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Time Clock Software Comparisons

Many small businesses nowadays are deciding to switch from a manually controlled payroll system to time clock software. People who own a business encounter various problems related to the manual work that comes with managing payroll and work hours, especially those who have to track dozens or even hundreds of employees all at the same time.

Since the dream of every entrepreneur is to make their business grow, number of employees, ideally, will increase. This means higher revenues and success for you as a company owner but also more labor in terms of tracking and managing all employees in the workforce.

An excellent time clock does wonders in making all those headaches of tracking vanish. With it, you can enjoy a flawless, effortless system driven by the latest technology on the market.

40% of Businesses Still Do This Manually?

When there is a better solution for all those issues with tracking time, why would you waste valuable time and risk making mistakes that will cost your company money? People are starting to catch on to the idea – choosing Buddy Punch Time Clock instead of doing it all manually. Still, an estimated 40% of small businesses still haven’t transitioned to the better solution. Now that you know how great this can be, why not be part of that smarter majority?

If this isn’t convincing enough for you, the following surely will be.

Repercussions of Tracking Time Manually

According to Affinitylive.com, an average business loses over $110,000 every year as a result of poor time tracking. This is why companies see a steep rise in revenue when switching to automated systems which, compared to this amount, constitute a barely noticeable expense.

Comparing time punch clocks with manual tracking makes for an enormous return on investments. It is the smartest financial step you can take in one day. So, what are you waiting for?

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Tracking Time System

For decades, the most popular and often only way to track hours was to ask the employees to do that for themselves. Some of the most honest employees still couldn’t guarantee that their hours were perfectly accurate, leaving employers with just over 25% of all workers having confidence in the calculations they made.

This isn’t really strange at all – working all week and being asked to remember everything you’ve done isn’t as simple as one might think. If this is the method, accuracy simply cannot be the goal.

When the punch card system was first introduced, this system eliminated of thousands of discrepancies that previously existed. People were able to enter their hours by simply clocking in and out every day at work, making it possible to maintain a clean and precise system.

Or, at least, that’s what people believed before companies introduced an even more advanced solution. If you take a look at the Buddy Punch Time Clock system, you will find a variety of features that differ significantly from the traditional “pass and clock in” system. Our automated system eliminates time theft and accuracy errors, which is something you could never accomplish with the outdated systems. People started using those cards to enter hours for others, so time theft became a serious issue. With facial recognition, job codes, QRC codes and a variety of useful features, business owners can now fully eliminate time theft and accuracy errors.

Different Options Provided by Time Clock Products

With changes and advances in the time tracking systems, a good comparison is necessary. Calamari software has a very low rate of $1 per user per month, but it has half of the features offered by other companies such as Replicon and Time Doctor. The price also varies. For the other two, you will be asked to pay a rate of $5 per user per month, which is five times more than Calamari.

So, how do you choose? You choose the time clock product that best fits your business based on features and reputation. This is why the Buddy Punch Time Clock system is one of the most popular choices among business owners. The company maintains a very high reputation and has plenty to offer compared to other companies that offer you very little.

Speaking of the three software companies we mentioned before, the best way to make a comparison between popular choices is to know what you can get. When you know what’s out there, you can better choose the best product for your business.

Features of Time Management Software

All companies mentioned above, including the Buddy Punch Time Clock system, have hourly employee tracking. Of course, that’s the goal of most such software, so this is a given. But, in addition to it, users get to enjoy a variety of other features. The more features included, the better the product is.

For example, Replicon has a Biometric Recognition feature, while Calamari and Time Doctor do not. TimeLive also has it, but they do not offer the Punch Card feature you can find in Replicon. On the other hand, all mentioned products share some mutual features, such as reporting and analytics, salaried employee tracking, sick leave tracking, and vacation/leave tracking. But, Calamari is the only one of the four that doesn’t have an online punch card or provide mobile access, which can pose a huge disadvantage in terms of accessibility.

What else is there to consider?

Of course, there is the issue of addressing difficulties. When you need help, you probably want to be able to reach a customer service department. All these companies have one – however, Calamari, Jibble, Tick, and Todo.vu don’t have a 24/7 customer support system in place.

Your choice depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you need. But, basically, it all comes down to how effective the offered system is.

Luckily for you, we have the most optimal solution for any business in need of time management software. You will find that our time management software has plenty to offer.

