Get Notified When Things Happen
We offer several built in notifications for both Administrators and Managers when something occurs with one of their employees. Whether that be an employee requesting a change to their time card or if they clock in or clock out, we can keep you in the know via email. This gives you automatic attendance tracking even with remote employees, so business owners can make sure their team is on the clock.
Once your pay period closes we will send you an email so you can download your timesheets for payroll. We automatically send out alerts for all important actions taken on your account, but we keep it user-friendly without overwhelming you.

Know What Happens

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Manager Notifications

Admin Notifications

What are the benefits of a Time Clock Software with Notifications?

Other Features

We know how important it is to have a robust set of features and functionalities to help you better manage your employees and their time. We pride ourselves on offering many features that are not provided by several other time tracking systems. Whether you are looking for simple yet powerful features such as PTO Accruals and GPS tracking or more advanced features such as Geofences and QR Codes – we have got you covered! Make sure to check out all of the Other features we offer.

Paid Time Off Tracking

With our Paid Time Off Tracking feature, you can easily track any PTO type including holiday, vacation, sick, and personal time. Enter the PTO directly to our PTO Calendar yourself or allow your employees to add it. If you want employees to request PTO and have it go to an admin or manager for approval, you have the option to do that as well. If you need to add several days of PTO or add PTO to multiple employees at once, you can do this directly from the PTO calendar.

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