Buddy Punch vs When I Work

Thinking about what time clock software to use for your business? We understand that there are many options and features out there. What’s best for your business will ultimately come down to what features each solution offers. Typically the more features software has the most it costs, but that isn’t always the case. Here’s a quick summary of how we here at Buddy Punch stack up against When I Work.


Facial Recognition

QR Code Punching & Login

Smartphone Apps

Payroll Integrations (ADP, Paychex, Surepayroll)

QuickBooks Integrations


Overtime Rules Per Employee

Buddy Punch


When I Work



Finding the right time tracking solution to meet your business needs can be challenging. Each solution offers different features and functionalities and comes with a varying price tag. To help you better determine which solution would be best for your business, we’ve put together some comparison charts for leading time clock solutions!


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