Time Management Software

Why is our software the best compared with other time clock products? Our product is without competition, the most robust and most popular system out there. To get more information on how the Buddy Punch Time Clock System works, click here.

Features of the Buddy Punch Time Clock Software

The thing the Buddy Punch Time Clock creators are most proud of is the face recognition system. Instead of using cards to punch in and out, or writing down the times manually, employees can now simply look at a webcam on their smartphone, tablet, or computer, to do this. Each punch will generate an image, allowing the employer to verify which employees are actually punching it.

And this is just the beginning. The software allows users to organize the hierarchy in the workplace. As a business owner, you can make a person a manager on the platform, too, and assign tasks and employees to them. All you have to do is share the information with the new manager, which you can do without extra hassle.

The next feature is the very helpful built-in notifications. Whenever something happens with an employee, you and their manager can get a notification. When an employee requests to make a change, notifications appear immediately. Talk about time efficiency!

What about overtime? Buddy Punch Time Clock software calculates this too, and it supports many options such as California Overtime, 40-Hour Work Weeks, No Overtime, 38-Hour Work Weeks, and 44-Hour Work Weeks. It will even calculate vacations and PTO and allow you to approve and check requests for vacation without having to set up meetings or without your employees having to wait for you to receive a printed request!

It doesn’t end there. In addition to those lengthy day or week-long vacation time, employees can punch in short breaks, too, by using the software. The GPS feature will let you require the location from your employees when they wish to punch in or out, completely eliminating the chances of time theft.

In addition to this, the Buddy Punch Time Clock system has many other features to offer. Some of these include punch rounding, QR codes, connecting with QuickBooks online, time cards approvals, text messages, job costing, overtime alerts, integrations, and even duration entry.

For all this, the software can give you a variety of reports in both Excel and PDF.

Comparison with Tsheets

With such a huge number of software choices for project management, you might be wondering why you should choose this specific time tracking software instead of Tsheets. Despite what many think, timesheet software isn’t “just a luxury.” As a matter of fact, this is a very popular method of managing employees efficiently and without system flaws. In the end, it all comes down to which one will save you more money and effort.

Choosing the right product is almost never easy. Therefore, you need to compare the two types of software before you make a purchase. Starting with pricing conditions and features and then moving to benefits of both, it is time to start our short comparison with Tsheets.

General Information

Our tool will keep track of the clock for the purpose of payroll and billing. By choosing Buddy Punch Time Clock software, you can also track overtime, vacations, and even breaks and the location of your employees. On top of it all, the software allows for running very accurate reports.

On the other hand, TSheets is a time management, online labor app that saves time and money for users. It is also an easy tool for time tracking, but there are  differences when compared to Buddy Punch Time Clock software.

Now that you know everything our tool features, let’s have a look at the features of TSheets. These include mobile optimization, web-based software, GPS tracking, PTO tracking and accruals, payroll integration, scheduling, timesheet approvals, and QuickBooks integration.

You’ve surely noticed the significant difference in features and pricing. If that still isn’t enough for you to make a decision, we’d like to offer a quick comparison with some other software previously mentioned.

Tsheets vs. other software

When compared to Calamari, TSheets is, without a doubt, a more popular software choice. It doesn’t just come cheaper –it also brings a variety of additional benefits and literally everything included in Calamari’s package. For example, the price of Tsheets is half that of Calamari, and yet the former company is more popular for businesses when compared to the latter, offering such features such as data import, drag and drop interface, biometrics, automated scheduling, etc.

And while Replicon has more to offer and is definitely a worthy alternative, they are only web based, compared to TSheets and Buddy Punch Time Clock, which is much more versatile. And still, despite the great number of features that lacking in Replicon’s package, the difference in pricing is very high. You won’t be finding hourly employee tracking, group scheduling, or GPS with this software as you would with the Buddy Punch Time Clock or Tsheets, not to mention all the extra features that Buddy Punch Time Clock offers over Tsheets.

When compared to TimeDoctor, the difference is bigger than any we’ve discussed so far. The pricing is similar, but the lack of features in TimeDoctor when compared to Buddy Punch Time Clock and even Tsheets is very big. You won’t be finding billable hour tracking, biometrics, data synchronization and import, GPS, mobile alerts, SMS integration, or many of the other features of Buddy Punch Time Clock.

Based on all you’ve learned so far, surely we can agree that the comparison clearly supports the reputation of the Buddy Punch Time Clock. This is, without a doubt, the most promising software currently sold on the web!

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