Simple Techniques for Administering Disciplinary Action

Before a person in power administers disciplinary action, it is advisable that he knows the best ways of doing so. There are various practices that he can follow so that he can effectively discipline; by observing these practices, it is easier to solve the problems in the work environment, and to create positive changes among employees, to aid in further productivity.

Counseling is one form of disciplinary action that can either be informal or formal. Compared to other forms of discipline administration, this is the least harsh, since it is usually done through a pleasant conversation between the manager and his employee. As much as possible, the manager must maintain his composure to tell the employee of his mistake, and what he can do to correct or avoid this mistake in the future. In formal counseling, it is usually done in groups where the employees are required to attend the session. This is employer’s chance to remind his employees of the disciplinary standards, and the corresponding punishments and probations if one does not observe them. For instance, the seminar can talk about punctuality, proper dress codes, and other things that are often overlooked by employees.

Verbal warnings can also serve as a way of administering disciplinary action. When one is given a verbal warning, he is usually informed about the negative consequences of his action(s). If this warning is done more formally, it can be written. Through a written warning, the employee’s misconduct is made clear, and he should agree to correct these mistakes through a more disciplined conduct.

As mentioned previously, one area where discipline is commonly overlooked regards the punctuality of employees. There are different ways employers can monitor the time the employees arrive and leave the office. While punch clock machines are the common solution for this problem, it still takes time to get the data for payroll processing, so more time passes before an employer can effectively discipline the offenders.

However, with the use of online timecard software, it becomes easier to monitor the attendance of a company’s employees with precision. In addition, through an online time clock, the manager can check his employees’ attendance even if he is not within the premises of the office, as the data should be transferred directly to the Human Resources’ systems, making it easier to do the payroll, and consequently making it easier to discipline those who abuse the system.

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