs of every business, so we have partnered with leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) providers to help you harness the flexibility that these secure cloud-based solutions provide. Along with Google Single Sign On our other single sign on options include Saml 2.0, Okta, and OneLogin.

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