PTO Accruals

Manage PTO directly in Buddy Punch.

Accruals allows administrators to track different types of time by giving each employee various banks that can be created, added to and used.  You can see how much time an employee has in their bank and when the bank increased and decreased.  We’ve also updated our PTO Summary Report to show these detailed transactions.

Here are a few help articles on setup and usage:
How do I enable PTO Accruals?  How do I add PTO to employees?
Where do I manage the PTO for each employee?
Can I create or change PTO/time off types?
How do I get a report on all types of PTO over a date range?


Time Off Settings

You can turn PTO on and off, manage the types that you offer, and also create rules for when PTO Accrues.

Individual Entries

While you can create custom rules when PTO Accrues and you can also create one time entries for employees.